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Rumor: Sony PS3 Blu-ray Drive Emulation PCB in Development

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125w ago - Today we received word from Dutch site [Register or Login to view links] (ConsoleWinkel) of a rumor that a Sony PS3 Blu-ray drive emulation PCB is currently in development which will allow users to unlock their PlayStation 3 console without the use of Custom Firmware or dongles.

Reportedly they have been in contact with [Register or Login to view links] who stated a team (possibly the Wasabi or Drivekey team) is working on the PS3 Blu-ray drive emulation PCB that is slated for release later this year.

They have also speculated via e-mail that the project has been kept under tight wraps due to Sony being unable to stop this new PS3 hack via Firmware updates, meaning once it becomes public Sony's legal team will be on the warpath in full force.

Below are some concept pictures (not actual finished product pictures) from their site and the details, roughly translated as follows:

"PlayStation 3 drive emulation

No hacking, no flashing, no modding. Emulation is the future. A team is currently working on a new hack for the PlayStation 3.

The Blu-ray player, Sony's PCB has been cracked and costs can thus be gekloont. The team probably Wasabi or Wiikey team is currently working on this for the board to connect to an external HDD.

This can be downloaded games played as Wasabi360 and Xkey for the XBox 360.

A major retailer in China has also indicated that this year is released."

Finally, China Distribution has replied to an e-mail from hitman43 (via modcontrol.com/Board/187984-post1.html) as follows:

"Zitat: Hi,

i didn't know anything about this product, i don't know why people ARE thinking we are behind this device,



It is unknown whether the person responding is unaware of the rumored PS3 Blu-ray drive emulation PCB in development, or if they are simply attempting to keep things quiet and avoid any legal hassles from Sony... only time will tell for sure.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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#97 - PS3 News - 42w ago
Below is Install Disc Creator for ODE by ICECOLDKILLAH with details, as follows:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)


2 months ago, harryoke showed us a PoC for installing PKGs on ps3s with odde, now i made this...

IDC is an AIO tool to create and also build, what i call an “install disc”; a disc that contains installable PKG files via PS3_EXTRA method, you can also add custom images as logo and edit the PARAM.SFO, no additional software required!


To add a PKG or an IMG just double click into the fields, to delete a PKG or an IMG just click the X next to the respective field.

If you dont choose an image for your PKG, it will use the default IDC image.


IDC v1.00 (24/11/13)

  • fixed the whole shiat
  • added param sfo title edit feature
  • added 3k3y iso build feature

IDC BETA (20/11/13)

  • first release (non-public)


IDC is made by ICECOLDKILLAH, with help and the idea from harryoke. IDC uses the Title ID from the Borderlands 2 DLC Disc -> BLES01813, GenPS3iso v2.1 from Team Cobra and PARAM.SFO Editor v2.3 from aldostools.

IDC requires .NET Framework 4: [Register or Login to view links]

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#96 - PS3 News - 45w ago
Below is a 3Key FPGA Pack from TheArtificer, 3K3y IsoTools v1.34 / v1.34.2 and 3K3y Firmware v2.05 as follows:

3Key FPGA Pack

This pack for 3K3y contains the following:

  • FPGA Erase tool. ONLY use this if you updated with the wrong fpga.vme file.
  • Normal mode & no passthru mode for 3KS and 3KSR.
  • Normal mode & no passthru mode for 3KF.

3K3y IsoTools v1.34

3K3y IsoTools (aka 3k3y Ripp3r v) installation setup for Windows. NOTE: This requires .NET 4.0. New in this release: Fixed homebrew ISO rebuilding. Added 3k3y Manager ISO. Fixed support for files larger than 4GB in homebrew ISOs. Updated IRD version to 8. Fixed issue with unpacking update file. Note1: All previous versions of the IsoTools had a bug which could mess homebrew ISOs (corrupt data!). Rebuild ISOs from source is recommended. Note2: For the 3k3y Manager ISO firmware release 2.05 is MANDATORY!

3k3y IsoTools v1.34.2

3k3y IsoTools (aka 3k3y Ripp3r v) installation setup for Windows. NOTE: This requires .NET 4.0. New in this release: Possible fix for mixed PS3/Blu-ray discs. Encrypt generates correct filename if input file doesn't use .dec.iso. Fixed issues with games not booting after installed an update (8001003E). Note: If you update from a version before v1.34.1, you may need to update twice! This is due to a filename change on the server.

3K3y Firmware v2.05

3K3y firmware UPDATE. New in this release: New Game Selection Menu system. Fix for Dynamic ISOMENU. New Mr Waffles WIFI code.

From harryoke: Yippee... No more errors when updating non IRD iso files... just remake your iso with the updated tools and you can now update enjoy. IsoTools + 2.05 gives you the ability to load a game straight from XMB.

