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The Sony Banhammer on PS3 JailBroken Consoles is Coming?

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210w ago - A few months back it was first reported that a Sony ban wave was imminent, and today DJLO over at PSX-Scene reiterated the fact that it's only a matter of time until Sony begins banning PS3 JailBroken consoles.

To quote: Folks, Sniffynose pointed me to this. Since we are all updating now, you ALL need to read this and pay attention

On boot the system contacts the server and uploads the play list etc. this list alone is enought to get anyone that goes online banned as it shows the bootmanger etc. has been running. Here is the list and what they do, I port sniffed this a while ago before I went online with a retail unit >.> because I am not stupid hehe.

All these need to be blocked, web access will still work, updates will still work, but psn and any system messages/ads/communication will be blocked completely. For other areas someone would have to sniff the addresses again to compare. North American Servers are listed.

fus01.ps3.update.playstation.net > Update Server (sys updates)
mercury.dl.playstation.net > What's new ads
nsx.np.dl.playstation.net > playstation store preview
nsx-e.np.dl.playstation.net > ads
(main file exchange connections)
us.np.stun.playstation.net > on boot initiates connection
ena.net.playstation.net > SSLv3 connection after above connection
dus01.ps3.update.playstation.net > secondary update attempt (could force updates)
auth.np.ac.playstation.net > SSLv3 authentication server
(destination servers)
service.playstation.net (has multiple IPs if only the ip address is blocked)
(Error Reporting)
creepo.ww.hl.playstation.net (uploads crash reports etc.)

Almost all connections cannot just be port blocked, the port will continue to increment until it connects, you have to block the entire domains. Also a big point is that ALL computers on your network need to have these blocked not just the PS3's MAC because if you are running a proxy for example to get patches, the computer you proxy to will just allow the connections right out to the open unless all local IPs are blocked from these sites as well."

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chomps268's Avatar
#52 - chomps268 - 210w ago
Quote Originally Posted by Zentsuken View Post
Haha, damn. I almost forgot it's not too expensive to get a PS3 these days, haha that's a good idea. I also agree chomps, I own a 60GB (upgraded to 320gb since its my main console) and a secondary 80GB PS3 for the other room, but since I travel a lot, I ended up taking the 80GB to Vancouver with me.

Now I regret not having both with me, because I also really don't know what the hell I am going to do once GT5 comes out, I'm going to have to fly to Vancouver and get it back I think. I miss my online play as well haha. I'll probably update the 60GB, and leave the 80GB offline since all my PSN games are on my main console.

On another note, anyone know if having both DNSMasq + Access Restrictions enabled, do these two cancel each other out? I pinged one of the connections, and it manages to connect. :X going to restart router and see if that helps.

Haha, nice. I'm rockin' 250gb on my slim, and today's my birthday and my gift was a 500gb 7200rpm 2.5" HDD just like I asked =D But, I don't plan on putting that in my ps3. I got an enclosure for it, and I'll just use it as an external. Maybe one day I'll pop it in my PS3 and use that as my internal instead, and use the 250gb as an external. But for now, I think it's best to use the 500gb as an external, due to it having 1.5x the speed of the 250 when it comes to transfering games onto it.

GrandpaHomer's Avatar
#51 - GrandpaHomer - 210w ago
Quote Originally Posted by Tatsh2DX View Post
This blocks all systems connected from these URLs, my question is what was the point of making updates via Internet possible (seems like it took some work) if now we're going to throw it all away with blocking?

You're mixing up two different things here - PS3 silently "calling home" to tell Sony what we've been up to (+ads + what's new + FW updates) with GAME updates which are indeed coming from another URLs hence not being blocked by prohibiting access to above addresses.

Zentsuken's Avatar
#50 - Zentsuken - 210w ago
Quote Originally Posted by Tatsh2DX View Post
This blocks all systems connected from these URLs, my question is what was the point of making updates via Internet possible (seems like it took some work) if now we're going to throw it all away with blocking?

I believe update still work, the server that checks for that isn't blocked I don't think (haven't tried it myself) since my connections do not seem to be properly blocked since I can still ping to the servers from my computer.

SiZMiK's Avatar
#49 - SiZMiK - 210w ago
Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
Set your JB-en PS3 with fixed IP and then block just that IP to access the Sony URLs. This would only work if you're not using any kind of proxy. Other option would be to set up your own DNS and spoof the invalid IP for those URLs and set only JB-en PS3 to use that DNS.

Excellent thanks, Repped.

auronx's Avatar
#48 - auronx - 210w ago
$ony should call it jailfix

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