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Video: Datel Cracks PSP Encryption, PSP Homebrew on PS3?

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260w ago - Update: SKFU has now posted the following update: Ok guys, as Mathieulh is a lot more familiar with PSP related stories, thanks to him I can tell you now that my little idea won't work.

The reason is, that the Datel technique requires the application to run as UPDATE. The PSP runs the program in update mode which the PS3 won't be able to emulate at all. So sorry, no PSP homebrew on PS3, at least not via this way.

Today SKFU (linked above) shared a video of Datel's Action Replay running on official PSP Firmware 6.20, which leaves speculation as to whether the cracked PSP encryption process could lead to PSP homebrew on Sony's PS3 console.

Based on SKFU's idea below, we'll stick this in the PS3 Hacks section where PS3 hacks, exploits, mods, projects and ideas are discussed.

To quote: Datel may had success in cracking the PSP's encryption process and sign EBOOT's to run their [Register or Login to view links] on official firmwares, including the newest and the PSP Go hardware.

Why do I post it as I only focus on PS3 you may wonder, but hey the PS3 just got it's PSP emulator to be able to run the PSP Minis.

I didn't do any research on that yet, but well I guess it's the same as with the normal PSP games you could play on the PS3. The package file is extracted to PS3 HDD and runs the unpacked PKG files including the PSP EBOOT.BIN.

So may this be an idea to run PSP homebrew software on the PlayStation 3 ? Possible. May Datel have thought bout this? No clue, but I'd like that to be tested. Replace the PSP EBOOT.BIN on PS3 HDD and start your selfsigned application.

Finally, from the video's caption: If you don't understand the point of this video: Action Replay is not supported by Sony, which makes this impressive.

It seems Datel has found a way to encrypt unofficial software, making them the only ones able to run whatever they want on all models of PSPs (including the PSPGo)... besides Sony of course.

The Demo of the Action replay software can be found on Codejunkies' Web site if you want to see by yourself.

Regarding the stupid piece of paper on my screen: just worried about the "PSP ID" thingy, sounds much more dangerous than a MAC address to me.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#19 - Antonio92 - 259w ago
Antonio92's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by veggav View Post
I feel the ooposite.

I've bought a wii because my ps3 was just standing there. Now i'm really playing some games.
I just don't have money for the good new games (god of war collection, tekken 6, guitar hero 5, uncharted 2....) so i'll keep playing my wii

I have both PS3 and Wii and I have much more games for Wii... obvious reasons

#18 - Krozoa - 259w ago
Krozoa's Avatar
can someone put any homebrew (emulators etc...) on the PSPAR_Demo_setup.exe via hacking the exe to remove the action replay and put the homebrew??

#17 - oldschool400 - 260w ago
oldschool400's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
best just find someone not connected to the ppl most identified with the scene if thats you theory. You could talk to geohot but I don't know what he knows or plans. Would be nice if ppl started forming local groups to look into it...

very true... local seems to be the way to go as then there can be no doubt that the people working on it arent working for sony.

as for what i've done. i've been an end user hacker (iphone, 360, etc), i've only recently gotten interested in HOW a system is cracked and want to know how its done, so my knowledge is VERY basic. So, thats kinda of what I meant when I asked where to start.

#16 - Shrink - 260w ago
Shrink's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by oldschool400 View Post
i am in no way saying that the video is a fake or anything, but a part of me is wondering how many of the video's and reports of this dev creating an ISO loader or that team creating a mod chip, are actually made and distributed Sony to throw the thousands, if not millions off of the scent of running homebrew.

honestly im kind of tired of waiting around for someone else to do it, so i want to look into doing it myself but not 100% sure where to start... i've been looking it up for the last 2 weeks or so, and every lead i get seems to end in a dead end.

anyone here care to give me a nudge in the right direction? as in where to start?

Just specify what you have done already! The best way to have an open system is to find how to enable service-mode.
Since this is done via USB people focus on getting a PS3 booting this mode. Nothing usable showed up so far
Hence this seems quite impossible.

Another way to hack the system would be finding some exploit. But everything headed that direction leads to a dead end (tiffs etc. was tried before).

The boot-process is quite complicated as well as two encrypted components check each other for validity (I hope I got that right but there is a diagram somewhere floating around on the web)

Just visit the forums and you get loads of information.

#15 - semitope - 260w ago
semitope's Avatar
best just find someone not connected to the ppl most identified with the scene if thats you theory. You could talk to geohot but I don't know what he knows or plans. Would be nice if ppl started forming local groups to look into it...


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