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Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives

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221w ago - Update: A VirtualBox Image of Ubuntu_x86 10.10 with tools to compile PS3 Jailbreak Files as well as PS3 Applications/Packages has now reached its FINAL RELEASE which includes Multi SDK Support (both 3.41 and 1.92) with details HERE and updated download links below!

I have created a PS3 JailBreak Virtualbox Image of Ubuntu_x86 with all the tools to compile PSGroove and extract/create PS3 .PKG files.

This is for anyone who does not want to wait for others to compile PSGroove or those who just want to learn how it all works =)

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / Ubuntu 10.10 PS3 Multi SDK

You will need:

• VirtualBox - Included

Login info once you get up and running:

User = evilsperm
Pass = password
sudo su password = password

To switch back and forth from 3.41 SDK to 1.92 SDK is very easy.

To switch SDK's:

On the desktop you will see a folder called SDK_Selector
Open that Dir and double click on the SDK you woudld like to use.
Select Run In Terminal, type in the password and hit enter.
The Terminal will disappear and the SDK you selected is ready for use!

This is a **Final Stable Release** until a new SDK is leaked.
Credit goes to (jtanner) for this Awesome Idea of multi switching sdk's!

I will seed this too 100% for the next few days, but keep in mind I am not on my Fiber optic connection at the moment so please be patient as I seed, also seed this as long as you can and don't be a leech =)


Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#325 - dentnu - 215w ago
dentnu's Avatar
Thanks evil. Quick question has the no unauth hdd drive premission issue been fixed ?

evil I am having problem compiling your posted PL3. this is the error I get:

[Register or Login to view code]

Also when I compile do I use this command


or this one


As I am a bit confused.

Edit: Ok I fixed my error it was a mistake on my part when I add the


I made a typo

So from what I under stand to Compile with PSN access I need to use the


and if I want to compile the reguler PL3 I use


Right ?


Evil: There is a problem with your hermes psgroove.makefile as it list the teensy++ 2.0 as a

#MCU = atmega32u4

when it is suppose to be

MCU = at90usb1286

just thought I should let you know its no big deal as I fixed it and was able to get working.


#324 - evilsperm - 215w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
Source for PL3 PSN patched.

#323 - evilsperm - 215w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
Here is the latest source you can also find it on my git: git://github.com/evilsperm/psgroove-hermes.git


#322 - dentnu - 215w ago
dentnu's Avatar
Thats sounds great evil can't wait. Question has the hard drive permission issue with PL3 no unauth been fixed ? Also I just read that Math released a fix and I don't think its in the version that I posted, you think you could implement it and post the source plz as I have no idea which is the correct fix?

As I have found about 3 different version claiming to be the correct one and do not know which one is the correct one.


#321 - evilsperm - 215w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
I'll take a look I was gonna release the source myself also I am working on PL3 support right now and pushing it to my git repo.

It should all be done soon as well as no unauth/dev/elf support.


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