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Video: Nokia N900 Runs SNES Emulator via PS3 Sixaxis Controller

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255w ago - Today Tomasz Sterna has shared a [Register or Login to view links] and video of a Nokia N900 running an SNES emulator with a PS3 Sixaxis controller.

This demonstration comes not long after other recent N900 developments, including the release of Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.3 for the Nokia N900 and a Control the PS3 with a Nokia N900 via BlueMaemo video.

To quote from the video's caption: "Video demonstration of setup allowing to play emulated games on Nokia N900 using PS3 Sixaxis controller."

Those interested can check out the video below of a Sony PlayStation 3 controller hooked up to the Nokia N900 to play SNES games!

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#20 - veggav - 254w ago
veggav's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by kakarotoks View Post

EDIT veggav, this is just for you, someone just sent me this (attached), and I thought it was hilarious, have a look and have a laugh

LOL this is hilarious. I agree with this, the ipad is just another apple joke.

#19 - GGG20 - 254w ago
GGG20's Avatar
This is really nice.. It's even nicer that you could hook the phone to you tv and then play with the ps3 joystick!

It's a shame that this isn't possible with the iphone (there are a few good/nice games available for the iphone)..

#18 - kakarotoks - 254w ago
kakarotoks's Avatar
crckns: cool, Actually, as I contacted the original author, and explained the issues I've had, he seemed to have fixed it in the latest packages he's set up.

About controller 2, I'm really not sure. the mapping is done via a HAL policies file which currently matches on the blutooth device name ("PLAYSTATION(R) 3 Controller", I don't know if it's possible to tell it to match a second controller, or maybe you match it in a different way.

Try typing something like "hal-find-by-capability --capability input.joystick | xargs hal-device" in a terminal (I'm not exactly sure on the syntax), it should list you the joystick devices you have with their capabilities, maybe you'll find something else that the product name to match, then modify the hal policies to suit your needs!

veggav: hehe, actually, I wasn't in a better mood at all, I was just tired and depressed so I went into 'nice guy' mode

The iphone marketing is bad, but I don't mind that, it's capitalism like you said, what I do mind is how brainwashed people are... The biggest marketing Apple has I think is their loyal fanboys! But yes, like you said, the summary is that both devices are great!

Thanks for an interesting exchange of ideas

EDIT veggav, this is just for you, someone just sent me this (attached), and I thought it was hilarious, have a look and have a laugh

#17 - veggav - 254w ago
veggav's Avatar
@ kakarotoks
Yes, you seem to be in a better mood now

I think that you are on the very other side, using therminal all the time, well.. I couldn't do it.

The resume would be that both devices are great and iphone marketing is a very low act, but this is the capitalism talking.

#16 - crckmc - 254w ago
crckmc's Avatar
yeah everything apart from the key emulation worked fine and after i renamed, rebooted everything worked like it should. Do you know if it is possible to create a different mapping for controller 2?


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