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Unencrypted SPU Binary Found in Def Jam: Icon Demo for PS3

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279w ago - Today SKFU (linked above) is reporting that he has ran across what he believes to be an unencrypted SPU binary found in the Def Jam: Icon demo for PS3.

To quote: When I was bored yesterday I dealed with HDD decryption again and looked through the game folders on the decrypted HDD.

The Def Jam: Icon USA Demo seemed interesting as it only works on US consoles. While looking for the answer I noticed a folder dj3-ps3-opt in /USRDIR/spu/.

In there are several files like elf_sputhreads_apply.bin. I opened some files in a simple HEX editor and noticed that the files are not encrypted.

As well it looks like a binary. It does not have the default binary header used by SPU .self files compiled with the SONY PS3 SDK. It may be compiled with a third party compiler or with the IBM Cell SDK.

I did not check that, yet. Well, come back to check for updates regarding the research!

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#10 - everglow21 - 277w ago
everglow21's Avatar
Whether its possible at all without breaking into sony with shotguns and skimasks.

Why sony? Get Shuhei Yoshida.. We'd get a bargaining chip.. lol

#9 - r3pek - 279w ago
r3pek's Avatar
well, if it's signed i think we're at a dead end again... if it's not, we can actually use it to something useful (i think )

#8 - kakarotoks - 279w ago
kakarotoks's Avatar
Well, it's still an interesting find.. if that code can be modified and 'injected' into the main application, then we could have a custom code loader through that icon... modify that icon and inject custom code.. I'm sure the file format can be reverse engineered somehow, we just need skilled people, time and a bit of luck!

I hope this can lead to something useful!
Thanks for sharing the news!

#7 - CJPC - 279w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
Are you saying its useless?

I hope we are ALL sacrificing spotless lambs to the gods daily! We all must do our part to get the ps3 hacked

Is there any indepth article about decrypting the elf? Whether its possible at all without breaking into sony with shotguns and skimasks.

You want to go with black, or red ski masks?

Yeah, useless we just don't know yet. If we get a hold of the decrypted main elf, then we can find out how it is loaded, and see if we can do anything "interesting" with it, but, it depends on how badly coded it is!

#6 - shummyr - 279w ago
shummyr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Mantagtj View Post
if you got a spare shotgun and ski mask i will come with you lol.

if you have a couple spares i will join in


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