To activate new menu system ... in cfg file set iso menu and dont forget to use manager iso in isotools to create your menu

Note: If you ever want to generate the latest gyo.db in real time, just click this link: 3k3y.com/ird_files/gyo

Finally, attached below are 3KR install diagrams on a PS3 2.5k, 3k, 4k from Oz Mod Chips. This ODE device supports 4k, 3k, 2k5, 2k1 and 2k consoles in one main board.

Finally, from harryoke comes a new 3K3y iSO Menu From XMB video:

SNES Emulator / NES on PS3 OFW via 3K3y ODDE

I was recently asked if i could port a snes emulator to OFW. Well here you have it , tested and working via 3K3Y ODDE. Zecoxao and myself are striving to bring as much homebrew to OFW that we can , but there are some technical difficulties. So please be patient as rome wasn't built in a day. No roms are included in the release as this would be classed as piracy.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

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#95 - PS3 News - 47w ago
More pics for above post... also from harryoke & zecoxao comes The ODDE Homebrew Games Collection:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (28 MB) / homebrewODE.rar (Mirror)

Credit goes to the devs that created the original Homebrew games for CFW ... without you there would be nothing.
Special thanks goto ThatOtherDev for making things so easy for us , your coding is impeccable.

Games List:


Everyone of these games has been converted to run on 3k3y.

All 22 games have been converted to ISO format and are compacted into one small download. Please enjoy these games on your OFW Ps3 via ODDE.

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#94 - PS3 News - 47w ago
Tutorial: How Fix Error 80010017 with 3K3y Tools By Nicolas

Hi guys, i have many Games that have modified EBOOT (like Duplex or Other Dumper Scene Groups) and When i Converted them to ISO with genPS3iSO, i get Error 80010017 we have to Methods for Fix This Problem:

1: Download Originals EBOOT
2: use my Method

I tested all Games That get me error 80010017 with my Method and Now They working like Charm

Step 1: Download Tools that Need For Fixing This Error

We use applications that Created By 3k3y Team First application that we need is iSOTools v1.33:

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

Now download ODDE EBOOT Resigner that is created By harryoke

Download: [Register or Login to view links] by harryoke

Step 2: Check EBOOT with iSOTools

In this step we must check the signature if EBOOTs for this work , run iSOTools and select "Verify EBOOT.BIN" from Tools Menu

Now select the EBOOT of your Game, if Checking eboot.bin signature was OK your game is ok, just Create the that with genPS3iso and Play.

If Checking eboot.bin signature was Fail your must go to Step 3.


Copy eboot.bin signature that was Fail inside ODDE Eboot Resigner Folder, now run "run me.bat" and select "1"

Now your EBOOT is valid and you can test that again with iSOTools.

Now replace modified EBOOT with EBOOT inside USRDIR Folder and Create Game with genPS3ISO.


Thanks to 3k3y Team
Thanks to harryoke
Thanks to Cobra Team

3k3y IsoTools v1.33

Download: 3k3y_isotools_v1_33.zip

3k3y IsoTools (aka 3k3y Ripp3r v) installation setup for Windows. NOTE: This requires .NET 4.0. New in this release: Fixed issue with IRD creation from disc. Fixed crash when viewing IRD files.

Allow selection of network drives for IsoMenuCreator. Fixed a booboo when creating an IRD file while ripping. Fixed issue where discs without eboot.bin can't be created.

Finally, from modrobert: I've just started installing 3KR (3KS-R) in a PS3 Super Slim, the new soon to be released 3key solution which supports 4k, 3k, 2k5, 2k1 and 2k consoles in one main board.

This is the first time I've opened up a PS3 Super Slim, the hardware design is a bit cryptic with the weird shielding plates which also doubles as cooling elements, and it's pretty clear most of the design changes were done to make the console cheaper to manufacture.

Anyway, back to 3KR, compared to 3k3y 4k (3KS) most of the adapter logic has moved to the main board and the adapter is now reduced to a small passive PCB for the SATA soldering points as seen below.

shadowGran's Avatar
#93 - shadowGran - 50w ago
Emulators are always good.. also a new version of 3K3y ODE is on the horizon, rough translation (via logic-sunrise.com/news-659056-le-pcb-slim-3k-du-3k3y-en-photo.html):

Good news for fans of the team waiting Xkey Slim version 3K3y. Well things are progressing as the PCB for Slim has just shown the tip of his nose. This is obviously the Slim 3000 version is presented and more information should emerge soon.

Article remains in pre-order LSstore while waiting for the final PCB. The team tells us that the availability for Slim 3k will be next week, and Slim in a small 2k fortnight. The Cobra is out worldwide, the 3k3y could be a suitable replacement.

For the impatient future (what we can understand when you see the production rate of some teams), the replacement of a cobra by 3k3y or vice versa will be done free of charge upon request to the store.

Also below from modrobert (via eurasia.nu/modules.php?op=modload&name=Forums&file=viewtopic&topic=6999&forum=99#32427) comes some 3K3y advanced diagnostics, as follows:

The following information is mostly relevant for professional installers, in other words those who do more than one 3k3y install. With this setup you will be able to check the 3k3y operation standalone, that it boots OK from microSD card, without installing in a PS3 console or even connecting a BD drive.

