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Video: DOSMount DOS Package to Install DOSBox Games on PS3

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184w ago - Today [Register or Login to view links] released a DOSMount DOS Package to install DOSBox games on the PS3 console and posted a DOSMount help video below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (English Keyboard Layout) / [Register or Login to view links] (German Keyboard Layout) / DOSBox Games

To quote: I created a PKG with all software needed and ready configured mounts to install any DOS-Game from USB without having to create a PKG for each one. I call it DosMount

The purpose is to make it as easy as possible to install any game as if you were on your PC (or even easier)

In related news, [Register or Login to view links] has made available what he calls GoodFrag's Spam Remover for Mateo Godlike's DOS releases.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: Hi all, I wish there was no need to write something like this, but sadly, there is.

What this does: This looks on your PS3 for any of "mateogodlike's" DOS PKG's you have installed installed and removes the childish ads he slapped on each of his titles.

How to use this: Install the PKG, run the app, follow the prompt to press R3 then Square, and exit the app when finished.
Then, next time you run one of his "releases", the ad will disappear!

What this doesn't do: Add controls to any of his packages (quite frankly, releasing games without mapped controls is pretty dumb, but I'm not here to fix his mistakes, just get the ads off our XMB's)

Will this work on Mateo's future releases? No, but if he insists on still packing his name into everything, I'll release an update to fix the new titles as well as these.

I looked at what you did, didn't you know you could just map the game folder instead of mounting each specific folder separately? Sadly Dopsbox has the same 8-character-foldername-restriction that older builds of MS-DOS had. Mapping each folder ensures the right SFO ends up in the right folder without any truncating.

Why did you release this? Doesn't he deserve credit for his work? His artwork bares his name, that's more than enough IMO. (besides, he spent more time on the "art" than the packages themselves)

So, hopefully some of you find this helpful, I know I couldn't stand SPAM on my XMB, now you don't have to either!

Finally, the DOSMount help video is available below via YouTube!

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#17 - moja - 169w ago
moja's Avatar
So, today I decided to play around with making my own DOS ports of some games I had laying around, and I actually got a few working pretty well. Here is Jones in the Fast Lane (using Sound Blaster, cycles at 5000).

#16 - moja - 169w ago
moja's Avatar
It would be very nice to have a refreshed dosbox port to play games that require above a paltry 386.

I may actually try to package some of my old dos games for fun, just to see how this works.

#15 - zebular - 169w ago
zebular's Avatar
No... Dos actually existed before windows. Its pretty much everything that was made before windows 95, windows 3.1 was pretty much just a GUI for Dos so MOSTLY anything that will play on win 3.1 will play through Dosbox.

#14 - Foo - 169w ago
Foo's Avatar
I like this. By DOS I'm thinking Windows, and I'm guessing I'm right?

#13 - zebular - 169w ago
zebular's Avatar
So we really need to add pretty much the whole sierra dos game collection... Leisure Suit Larry Collection, Kings Quest, Quest for Glory. Oh yeah and not a Sierra game but Jagged Alliance and the 1st Carmageddon!


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