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Rumor: 3K3y - PS3Key (ODD) XKey for PS3 Consoles is Incoming

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114w ago - Following up on the previous Blu-ray drive emulation rumor, today modrobert has announced that 3K3y, a PS3Key (ODD) - essentially an XKey for PS3 - is incoming shortly with some preliminary details outlined below.

Still can't get too excited at requiring additional hardware to play PS3 games with the advent of PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware a few years ago though.

To quote from EurAsia (linked above): I just got word from a well known team that will make PS3 owners happy!

Watching the video and drooling!! With those few words I hope to keep you interested...

Below is a picture (via facebook.com/x360key) as well.

More info while waiting for the video: In order to retrieve the needed BD drive key, Team 3k3y (aka xk3y) will release a PS3 software tool which requires CFW 3.55, after the key is dumped the PS3 can be upgraded to latest official system update (firmware/XMB) to get PSN etc.

The team is exploring other options to dump the required key as well, more on that later.

I'm relatively sure it does support original discs as well, but will confirm it anyway. Pretty much same functionality as xkey.

For now, any PS3 model that can be downgraded to CFW 3.55 will be supported, this is only to retrieve the Blu-ray drive key, after that you can update as you want.

The 3k3y Team is researching other options to dump the required key as well, more on that later. For now you have to downgrade to (or be on) CFW 3.55 in order to get the unique BD drive key required by 3k3y, once you have the key the PS3 can be updated anyway you want, doesn't matter for 3key.

General tech info about 3k3y which is true for xkey as well:

The 3k3y hardware device is an advanced Optical Disc Drive (ODD) emulator, it does not rely on any software based hacks to operate (once the drive key is known).

The device is connected on the SATA (PATA) bus in the PS3, like this; cable from PS3 goes into 3key, cable to BD drive goes out from 3k3y, in other words 3k3y physically sits between the drive and the PS3 mainboard and offers USB 2.0 port to connect hard drive(s). Games residing on the connected hard drive(s) can be selected using a small remote display with buttons (as seen in the photo linked a few posts up reading "PS3" in white characters on the display).

For the PS3 this device appears as a legit BD drive, and replies to any ATA protocol requests/commands the same way the original drive does. The BD drive key which is unique in each PS3 makes it possible for 3k3y to decrypt/encrypt data on the fly and redirect SATA traffic originally on disc media from the hard drive connected via USB 2.0 instead. No original Blu-ray disc needs to be inserted for operation, you can use this without any disc in the drive.

Again, this makes it possible to use any official firmware (XMB) version you want after installation (and key retrieval). No need for software hacks like CFW or DEX to make this work at all. If the original game requires firmware (XMB) 4.25, then go ahead and update, just like you would if the system was completely original (virgin).

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings what 3k3y does, or what it requires.

If the CFW you use can load games on Blu-Ray from the BD drive today, then it will be able to do that from hard drive with 3k3y installed as well.

However, to my knowledge the Blu-ray Disc (BD) drive is not used with CFW, original game disc can be mounted for compatibility, but games are actually loaded from a hard drive connected to the USB port on PS3 or from the internal hard drive.

Simply put, whatever fails with the installed CFW will fail with 3key as well. That's the reason it is kind of pointless to use 3k3y with CFW, but makes a lot of sense to use OFW.

In summary:

  • The team for now is only releasing one picture regarding 3K3Y, but are hoping for an end of the year release.
  • It is full hardware interface, not a dongle, but currently you need CFW v3.55 to dump the BD drive key, after that you can update.
  • It will be complete ODD Blu-ray emulator, allowing even the feature to rip your original PS3 game discs to your external HDD.
  • Due to the nature of design, you will be required to open your PS3 to install it, but NO SOLDERING is needed.
  • More info will be release later, but for now any more pictures and videos are PRIVATE and been shown only to trusted long-time resellers.
  • In order to retrieve the needed BD drive key, Team 3k3y (aka xk3y) will release a PS3 util which requires CFW 3.55, after the key is dumped the PS3 can be upgraded to latest official system update (firmware/XMB) to get PSN etc. The team is exploring other options to dump the required key as well, more on that later.

Update: Below is a minor timeline update, as follows:

[21/10/12] 3k3y key dumper app! (pictured below)

Finally from bubba: You will need do some soldering with this ODE... If You want to get the keys from 4.31. SATA bus level For 25xx and newer models will need to be solder and to get the keys and play backups.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#84 - PS3 News - 75w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
No Keys Firmware as Public Beta is Released for 3K3y ODE Phat Models today, with details below from PS3 scene profiteer Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA):

It been a long time coming, but finally the Phat model of the 3k3y ODE can now support usage on any PS3 OFW firmware, without downgrading first to CFW v3.55, as there is now no need (with this 'public beta' firmware released) to extract your unique Blu-Ray drive key out of your PS3 console.

