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Sony PS3 and Blu-ray Service Manuals Leaked via DemonHades

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225w ago - Spanish PS3 developer DemonHades has inadvertently leaked Sony PS3 and Blu-ray Service Manuals for the PlayStation 3 entertainment system as a result of his Web server's security being compromised.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

PlayStation 3 developer circles have had access to the documents for a few years so the information they contain is not new, however, the confidential SCE documents have just reached the public's eye today.

This news comes just under a week since word of the PS JailBreak PS3 modchip first surfaced.

Finally, below are the leaked file names for those curious, however, they are intended for use only by licensed developers.

sm-bdd-0013e-01-0.rar - SM-BDD-0013E-01 - BDPT-1001 BPX-2001 - BD DRIVE SERVICE MANUAL 1ST EDITION
sm-ps3-0013e-02-0.rar - CECHA00, A01 - SM-PS3-0013E-02 - PS3 60GB MODEL SERVICE MANUAL 3RD EDITION LEVEL 3
sm-ps3-0073e-05-0.rar - CECHC02, C03, C04, C08 CECHE01, EO5, E11 Manufactured by ASUSTek - SM-PS3-0073E-05 - PS3 60GB/80GB MODEL SERVICE MANUAL 5TH EDITION LEVEL 3 FOR COK-002 BOARD
sm-ps3-0093e-02-0.rar - CECHG series - SM-PS3-0093E-02 - PS3 SEM-001 BOARD SERVICE MANUAL 2ND EDITION LEVEL 3
ta085.pdf - PSP-2000 TA-085 - SM-PSP-3083E-01 - PSP-2000 series TA-085 - BOARD SERVICE MANUAL 1st edition LEVEL 3

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#29 - PS3 News - 225w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by axpk95 View Post
It is a plot to shut us, they've have changed the pass on DemonHades's PS3News account and blocked DemonHades's MSN.

Yea, we have temporarily locked DemonHades account here until he has time to get things sorted. I'm sure when he is ready he will contact CJPC and he can reset it then, etc.

On that, I am going to close this thread for now to avoid it being filled with updates of DH/Math/etc bickering but if there are any new Sony leaks I will reopen it at that time.

#28 - Boojak2 - 225w ago
Boojak2's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Osirisx View Post
Well here's a news flash for you! Sony do know about the PSJB they have done since the 1st video from Oz mods came online. same thing goes for the leaked "service documents" so strongly advising us not to leak them is kinda pointless as this isn't the only site that has talked about it.

Um, did I say that they didn't know about PSJB?

And well, I'm sorry that common sense didn't get to you. In a point of legal/technical view, if these leaks WERE a LOT more known (due mass sharing), it is BAD news for Sony. If you honestly think that they will do nothing, well think again.

#27 - dukecity420 - 225w ago
dukecity420's Avatar
Wow, this really has been an interesting week. Thanks for allowing people to post links to the documents, unlike other lame sites. 99% of the people who may download this would never understand what they are looking at, but that 1% is in heaven. I wonder if Geohot had these to help with his timing attack?

#26 - level42jeff - 225w ago
level42jeff's Avatar
Great, thanks for the link

#25 - axpk95 - 225w ago
axpk95's Avatar
They just updated it with this message:
Originally Posted by DemonHades
La web ha sido hackeada nuevamente, subiendo archivos que pueden culpar a DH.Org y al Hosting como responsable de los archivos.

Se esta estudiando emprender acciones legales contra los responsables (Decir que tenemos los logs de uso al FTP, asi como las IPs y todos los datos)

En ningn caso DH.Org ni nadie del Staff sube este tipo de archivos a nuestra web.

Es una maniobra para que no hablemos, han cambiado el pass de DemonHades de PS3News y bloqueado su MSN.

Desde el Staff recomendamos no comprar el Jig, asi como no actualizar a la version 3.40.

El pulso de Geo es falso, el se agencio con el Jig y dijo que era suyo.

Translating Kinda lol :

The website has been hacked again, with files uploaded to blame our DH.Org Hosting and to make us responsible for the files.

We are studying legal action against those responsible (the logs say that we have the use of the FTP, as well as the IPs and all data)

In any case nobody's at DH.Org Staff uploaded these files to our website.

It is a plot to shut us, they've have changed the pass on DemonHades's PS3News account and blocked DemonHades's MSN.

From all the Staff, we recommend not buying the Jig, so as not to upgrade to version 3.40.

Geo's pulse is false, He worked on the Jig and i say that it's his doing.


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