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Rumor: PlayStation 3 Hard Disk Drive Decrypted?

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304w ago - Update: It's now [Register or Login to view links] as a fake guys.

Today Spanish PS3 Developer DemonHades has announced news that they may have decrypted the Sony PS3 HDD. We will update the 'rumor' status of this when more questions are answered of course.

Several PS3 Devs including NDT are currently investigating whether the method can be repeated in other PS3 consoles, or just for one console only (possibly brute-forced?) as it's already known the key differs between each.

Below is a picture of a font on the PS3 decrypted, followed by some preliminary (roughly translated) details:

The key is 512bytes is a sha1-4096 (512 bytes per sector). The key is xoreada own... To be sure it was not a simple xor as speculation... text still appears ... /cell_mw_cfs and more text:

PspSaveData tb

The method I can/should I even say it is very close to an update could change the key or decryption/encryption. The first is to investigate all of its content and then go looking at what interests us is that we have to go 40gbs decoding one by one and is not easy.

But since you said that all the published info that this method allows for and is something that decode the hdd, as advice... I will not make an actualizar. It's about read PS3 hdd content (512 bytes xored key has been decoded), by the moment this means that hard disk content could be read, but not all info about this have been revealed.

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#17 - Bakke - 304w ago
Bakke's Avatar
But... could it be possible to modify somehow the migrated NAND data from the HDD in order to turn a retail console into debug?

#16 - CJPC - 304w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Well, in theory, with a fully decrypted HDD, it may be possible to take a closer look at the inner workings of the PS3.

Furthermore, it would be quite easy to distribute downloaded games (PSN) to others, assuming that the DRM was also (somehow) copied over.

The DRM may be stored in the system database, which (like everything else) is on file somewhere.

The question is, is that file still encrypted?

However, we will not be able to do any unsigned code from the HDD with this - as the system will not allow unsigned code to run from the HDD.

#15 - xhugox - 304w ago
xhugox's Avatar
More interesting than knowing whether Demonhades is trustful or not is the question, what can be done with a fully decrypted HDD?

Could somebody clear that question?

#14 - idone - 304w ago
idone's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by urbanracer34 View Post
For the more geeky people (and the devs), could you please post the hex shots so we can see them too?

We will have to wait for DemonHades to post more proof in the form of files that have not been previously dump'd from dev consoles etc etc

#13 - urbanracer34 - 304w ago
urbanracer34's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by idone View Post
this was my concern when i spoke with him also about the file posted in their news being one easily dump'd from a debug...i have seen other hex shots and he assures me it is being done on retail.

For the more geeky people (and the devs), could you please post the hex shots so we can see them too?


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