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SKFU: Sony Wants PS3 YLOD, TeamICE PSP Emulator Bricks PS3

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227w ago - Today SKFU reports that based on his recent findings Sony may actually want PS3 YLOD consoles, and in related news the TeamICE 'PSP Emulator' is bricking PS3 consoles of those who use it.

To quote from SKFU: "Due my reserach for a CFW I noticed an interesting string in a .RCO file (system_plugin.rco).


The system has become hot. Please turn off the system and wait a while before turning it on again.

So my thought is: Could the PS3 have prevented most of the YLOD cases, as there should be a function to shutdown the PS3 when it is too hot? Seems so, but well - someone may want to make profit."

According to PSGroove, Forum user TeamICE has released an alleged 'PSP Emulator' that is reported to be bricking PlayStation 3 consoles.

To quote: "They are showing screenshots and even including a readme which adds to the appearance of legitimacy. Unfortunately, this is not a psp emulator, when ran it actually will brick your PS3 console.

If you see someone posting this teamICE psp emu, then please ignore it and report the user.

Mathieulh was quick to announce that the EBOOT.BIN is a manufacturing_updater_for_reset.self. Explaining that the jailbreak patches enable the cosole to run any self, no matter the auth ID, run because the function always returns back as true."

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

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#39 - mushy409 - 226w ago
mushy409's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by tragedy View Post
When soldering, you're aiming for around 370-380 C. Using 800 C would probably disintegrate the motherboard and everything on it!

Actually when you're soldering you need around 270-280'c which is just hot enough to melt the solder around the component. Any more than that and you'll lift the tracks etc.

Who the hell owns a "solder gun" that does 800 degrees? You mean a hot air gun?

#38 - victorinox - 227w ago
victorinox's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by TennisFreak007 View Post
i got that message once after i fixed my ps3 from ylod and forgot to plug the fan back in. it just turned itself off..

well back when mine YLODed on my phat 60, i didn't get it lol

#37 - B4rtj4h - 227w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Hmm... believe it or not. But my fixed YLOD PS3 60GB popped again after updating to 3.50.

So i believe there is some truth in the story. But are the PHAT consoles the only one that are affected??

#36 - TennisFreak007 - 227w ago
TennisFreak007's Avatar
i got that message once after i fixed my ps3 from ylod and forgot to plug the fan back in. it just turned itself off..

#35 - semitope - 227w ago
semitope's Avatar
I thought this might have been sony looking for ways to put doubt in peoples minds about hacking their PS3.

#34 - SwordOfWar - 227w ago
SwordOfWar's Avatar
I've seen this message before on other consoles. You won't see this message unless the PS3 is seriously overheating. If you block the console vents to increase heat, you will see this message display eventually.

Honestly, by the time you see this message your PS3 is already way too hot. If you have the PS3 properly ventilated in an open area, it should never get too hot.

#33 - PootieTang - 227w ago
PootieTang's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by djcopey View Post
Or in general if running too hot increase the fan speeds, still it seems m$ and $ony both haven't twigged that better cooling may save them money despite users input, hail to the exploits.

or maybe they've been banking all along on the repair costs the users will pay them... i'm really starting to hate $ony, just as much as mikero$oft, trying to exploit their consumers as little people!

time to take the PS3 into OUR OWN hands and turn the hardware against them by using it as diversely as possible! I'm even thinking of selling my PC and using my PS3 for my computing needs!

#32 - victorinox - 227w ago
victorinox's Avatar
Don't expect it, realistically most games out there can be pirated... psp/xbox/DS/wii their not hard to mod, or that secret so they can always make a claim that its piracy.

I always thought devs somewhat like piracy, how hard is it to blame piracy for low sales? in the end, we will just get punished and it will evolve into either pirates or idiots lol... I dont support piracy that much, but I got nothing against either. its not like ps3 users got anything for being pirate free for years =\ so what did we lose? thats right, nothing lol.

#31 - tragedy - 227w ago
tragedy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Wonderkik View Post
A Ps3 that overheats = 100 to 150 C, a solder gun = 750 to 800 C...
When soldering, you're aiming for around 370-380 C. Using 800 C would probably disintegrate the motherboard and everything on it!

#30 - peshkohacka - 227w ago
peshkohacka's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bernzburnz View Post
It's already been confirmed its a heat issue that messes up the solder. Why argue this?

How showing warning will help? By design Sony put the two most hot objects on the motherboard too close which in a sense is the reason why gets so hot. If this was enabled it would've spam you constantly, cause i believe the PS3 normally without gaming runs at 80-90C.


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