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Video: Medal Of Honor PS3 Working with Open Manager on 3.41

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214w ago - Previously it was reported that Medal Of Honor PS3 required Firmware 3.42 to run, but below is a video and guide on getting the video game working on PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.41 with Open Manager version 2.1 posted at PS3SOS.com (linked above) and [Register or Login to view links].

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (Note: Pack is EU, for US see HERE) / OM v2.1 / OM v2.1A / OM v2.1A (English)

Other PS3 titles that previously required PS3 Firmware 3.42 are also being reported as now working using the same method (at least until Sony changes the NPDRM EBOOT keys) as well, including John Daly's Prostroke Golf and Castlevania although it appears Castlevania only requires 3.41 Firmware.

Additionally, wuepe has [Register or Login to view links] OM versions 2.1 and 2.1A (linked above) for those seeking them.

To quote from maquina07 on EOL: "Well, that I have run the Medal of Honor in 3.41 As to operation. Edit PARAM.SFO of the game so that requested the update 3.41.

Change the eboot of the game, the 2010 UFC. OM install 2.1 and start the patch to install game data on the external. (New Function button is activated to select) Install the update that calls for 1.01 and installed the game data with the V4 Hermes."

Those interested can view some better-translated instructions HERE along with the video of it in action below!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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ps3slaagg's Avatar
#226 - ps3slaagg - 213w ago
ok guys this works 100% of the time and no need to re-install update everytime youu want to play it.

1. on pc open up game folder ie medal of honor and delete pkgdir folder and the folder with the m.oh. frontline extra content if you have the special edition.

2. edit the sfo using sfo editor and change it from 3.4200 to 3.4100

3. save and exit editor

4. now place game folder on to your external device

5. install update for medal of honor using install pkg file options

6. making sure you using hermes v4b and om2.1(x)

7. load up om2.1 and highlight medal of honor and select patch mode

8. now press select to highlight hdd transfer.

9. now hit (o) to copy file over to ps3 hdd

10 once complete insert your origonal ps3 game disc and using patched mode start game via disc symbol on xmb.

hope this helps someone and clears up all the mess surounding this and other new games.

syphonlord's Avatar
#225 - syphonlord - 213w ago
Quote Originally Posted by robg1983 View Post
How did you back up the game to external when it splits the game and won't be able to play a split game??

You can copy the game to external straight from your pc,when it gets to the file which is bigger than 4gig an option pops up asking if you want to skip the file, press yes. the file that is 4gig plus happens to be the medal of honor frontline bonus game, so skipping this file dosent matter as it will not effect the actual moh 2010 game.the game also plays fine from external, job done.

TheInVisibleGod's Avatar
#224 - TheInVisibleGod - 213w ago
Anyone got MOH work in hdd0!?

Because mine is working and playable at 100%, but the gamedata shows corrupted at XMB and I did use an external to install the game...

simon1234's Avatar
#223 - simon1234 - 213w ago
put a ps3 game in the drive to run Medal Of Honor.

Angelcry's Avatar
#222 - Angelcry - 213w ago
I have updated to OM 2.1, i want to ftp this file :EP0006-BLES00860_00-MOHPATCHEU1V0001-A0101-V0100-PE.pkg and install it (it's MOH update) and then run the game in MEM patch and see what happens.

If i FTP the file ...where is the best place to put it ?, if i put it in gamez am i going to see it in OM ?

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