They Do Not Die 2 v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released

140w ago - Following up on his initial release, today PlayStation 3 developer ThatOtherDev has released They Do Not Die 2 v0.2 for PS3 homebrew game fans.

Download: They Do Not Die 2 v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game

To quote: Here is an update to They Do Not Die 2. I still haven't decided on a subtitle so if you have a suggestion then let me know.

What has changed:

  • The walls are solid.
  • The world is darker.
  • The zombies can hurt you and the other survivors.
  • When survivors die they turn into zombies.
  • On screen text shows how much health you have and how many zombies you have killed.
  • When you are hurt the camera zooms in.
  • When you die the game restarts (complete with a reset kill count and a newly generated city).
  • If you shoot a zombie it will then always consider you its target regardless of any other survivors that may be closer to it.
  • There are more zombies.
  • Everyone moves faster.
  • Buildings are now occasionally subdivided into multiple rooms.
  • The game pauses when the XMB is up.

PS3 controls:

  • Left analog stick = Move
  • Right analog stick = Aim

R1 = Shoot

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Natepig's Avatar
#14 - Natepig - 138w ago
add me to psn mate..
I played a game on the pc a bit like this where you look for survivors, I can't remember the name though.

elser1's Avatar
#13 - elser1 - 138w ago
this game looks interesting. this dev is awesome.. hes making so many games its great to see..

heymanhru PM sent man!!

HeyManHRU's Avatar
#12 - HeyManHRU - 138w ago
I'll add you as soon as I fix my Second PS3, what is it?

elser1's Avatar
#11 - elser1 - 138w ago
add me to psn mate..

HeyManHRU's Avatar
#10 - HeyManHRU - 138w ago
Weird how its just all arrows.

It's like that PSN game "Burn Zombies Burn" but with arrows.

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