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Rumor: PlayStation 3 Hard Disk Drive Decrypted?

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304w ago - Update: It's now [Register or Login to view links] as a fake guys.

Today Spanish PS3 Developer DemonHades has announced news that they may have decrypted the Sony PS3 HDD. We will update the 'rumor' status of this when more questions are answered of course.

Several PS3 Devs including NDT are currently investigating whether the method can be repeated in other PS3 consoles, or just for one console only (possibly brute-forced?) as it's already known the key differs between each.

Below is a picture of a font on the PS3 decrypted, followed by some preliminary (roughly translated) details:

The key is 512bytes is a sha1-4096 (512 bytes per sector). The key is xoreada own... To be sure it was not a simple xor as speculation... text still appears ... /cell_mw_cfs and more text:

PspSaveData tb

The method I can/should I even say it is very close to an update could change the key or decryption/encryption. The first is to investigate all of its content and then go looking at what interests us is that we have to go 40gbs decoding one by one and is not easy.

But since you said that all the published info that this method allows for and is something that decode the hdd, as advice... I will not make an actualizar. It's about read PS3 hdd content (512 bytes xored key has been decoded), by the moment this means that hard disk content could be read, but not all info about this have been revealed.

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#27 - sorceror - 304w ago
sorceror's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by takavach View Post
it may sound a little bit crazy but i want to know if there is a chance to make a private key from the public key ?

Nope, it's designed to be [Register or Login to view links]. That is to say, there's not supposed to be any good way to find the private key from the public key, short of searching through every possible number. And that's... not going to happen. See [Register or Login to view links]. Just counting up all 256-bit numbers would take more energy than the sun will put out in its lifetime.

Now, if someone found a flaw in RSA (the most common "public key" encryption algorithm), it might be possible to figure it out... but if they could do that, cracking the PS3 encryption would be way down on the list of what they'd do.

#26 - adrianc1982 - 304w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
Demon hades says:

como he comentado,en el otro post lo que le dicho esque hay se detallan posibles ordenes a ejecutar (como es el formateo de la flash)dudo que en la flash encuentre info del rfom,o la inforboard.

Como he comentado,sin un explorador que nos muestre los archivos con sus extensiones solo veremos texto raw o archivos raw para ser mas claros.

Demon hades says:

Like I said, in another post what I told you that theres possible orders to execute (Like formating from the flash) I doubt theres information on the flash of Resistance falll of man, or the inforboard

Like I've said, without an explorer to show us the files with there extensions we will only see raw text or raw files to be more precise.


For NDT this file is in the flash!??

NDT replied:

Demon, these are the files i wanted to show you:

[Register or Login to view links]

So you can compare them with the hdd contents.

#25 - PS3 News - 304w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Here is an update from knightsolidus, translated via Google, with some pics:

Well, here you get the MBR to be decrypted investigueis ... to see if he sounds a little:

[Register or Login to view links]

I think that makes 3 partitions the hdd ... offset 0x40 in the 107,000 can tell the size of the partition, the partition number 02, and then if you fijais below 02 is a 01 and a 03 .... That is where I've drawn ... but must be analyzed well ....

un saludo a tod @ s! AHH! the console is 60gb, but the hdd is 20, the xbox360! for consideration and dumper faster

Here we see that makes references to the source is in the flash .... therefore assume that there will be any way to dump the flash without the need for infectus .... or welding ... and little by little we are seeing the structure of the flash ...

We can also observe that the flash is partitioned (like a pendrive can be partitioned is a flash memory for those who do not understand)

And NDT's reply:

Demon, can you please post a picture of something that isn't in flash to so we can all realize your work is true indeed? I'm asking this because all the files in dev_flash could be dumped using a debug unit.

Something from the hdd itself, like the user folder, drm folder, vsh folder, etc..
Stuff we can not see even with a test!

And DemonHades reply to NDT:

...dont understand this model is 60pal retail. Is a ps3 format 00, later only a minimal install and format data when first playing rfom, (press start for install game data). Dont test unit is hdd and dont use ecc something.

As I commented in another post that you said there are detailed schematic potential orders to be executed (as is the formatting of the flash) I doubt that the flash is rfom info or inforboard.

As I said, without a browser showing the files with extensions will only raw text files or raw to be more clear.

And NDT again: i have dev_flash files extracted from a debug flash, i can post the same screens (even the font ones) and i can show you later as soon i get home

And ifcaro rolled his eyes at NDT for asking a perfectly legitimate question.

#24 - RMX - 304w ago
RMX's Avatar
As I understand, recent firmware updates install themself on the hard drive while only 16 MB of flash memory is in use. Is it possible to extract and modify firmware once the HDD is decrypted?

#23 - pockets69 - 304w ago
pockets69's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by takavach View Post
thanks for your answer

it may sound a little bit crazy but i want to know if there is a chance to make a private key from the public key ?.

thanks in advance ...

Not likely, i would say impossible, but i would let someone with more knowledge than i do, clarify the issue...


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