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Sony America Files Lawsuit Against US PS JailBreak ReSeller

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224w ago - As news of defeat rolled in on the Australian Court decision earlier today, Kotaku (linked above) now reports that Sony America is taking PS JailBreak US reseller ShopPSJailBreak.com to court.

SCEA has [Register or Login to view links] in California against the online retailer, accusing them of charges including copyright violation.

This doesn't come as a huge surprise, as legal experts have [Register or Login to view links] these are just the first of many lawsuits expected.

To quote: "While not specifically mentioned in the court documents, it's believed the accused, Zoomba LDC - trading at the address SHOPPSJAILBREAK.com - has been attempting to sell the new PS3 Jailbreak modchip, which allows users to circumvent the PlayStation 3's copy protection and play games retail games installed on the console's hard drive.

Shoppsjailbreak is listed as one of two 'official' distributors for the PS Jailbreak on the device's website.

The suit was filed on Tuesday in the California Northern District Court, and accuses Zoomba of copyright infringement, violations of the digital millennium copyright act and trademark infringement. SCEA is seeking damages and an injunctive relief, which would block the sale of the devices."

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#34 - Bishoff - 224w ago
Bishoff's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
I love the way the site's come alive again - just like the good old PSP days!

The way I look at it is - Sony shouldn't have removed OtherOS - I'm sure there are a number of devs who decided to commit much more time hacking the console since sony removed it.

I think jailbreak/psgroove will (eventually) allow us to get back the feature that we paid for (OtherOS) - so I say Screw you sony.

I really DO hope this all bites sony in the ass - they've been screwing us for years, time to return the favour!


Exactly how I feel. I like Sony's build quality for the most part, but they have the worst customer service of any of the big companies EVER! I have one of the KDS-A2000 50" 1080P TV's that are notorious for the yellow blotches on the screen and sure enough mine developed it as well. This is the 2nd version of the rear LCD projection TV's to do this. They were sued and lost for the 1st gen but the 2nd gen lawsuit is currently underway. They basically told me to F$@k off. They did however try to sell me a newer discontinued model for full retail price after telling me it was a special deal lol. Unbelievable. I HATE the way they operate and treat customers, and I'm all for any way to screw them over.

#33 - Parodius420 - 224w ago
Parodius420's Avatar
Isnt this basically the same thing they ruled in favor of about a month ago with apple? They have no legal right to go after someone for using the console the way they want.

#32 - efciem420 - 224w ago
efciem420's Avatar
little concerned, modchip central and canadamods have removed the psjailbreak from their sites.

hope my order is still good to go...

if not i hope at least a refund.


#31 - tragedy - 224w ago
tragedy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SuperDre View Post
uhh.. 3.20 did not anything, it only removed OtherOS and had a line that said something about better performance on PS3 games..

Actually, it was 3.21 that stole otheros. And the thing that "forced" everyone to upgrade was the day that PSN decided 3.15 was no longer suitable for connecting and everybody got upset because they could no longer play their online games. Remember, this was around the time COD was released...

#30 - SuperDre - 224w ago
SuperDre's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by tripellex View Post
If you notice, anytime Sony releases a firmware that patches/removes something potentially exploitative, they do it under the guise of "adding new features", such as the 3D gaming, etc. So they're trying to entice us with a trade-off. "We'll take away your OtherOS, but we'll give you 3D Gaming as a consolation prize". They won't just come out and release a JB fix. Oh no. They'll try the ol' bait-n-switch and offer us some crap they were going to add to the system at some point anyways.

uhh.. 3.20 did not anything, it only removed OtherOS and had a line that said something about better performance on PS3 games.. a higher FW added 3D for gaming..

Also, do people really think Sony can just put out an Firmware in such a small time? ofcourse not, they first have to come up with a solution, then test it with a lot of revisions, and also with different devices.. Also it is possible for them to already check if you had run the hack, so they can block your PS3 and your PSN-accounts which are linked to your PS3 after a while.

I'll just wait for a while and continue with FW 3.15 and OtherOS and see what the future brings, before trying any USB-hack..


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