What you need is a serial 3.3V UART circuit, similar to this one: free60.org/Level_Shifter


1x MAX3232 IC
5x 0.1uF Caps
1x 9-pin D-Sub Port

s3nint3!Note that the computer serial port on this image have RxD and TxD labels swapped by mistake, the pin numbers and traces drawn are correct though. Check this page (pinouts.ru/SerialPorts/Serial9_pinout.shtml) for reference when in doubt about computer serial port pins.

The difference from this design is that we will have to use an external power supply for the MAX3232 3.3V, 3k3y 5V, and hook up RX and TX points to the 3k3y board (instead of the Xbox 360).

s3nint3!Here's a photo of my diag setup. The brown perfboard has the MAX3232 on there (and some other Atmel test stuff not needed for 3k3y). The 3k3y (3KR in this case) needs 5V feed, you can use the power cable included in the 3k3y bundle. However, the UART signal level needs to be 3.3V for the MAX3232 circuit/board.

s3nint3!This is a closeup of the 3KR location of the RX and TX points. On 3k3y FAT you will find the RX and TX points on the back of the board, they lead to vias which can be accessed from the top though.

s3nint3!I'm using an Amiga 1200 computer here with a terminal program loaded for serial communication. For those interested, my Amiga 1200 specs: 68030 at 33 MHz (ACA-1232), 2MB Chip + 128MB Fast, RTC, 3.1 ROMs, IDE-CF+4GB, WiFi WPA, ClassicWB (LITE).

On a PC with Windows you can use the included HyperTerminal software to do this, for Linux I recommend using 'minicom'.

s3nint3!Here's the 3k3y output (on my old CRT TV) from U-Boot which loads the Linux kernel on the device. The serial port is set to 115200 BPS (8-N-1) which is required by 3k3y.

The output here means the microSD card uImage and rootfs files were OK and the kernel was started. If there is no output at all there is probably something wrong with the microSD card (or your MAX3232 build). You will not see any output past the point of this "Starting kernel ..." message. If you have a corrupt microSD card the "Bad Data CRC" message can be seen in some cases.

Check this for more info how to restore a 3k3y microSD card with factory image:


This tutorial will help those of you unlucky enough to have received a corrupt or DOA microSD card, or who deleted files (formatted) by mistake. Keep in mind that 3k3y firmware updates should be copied to an USB stick or hard drive, NOT DIRECTLY TO THE MICROSD card!
What you need

  • USB Image Tool for Windows.
  • A 3k3y microSD card image file.

Note: If you are using Linux, then you can write the raw image to microSD card using 'dd'.

Getting ready

  • Unzip USB Image Tool to a directory on your Hard Disk.
  • Unpack the 3k3y SD card image file using 7-Zip into the same directory.
  • A micro SD card, preferably the 128MB (or 116MB) card that came with xkey but if this is not working you can use any micro SD card you have available.

Writing the image

  • Plug your microSD card into a USB card reader, plug the card reader into your PC. Note the drive letter Windows assigns to it.
  • Run the USB Image Tool (on Vista & 7 be sure to run it as Administrator).
  • Make sure the USB Image Tool is in "Device Mode".
  • Select the microSD card from the list in USB Image Tool.
  • Click the "Restore" button in USB Image Tool.
  • A FileOpen Dialog will appear, select the xkey microSD card image file you unzipped previously.
  • Wait a few seconds for USB Image Tool to do its thing.
  • Eject/Safely Remove the SD card in explorer.

You now have a factory fresh micro SD card with 3k3y base FW version ready to use, add your 3Dump.bin file and test in your 3k3y.

s3nint3!Please note, if you make a new card please use a Micro Sd card reader, not a microSD to SDcard adapter that is plugged into a reader as it usually doesn't work.

If a remote display is connected to the 3k3y via flex cable and to a powered USB port (Eg. USB hub) using the dongle, it will read "BAD BD" since we don't have any BD drive connected via SATA (or PATA if you are checking 3k3y FAT) in this setup, but it will still detect hard drives and it can be used to check the "About" info display for firmware version, FPGA version, drive key, etc. You can also perform the standard 3k3y firmware update hooked up this way.

This is good to know if you want to test individual parts of the 3k3y bundle, before even starting the install. If you don't get any data on the serial port, and you suspect the 3k3y is bad, then the blue LED on the 3k3y PCB can help diagnose the problem.

s3nint3!I hope this will help you diagnose 3k3y in a more efficient way. Please ask questions if you have any.

Finally, from harryoke: IDPS DUMPER OFW (Dump Your IDPS using 3K3Y)

This is not my work , but i know really really good people.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

Use this iso with your 3k3y ODDE and it will dump your IDPS to USB001 (just have a fat32 device pluged in).

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