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Video: GeoHot on PS3 Hacks at Nuit Du Hack Conference in Paris

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230w ago - Yesterday some videos were posted of GeoHot's iPad, iPhone, iPod coverage from Nuit Du Hack in Paris, and today we have some videos and a slideshow (PDF) of the PS3 hacks segment from the conference courtesy of malow82.

Forum user xrayglasses attended one of GeoHot's scheduled conferences, and stated the following to quote:

"He's booking for talks at 3 cons, I only got to see the one he just did in France. He's [Register or Login to view links] his talks around PlayStation 3 security, and when he comes on basically talks about i-products for two hours with a mention of PS3 in the last 10 minutes, literally in the same details as his blog.

In videos of it on youtube, you can hear people there laughing when he integrates his ego into his talk. I don't think he realizes what a small fish he is in the RE community.

He even said publicly that he was contracted to reverse the iphone which really puts his level of intelligence into perspective considering the repercussion that has with anti-trust laws.."

Those interested can check out the GeoHot PS3 hacking videos from the Nuit Du Hack conference in Paris below!

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GZA1984's Avatar
#19 - GZA1984 - 230w ago
It's a shame. hackers in a hack game, only for the money and the fame

That's exaclty what george did. At least he could have kept it underground, even though he didn't want to share his stuff. But he HAD to be on the world head news...

Maybe it was his application to get into the showbizz. What's next? The George Hotz show?

TUHTA's Avatar
#18 - TUHTA - 230w ago
well what i think is he just dandy, he is not a hacker dude who wants to be on TV, the hackers are not these dudes, and he does everything to show on TV and stuff, dude, thats it! TV man...

Neo Cyrus's Avatar
#17 - Neo Cyrus - 230w ago
So, he gave everyone false hope then proceeded to take a giant dump on the PS3 scene.

I may have not been have been able to load ISOs previously but at least I could play the latest games because I could update without worrying about losing features!

I can't think of anyone else who singlehandedly enraged an entire console scene.

dante489's Avatar
#16 - dante489 - 230w ago
Quote Originally Posted by hopshock View Post
He is right about the iOS scene. It is full of idiots who keep asking repeatedly why their device won't get hacked blah blah. The problem is, it's getting into the hands of the everyman, people who aren't into hacking. You can even look at the iPhone dev team blog and you'll see floods of comments about problems and such. I can see why he'd do the same for the PS3 scene. He put out a big part of how to get it done, it's just up to someone to finish it. Which no one has yet been able to do.

and how did he do that? by sharing his findings to Mathieulh!... should i start talking about Mathieulh's history with the psp or you know all the story?

xrayglasses's Avatar
#15 - xrayglasses - 230w ago
Supposedly a single bit-flip while setting up and SPE puts metldr threading on a SPU. The same with the other loaders too. You don't even need the RAM glitch..

The cause of no results is simple, nobody is reversing what is being dumped. It's easy under IDA if you have time, it's all RISC and data. Perfecting the dump method is pointless the code you need is in already dumped memory..

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