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Rumor: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 AimBot for PS3 Arrives

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262w ago - A few days ago we saw a barrage of videos on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 glitches and PS3 hacks.

Today, Codb0t (linked above) reports that the first Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 AimBot for PS3 has arrived, although it may not be publically released until this Christmas.

For those unaware, an aimbot is a game bot used in multiplayer first-person shooter games to provide varying levels of target acquisition assistance to the player. As it gives the user an unfair advantage over unaided players, it is considered cheating and is often frowned upon by honest players.

That being said, to quote from their latest update:

"So you have all seen the MW2 Leaderboard hack on PS3 were people are changing there scores to what ever they like and their rank to 10th in 5 mins. Well we have gone one better. The first MW2 BOT for PS3 - Also know as Codb0t.

As you can see from the pictures below it puts red field box around the other team. With this you can easily see were the other team are. We have also worked out a code were you can also make the b0t automatically aim for you.

How did we do it? Well we took all the MW2 Files and played around with the code for a while. Once we located the correct files and we sent the files we made to change the previous ones.

At the moment we are still playing around with it and dont want to give to much away, but we will be adding more info very soon.

Are we going to release the Codb0t? Maybe, but we dont want to mess the game up and we all know that if it gets in the wrong hands it will be in every game you enter. If we feel like we need to release the Codb0t we will release it in the next few weeks as we are working on different things with it.

If you dont release it people will say its 'fake' ect? This is the Internet you going to get a lot of bad sports comming on here and other places saying its 'fake'. All we know is its real and we're using it. What other things are you working on? We are currently working to make the C0db0t have:

• Unlimited ammo
• See other team through walls
• Unlimited care packages
• UAV online all the time

This Codb0t is new, created 5th of December so we will have a lot more info and pictures up very soon about it. Maybe we will relase it for Christmas? We will keep you updated!"

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#27 - livpool - 262w ago
livpool's Avatar
All that does is make random people join your game as if it was a matchmaking game, but its private. pretty much all his doing is setting up a private match and making it go into the matchmaking system so other people can join it, but you get no points or anything. its pretty pointless, its the same as inviting people to a private match but with this its with randoms.

#26 - moneymaker - 262w ago
moneymaker's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SCE View Post
I was going to tell the same thing. The hacked the game before the console?

For sure. I don't think otherwise it could be possible on ANY platform, on a console the hack could be probably activated via an hacked savegame...

...but I really hope noone will reach that target, cause it could be a... watchamacallit... a VIRUS, able to kill even this wonderful game. ... ...

Quote Originally Posted by moneymaker View Post
Scared ? ...well this is the PC version... but it would be the same IF... is there satisfaction onto see everyone behind walls ?

I'm not sure of your's rumours, only here I've one complaining he can't kill anyone without at least a full magazine when someone else instead kills him with a scratch onto a leg..., well he has 40ms ping but that's not the clue....

...furthermore it seems German ones are really active into this research...I fear that sooner or later...

Quote Originally Posted by D3M0N2009 View Post
"Nice AimBot FOr Cod Mw2 on PC only" - READ!!!!

Do I need to add sumtin' 'bout it ? However I've also found this thing that's definitely PS3 and MW2 related.

BEING english NOT my birth language I'm not sure of what it means but for sure it left me thinking that could be something nasty, I leave up to all of you decide since you're more able than me to understand the meaning of this video.


#25 - D3M0N2009 - 262w ago
D3M0N2009's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by moneymaker View Post
Well, I'm not an MW2 fan, not yet at least but... whaddayathink about this ...


...BS ?

I've quitted long time ago UT2003 for this kind of things and still can't hold the rage about it...

...we call this kind of players "bimbiminchia" thats nearly equal to "kids" someway...

To play fair or not this is the question...

I hate this kind of things....

"Nice AimBot FOr Cod Mw2 on PC only" - READ!!!!

#24 - evilsperm - 262w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
It was released on the PC from day 1, it is only a matter of time before it hits consoles... also this doesn't even matter seeing how EASY it is to do packet injection for MW2 so a aim bot is the least of your worries because you can pretty much do the same exact thing and then some. Packet Injection is known and very easy way to exploit MW2.

#23 - sleezieb - 262w ago
sleezieb's Avatar
Well i think all this BS will ruin it 4 everyone, especially the 1's that are on the game day in and day out trying to get the best score online, so plz don't release it, its been the best COD so far...


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