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VBANext PS3 Gameboy / GBA Emulator Unofficial Build Arrives

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180w ago - A few days back PlayStation 3 developer squarepusher2 announced that the Nintendo Gameboy / GBA Emulator PS3 Port known as VBA PS3 would soon become VBANext, and today subcon959 has made available an unofficial VBANext PKG file for PS3 users to try out while awaiting an official release.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

Some recent changes from the SVN include the following:

  • (PS3) Auto-aspect ratio setting + plus more aspect ratios
  • (PS3) Cleaned up menu code some more.
  • (PS3) Cut down on some more menu code duplication
  • (PS3) Uses systemDrawScreen() macro now instead of IFDEF __CELLOS_LV2__ hackery to make a direct call to Graphics->Draw and psglSwap.
  • (PS3) Cleaned up code duplication in menu code (Core) Doesn't try to set regparm attribute now for non-x86 platforms
  • Changed blip_med_quality back to blip_good_quality
  • Patches to PS3 sound driver so it works with the new sound approach
  • Dumps VBA samples all at once, reports NUM SAMPLES
  • Rearranged damn headers again - we need a common.h NOW
  • Added USE_CACHE_PRETCH around instrinsics
  • Added USE_CACHE_PREFETCH around intrinsics
  • Had to move some #defines around - broke the build last commit
  • reordered top of file so headers come first - added string.h and stdio.h under __GNUC__ preprocessor
  • added string.h and stdio.h #includes under ANDROID preprocessor
  • Removed unused friend class 'Blip_Reader' from Blip_Buffer
  • Removed garbage files from PS3 buildtools
  • (Core) Removed GEKKO defines for cheat code (PS3) Had to add Cellframework1 for FileBrowser and OSKUtil - needs to be rewritten for Cellframework2 though.
  • Removed reinserted files from unused directory
  • Removed revert garbage files ending with '.orig'
  • (Core) USE_AGBPRINT and USE_CHEATS defines can now be used - reinserted files that were necessary for these parts to work.
  • (Core) There were some calls to doDMA in both the if and else blocks of certain conditionals - cut down on the amount of times this function is called by giving doDMA parameters instead that are defined inside these if-else codeblocks.
  • (Core) Removed CPUisGBAImage - this was a copy of utilIsGBAImage in GBA.cpp that was strangely never used at all. Perhaps this was never properly refactored and moved to Util.cpp. (PS3) changed buffer.c into buffer.inc and included it into audioport.c.
  • Expanded iteration macros
  • Changed NO_DEBUGGER defines to USE_DEBUGGER - no more double-negative define
  • Cleaned up a lot of header files - Cut down on GEKKO defines - Changed 'FRAMESKIP' define to 'USE_FRAMESKIP' to fit in with the rest of the VBANext switch naming convention. It will automatically define USE_FRAMESKIP if you define 'FRAMESKIP' - so it is backwards compatible in a sense.
  • Cleaned up a lot of unnecessary includes and cut down on some GEKKO ifdefs.
  • Added ifdef defines for ppu_intrinsics.h (should be PS3/360 only)
  • Added 'USE_SWITICKS' define.
  • Added FRAMESKIP defines and added back frameskipping code to GBA.cpp (but defined)
  • Initial commit of VBA-PS3 codebase - now VBANext and no longer PS3-specific.

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#16 - squarepusher2 - 212w ago
squarepusher2's Avatar
No$GBA (and anything by Martin Koth for that matter) is closed source I think.

I'm quite curious actually as to how well DeSmuME runs DS games and what the system requirements are.

#15 - lilshortwun - 212w ago
lilshortwun's Avatar
Good job porting VBA to the PS3! However I must ask is it possible to port programs such as DeSmuME to the PS3 since the source code is available for download to the public?

How about porting No$GBA to the PS3? I suppose it would be a wiser decision to port something that could play not only GBA but also the DS.

#14 - SlipNut - 212w ago
SlipNut's Avatar
quite agreed on the emulators for the ps3, the more the merrier, isn`t that what jailbreaking is all about? wicked emu m8t, keep up the good work, some of us do appreciate it, and give thanks. gba games on a gba suck, gba games via emu on my console systems, especially at full speed rocks.

#13 - squarepusher2 - 212w ago
squarepusher2's Avatar
Here is an interim update - the only changes are some noticeable speed improvements in a lot of games (Metroid Zero Mission - Advance Wars - Advance Wars 2 - Wario Land 4 - just to name a few)

VBA PS3 (FW 3.41)

[Register or Login to view code]

This will likely be one of the first and last interim updates before we do the next noteworthy release.

#12 - speedxl - 212w ago
speedxl's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by squarepusher2 View Post
Some people told me to be smarter than responding to posts like this, but I just can't resist:

1 - VBA on Xbox 1 was not fullspeed - never was in fact. It had to resort to frameskipping. It isn't fullspeed on the Wii or PSP either.
2 - Your iPhone SNES emulator (SNES HD or snes4iphone I take it - which would make it a SNES9x port) is certainly NOT getting fullspeed on all games. No SNES emulator on the PSP was ever fullspeed. If you think it does, then you never played it on real hardware. Let's leave it at that. You're getting a subpar experience on your iPhone, and on top of that, you have to pay money for SNES4iphone. Frameskip 1/2/3 is NOT the speed and fluidity at which the SNES ran.
3 - Mugen - cannot be ported, ever, to PS3, in its current condition.

Anyway, hope some of you out there still liked what we did. I know for one I get a lot of use out of it.

Of course I really liked it, and I'm thankful that you did port it, I agree with all you said, besides the PS3 can become the greatest platform to play all kind of games, and i don't like to play games on PC.

Thank you for your hard work, the emulators you have ported are top notch, I hope you can port a N64, or DS, emulator, I would want to play Mario Kart, with filters and at 1080p..


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