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The Sony Banhammer on PS3 JailBroken Consoles is Coming?

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218w ago - A few months back it was first reported that a Sony ban wave was imminent, and today DJLO over at PSX-Scene reiterated the fact that it's only a matter of time until Sony begins banning PS3 JailBroken consoles.

To quote: Folks, Sniffynose pointed me to this. Since we are all updating now, you ALL need to read this and pay attention

On boot the system contacts the server and uploads the play list etc. this list alone is enought to get anyone that goes online banned as it shows the bootmanger etc. has been running. Here is the list and what they do, I port sniffed this a while ago before I went online with a retail unit >.> because I am not stupid hehe.

All these need to be blocked, web access will still work, updates will still work, but psn and any system messages/ads/communication will be blocked completely. For other areas someone would have to sniff the addresses again to compare. North American Servers are listed.

fus01.ps3.update.playstation.net > Update Server (sys updates)
mercury.dl.playstation.net > What's new ads
nsx.np.dl.playstation.net > playstation store preview
nsx-e.np.dl.playstation.net > ads
(main file exchange connections)
us.np.stun.playstation.net > on boot initiates connection
ena.net.playstation.net > SSLv3 connection after above connection
dus01.ps3.update.playstation.net > secondary update attempt (could force updates)
auth.np.ac.playstation.net > SSLv3 authentication server
(destination servers)
service.playstation.net (has multiple IPs if only the ip address is blocked)
(Error Reporting)
creepo.ww.hl.playstation.net (uploads crash reports etc.)

Almost all connections cannot just be port blocked, the port will continue to increment until it connects, you have to block the entire domains. Also a big point is that ALL computers on your network need to have these blocked not just the PS3's MAC because if you are running a proxy for example to get patches, the computer you proxy to will just allow the connections right out to the open unless all local IPs are blocked from these sites as well."

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#62 - peepoop - 218w ago
peepoop's Avatar
Blocking all these servers is silly...

Can we just start generating a whitelist of servers that serve game patches? Those are the only ones we want to access anyway, right? That'd save everybody a bunch of work.

#61 - GrandpaHomer - 218w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CyanCaze View Post
But, if you want to avoid being banned then all you have to do is remove the USB stick before logging online.

Incorrect - apart of this being mentioned directly in THIS thread it was also widely discussed all over our forum as well as plenty of others - you'd found out if you'll actually READ the thread prior posting nonsense like that

PS3 keeps logs of what have you been running and sends the logs to Sony every the time while you're connected to Internet - note that you don't need to be signed (or even only attempting to sign) into PSN.

So please DO NOT believe all those LIES what all the seller of various JB devices are using to "asure" you, that your PS3 will be "like before" once you'll unplug the JB device. Apart of logs itself even backed up games present on your hard drive or any installed backup manager or homebrew are easilly detectable by Sony and that even if you'll try to make them "stealth" by changing the game ID and so on.

Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
Idea (just crazy one) Whe can hack the system right? Why not change our code from the Backupmanager to a Game that is on PSN? I mean... it can't be traced that way!

Well - you might have missed somehow numerous threads here about discussing the very same idea then

Although this is widely regarded as a "protection" against being detected by Sony of running backup managers or other homebrew I personally am not so sure this is actually sufficient. The amount of data (and most of it encrypted) exchanged between your PS3 and Sony servers is large enough (and so far beoynd our comprehension) to be absoltely sure that there are no other traces of our JB / HB adventures being passed to Sony

#60 - chomps268 - 218w ago
chomps268's Avatar
Sure, there are some people who are pure pirates... But there's always going to be those people. It's inevitable.

But then you've got people like me; I'll download a game, play through it, and if I like it I'll go out and buy it. Keep in mind, these are games I'd more than likely never have played if I didn't have a jailbroken system. I've still got dozens of games, spent hundreds of dollars on them. Sony will make more money from me than they would have if I didn't have a jailbroken system.

Not to mention, I use it 10x more now than I used it before. Before, it was just sitting in my room collecting dust. Now it's getting used day and night, like no other.

#59 - CyanCaze - 218w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
In the end I have a feeling Sony is going to lose out on this as did Microsoft. It's a simple matter of raw power vs many offenders.

Not to say I agree with the jail breakers. But I think you should be allowed to back up your games onto a PC or something. Still, I can see why Sony wants this taken out because of the massive amount of piracy that's going on now.

But, if you want to avoid being banned then all you have to do is remove the USB stick before logging online. If you have a backed up call of duty that you want to play with friends then you're out of luck.

#58 - Jes03 - 218w ago
Jes03's Avatar
Any EU or Australian site list to block?

I doubt the PS3s here in Aus will contact the US sites.


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