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Sony Issues DMCA Takedown Notices, PS3 Hackers Mirror Files

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204w ago - Update #2: Sony has now served [Register or Login to view links] with a DMCA takedown notice for PS3 hacking related repositories which have subsequently been removed.

Update: Now Sony is [Register or Login to view links] other PS3 hackers via YouTube and Twitter, as new documents reveal they also plan to subpoena PlayStation 3 hacking related Web sites.

Following legal action against GeoHot, today Sony has sent out DMCA takedown notices to sites hosting PlayStation 3 developer files including California-based Github, and as a result the PS3 hackers have now mirrored the removed files on Norway-based Gitorious.

Those seeking to read Sony's takedown notice can do so [Register or Login to view links], with the violation citing "Trafficking a device that circumvents effective access controls, and/or Trafficking a device that circumvents effective copyright protection measures."

The mirrored ps3keys, ps3tools, and lv2patcher PS3 GIT files are now posted [Register or Login to view links] on Gitorious for the time being.

To quote from PSX-Scene (linked above): "First Professor Carnegie Mellon who had 'mirrored' geohot's original keys open door site, took his down to be on the 'safe' side of the action:

1/27/2011 Update: Judge Illston has granted the TRO against George Hotz despite the venue issue still being contested by Hotz's attorney. And I'm out of town. Since CMU has a west coast campus in California and is therefore subject to her jurisdiction, I have disabled my mirror until I can get back to Pittsburgh and look more closely at the current state of things.

Then early this morning DMCA takedowns started to get received by the various scene developers, first kmeaw, a good coder behind a working CFW, got one: kmeaw: I have just received a DMCA takedown notice

Next graf_chokolo, a now world-famous coder for his wonderful PS3 'decryption' skills, posted the following on Xorloser's Blog, that his GIT has been taken down by Sony:

graf_chokolo says: SONY took down my GIT repo :-) Who still needs my source code just email me and i will upload it for you :-) Still working on ENCDEC reversing :-) It's fun :-)

And recently KaKaRoToKS has tweet'ed that he also has gotten a DMCA notice: Looks like github has received DMCA takedown and my repository are now unavailable."

Finally, graf_chokolo posted the following warning to Sony on [Register or Login to view links]'s blog, to quote:

If SONY will continue like this i will upload my IDA database for HV and HV procs :-)

Here is a link to my payload: http://www.sendspace.com/file/64s8gh

No fear, jack :-) It just motivates me more to continue my reversing :-) It was just my public GIT repo, for making releases :-) Nothing lost :-)

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#29 - PS3 News - 203w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Another update, Sony has now contacted Gitorious and removed the mirrors there as well: [Register or Login to view links]

From drizzt84: [Register or Login to view links]
UPDATE Sony sent a notice to Gitorious too and they removed my Gitorious repositories with the following email:


We're writing you to inform you that we have been forced to remove
your Gitorious repositories containing PS3 related code. We received a
DMCA takedown notice from Sony this morning, and Norwegian law
commands us to respond to such a notice by removing potentially
infringing content until it's legality can be fully clarified.

If you can provide Gitorious with irrefutable evidence that this code
is not violating neither Sony's copyrights/patents nor Norwegian law,
you are welcome to keep hosting the affected repositories with us.

From KaKaRoToKS: twitlonger.com/show/8ib1um
You say "If you can provide Gitorious with irrefutable evidence that this code is not violating neither Sony's copyrights/patents nor Norwegian law".

We cannot refute a negative, they should be the ones to give evidence that the code is violating their copyright by pinpointing specific lines of code with specific laws. Without any details on what exactly is infringing, we have no way of refuting anything.

They should give exact projects, exact filenames and exact lines of code that are infringing, as well as the exact copyrights/laws that are being infringed. Without that information, we cannot defend ourselves, we cannot simply start guessing and mount a case to defend every single line.
For now, it all seems to be 'we don't like these projects, remove them and we'll use DMCA as an excuse'.

The only proof we can give at this point is : Their entire PS3 system is closed source, there never was any leak of any of their source code, so we couldn't have copied any of their copyrighted source. Also, we are not distributing any binaries from their system.
What else do you require ?

Thank you.

#28 - isotrex - 203w ago
isotrex's Avatar
How much is the t-shirt and where can we buy them.

#27 - zagan - 204w ago
zagan's Avatar
Might not stop the mirrors but Sony will still run people through the court room ringer. That won't be pretty.

Unless it's game devs trying to make some cash along the way. The problem he could face is being take to court. The problem all this has for Geohot is is does nothing to support him and only supports Sony's side probably why they still got the TRO as a large part of this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't blabed about hacking the PS3 and then releasing the key etc.

He's only 21 so he wouldn't have much clue how screwed he is really and his lawyer is probably some hick town freebie lawyer who knows next to nothing about these cases. but what people don't understand overall is even if they don't live in the USA Sony could still sue them in the USA and just hand those people a subpoena and goto court and if those people don't turn up the court would have to do a warrant for that person and have the police in country they are in arrest them and have them transferred to the USA for the court case.

That would take a few years but is doable and wouldn't that be a major mess around for those people. Which is the overall point of these court cases Sony can change the hardware and software easy, the PS3 won't be the same by the end of this year.

Though these people who end up with a subpoena will still be sued and will end up paying fines and maybe do some jail time as well or instead of paying the court fine. Like whats happening to Geohot right now, people can say anything they like, do anything they like but it won't stop the court case from happening.

#26 - Reddawg2010 - 204w ago
Reddawg2010's Avatar
kally12 i completely understand that sony gets royalties for each game sold I'm just saying that if a great game does not sell well (gets pirated way too much like the psp I've played some great games on the psp) the support for the console and company that made the game goes down and everyone loses. I know I'm not going to be able to stop pirates because they think screwing people out of their jobs so they can save a few bucks is worth it but it doesn't hurt to try to get them to realize it right?

#25 - shummyr - 204w ago
shummyr's Avatar
Personally right now Graf_Chokolo is one of the biggest scene devs and he is still going strong which basically says screw you sony and screw the DMCA which is what should be done by all the devs.


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