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Sony Targets PS JailBreak, PSFreedom and PSGroove PS3 Hacks

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220w ago - Today garyopa at PSX-Scene.com (linked above) reports that Sony appears to be targeting the PS JailBreak, PSFreedom and PSGroove related PS3 hacks and has shared numerous court documents for those interested.

From one of the documents, to quote: "Similarly targeted document subpoenas or deposition notices to any other third party who SCEA learns may be involved in the distribution or sale of the PS Jailbreak software, known as, for example, PSGroove, OpenPSJailbreak, and PSFreedom, or who may have knowledge of the distribution or sale of this illicit software."

PS3 hacker Mathieulh is also mentioned in one of the documents as recently [Register or Login to view links] to be one of 20 individuals behind PSGroove, to quote: "Mathieu Hervais told BBC News he was one of about 20 hackers involved in PSGroove's development."

Just under a month ago Sony was granted an injunction by Australian Courts on the sale of PSJailBreak PS3 modchips, followed by blocking PS JailBreak and PS3 proxy methods with the release of the PS3 Firmware 3.42 update, so only time will tell what their next move is.

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#61 - neophyte5001 - 220w ago
neophyte5001's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by beelzabubba View Post
I'm glad you live there too... stay there and stay out of our business... we will keep your government intact for you as we have since world war 2... these weapons you fear are what ensures that we are a nation of by and for the people... let them, the government officials, get out of hand and we can change things.

Ahem.... hey four-post wonder... this is a tech site, not a god-is-on-the-other-end-of-my-two-way-radio militia site. I havn't been here long, but I come here for tech news and discussion not this tripe. Quit trolling here and go post on yahoo forums, the folks there would love to have you.

#60 - semitope - 220w ago
semitope's Avatar
What's weird about the whole geohot thing is that the hack works on a firmware after otherOS was removed. I.E. they didnt use otherOS to do it in conjunction with his hack at least.

It also means that whatever they did could likely be done on the current firmware as well or at least the lack of otheros is not a limitation.

#59 - shummyr - 220w ago
shummyr's Avatar
that is true, there probably questioning geofart right now about..

don't tell them where he is

#58 - hunterrr - 220w ago
hunterrr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mcarteaux View Post
geofart didn't sell anything. Every company that has anything to do with $ony, gives them part of the profits. They obviously see a large market with these USBs, and I think they want in on it. lol


Yeah but, lets say you made the PS3 and somebody has hacked your system then disappears.. Then 4 months later your system system is PUBLICALLY hacked. Wouldnt geohot be the first in mind to either go after of get information out of him?

#57 - Breach - 220w ago
Breach's Avatar
I think Sony is using scare tactics by suing anyone who contributes to the scene. They are just trying to slow down all the new jailbreaks from coming out.

The fact is that they will not win a case against hackers jailbreaking the console unless they can prove that the main purpose was for piracy, which PSGroove was not.

If Sony opened (and kept open) the consoles OtherOS and a feature to run HomeBrew, there would be no legal reason/need for the 'hacks', then their lawsuits would have more merit.


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