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Unofficial RetroArch MAME 0.78 Standalone Emulator PS3 PKG Out

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61w ago - Following up on the previous RetroXMB update, today an unofficial RetroArch MAME 0.78 Standalone Emulator PS3 PKG is available for those interested.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: For best performance you should use the MAME romset 0.78. I have tested using lower romsets such as 0.37b5 and that romset worked well, but again for best performance and compatibility you should use 0.78 MAME romset. There are some things to be aware of that i have outlined below. As this is still an experimental core and could have some issues not discovered yet.

Basic Usage:

  • MAME romset 0.78 is required for best performance.
  • At first screen of MAME agreement when ask to type OK, Move Left Stick - Left to Right to signal "OK"
  • R3 will access the RetroArch Main Menu.
  • R2 will access the MAME Menu options.
  • Select in game will add credits to the game.


  • Core is based on v0.9.8 of RetroArch (not the current 0.9.9).
  • This is an Experimental Core for the PS3 from Libretro Code Re-depository (github.com/libretro/mame2003-libretro).
  • This is an Unofficial release Please DO NOT BUG official RetroArch developer of any problems.
  • Custom RetroArch Main Menu Wood Background Added in place of default RetroArch menu.

Known Bugs:

  • When accessing MAME settings (R2 button) settings will not save for next boot
  • Save / Load States will not work on a few titles. (mainly Midway titles)


  • RetroArch Developers: Squarepusher , Maister
  • Libretro Contributors: View the list of many contributors here (github.com/libretro?tab=members).
  • RetroXMB Developer: doobz
  • Artwork: Sandungas (PIC1) & STLcardsWS (Custom Wood Main Menu)

Finally, from Grim Doe on the M.A.M.E Debugger:

Using MAME Debugger an Playing with (Street Fighter 2 CE) sorry I have Been MIA, just not much time that I use to have. Anyways here is a nice little trick to do just to test out the ROM you are modding (make sure you already have a copy of the ROM your yesting your modding on):

1st. Start M.A.M.E & Your Game in Debug Mode
2nd. Go to your ROM Folder decompress the Zip file of the Game your playing
3rd. Modded it, Zip it back up,
4th. In the Debugger do a Hard Restart and Test out your Work.

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TheDude666's Avatar
#19 - TheDude666 - 93w ago
is this version compatible to mm? Booting roms direct from the retro column?

JAYRIDER666's Avatar
#18 - JAYRIDER666 - 93w ago
Nitendo 64 games will not work?

jarvis's Avatar
#17 - jarvis - 93w ago
This is such an awesome project and I am so happy to see more progress being made. I run this on my Nexus phone, Nexus 10, as well as my PS3. Fantastic job and the idea behind it with the libretro core APIs and then machine specific cores is a great way to maintain & extend. I am eagerly anticipating the MAME core to this suite. I can't thank everyone enough for all the hard work they put into this. Now if only it had an N64 core...

I think it would also be nice if bsnes was included as it is a fantastic emulator with 100% compatibility with all known SNES releases, but I realize that it probably wouldn't run well on some of this hardware, and byuu is kind of taking a similar approach with having multiple cores in his emulator, so probably unlikely

sambo71's Avatar
#16 - sambo71 - 93w ago
A quick search turned up this:

Geohot Signing Tools

usage: make_self input.elf output.self
usage: make_self_npdrm input.elf output.self
warning NPDRM cares about the output file name, do not rename package_finalize
usage: package_finalize my.pkg

while i never needed to use any of these, i found this for you in just a few seconds.

Ninn1's Avatar
#15 - Ninn1 - 93w ago
"NOTE: The official release no longer supports Geohot/Wutangzra CFWs. If you must use them, you have to do pkg_finalize on the PKG to install it."

anyone know how to do this?

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