Of course this means some changes in the operation of the 3k3y, you will now need an original game disc in your tray, and there is currently some more steps in decrypting your game disc and rebuilding it with your IRD_FIles, but the 3k3y coder says they are working on removing some steps and making it easier for you and this just an 'public beta' to prove you no longer need any 'keys' to be extracted from your PS3, making it of course much more useful as it can now be installed on any OFW firmware, next step is to see this get released for the 3k3y Slim ODE and for their SuperSlim adapter to be released.

Below are additional details from TheArtificer (via k3yforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=11595) on 3K3y Fat 'No Keys' Public Beta, as follows:

DO NOT use this on XK3y, 3K3y-S Slim or anything else.

This update requires that you have an original game disk and that you have a matching IRD file for that game disk. You can make one yourself with the 3K3y Ripper HW or download one from here: 3k3y.com/ird_files/

The Goodies:


  • Firmware update (01.99B4), apply as usual
  • FPGA update (01.06), apply as usual


  • Ripper 1.22, install this on your PC

You may also be interested in the 3K3y Ripper Manual: xkeydownloads.com/ps3firmware/3K3y%20Ripper%20User%20Manual%20V2.1.pdf

Preparing Your ISOs

For this release it is necessary to re-encrypt your game ISOs using the IRD file of your original game disk.

1) Obtain an IRD file for your game disk
2) Enable the custom D1 option in the Ripper (menu Tools|Options)
3) Decrypt your ISO
4) Re-encrypt your decrypted ISO from step 3. When prompted for a D1 select the IRD from step 1.

Keep the decrypted ISOs if you can, the next major update will remove the need for step (3)

When Custom D1 is enabled the Ripper will also allow you to use the original game IRD file during the ISO rebuild process directly. This will make life easier if you are creating a lot of ISOs.

Using 3K3y

There is one main difference when using 3K3y with this FW. When you select a PS3 game ISO you must insert your original game disk. If the disk is already inserted it will be detected, if it is not you will be prompted to insert it. The remote will display a message asking for a PS3 game disk and the blue disk status LED on the PS3 will blink 3 times

A new cfg option has been added, AUTOEJECT=Y/N, setting it to Y will cause the BD drive to eject the game disk after ISO play back has started. Useful since 3K starts in passthru mode if you power on with a disk inserted

From PS3 scene profiteer Paul Owen on his PS3 protection scheme circumvention device:

All current PATA (fat) 3k3ys on the market can be easily updated to this firmware via USB once the device is installed in your system.

Remember to read what TA has written above carefully before asking questions. And... Have fun (while we continue to profit off the PS3 scene).

Not sure if there is a way around it, however you can just leave the disc in there, no need to eject it, you can switch ISOs 100000 times without getting up. You only need to insert the disc after the console is on. The 3k3y will not prompt for the disc after the game is selected if it is already in there.

There is a setting in the config file that will auto EJECT the disc after you go into the game if you want to enable that. The only reason we enabed this feature is that if you leave a disc in there when you turn off your PS3, and turn it back on ti will boot into passthrough mode.

It is up to you if you want to enable the feature or not however.

Finally, from naehrwert and zecoxao respectively:

For those interested (although this has been known for a couple of days now) oh, and good luck getting it to work without the disk hehehehehe

Update: From TheArtificer (via k3yforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=71434#p71434) comes an FCEU NES emulator for PS3, tested and working on 4.46 OFW.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

1) Download & unzip
2a) 3Dump FW users should encrypt using the Ripper
2b) No Keys FW users should encrypt using the Ripper + IRD for their game disk
3) Enjoy crap games from the last century

3k3y. 3k3y-S Slim install Tutorial. Play Ps3 games from a Hard drive

Superslim daughter board for 3k3y SATA

The 3k3y team have finally released a picture of the SuperSlim Add-On board for their ODE that will be shipping soon, which allows owners of 3k3y ODE to use it on their 4000 series of PS3's console.

s3nint3!As you can notice from the above picture, there will be a total of Eight Quick Solder Points to perform to securely attach the XK2 ODE add-on board to your SuperSlim PS3 motherboard, along with some simple flat ribbon cables running to main 3k3y hardware module.

XK2?! We receive many questions about XK2 after announcing "XK2 support" with the v2.00+ firmwares for Xk3y.

XK2 is a daughter board for 3k3y SATA. Thats right - 3k3y SATA now works with SATA PS3's *including Super Slim* AND Xbox 360!

The functionality is exactly the same as for the standard Xk3y and we will continue manufacturing both as 3k3y SATA + XK2 daughter board will inevitably be more expensive than the standard Xk3y hardware.

From bubba: 3k3y Team is making the video today on SuperSlim with HomeBrew later today.

3k3y: Game & Homebrew Loading on SUPERSLIM!

#83 - PS3 News - 81w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Below is the PS3 3k3y Ripp3r v1.20 Source and v1.21 for those interested with the changes, as follows:

Note: This requires .NET 4.0. New in this release: Fixes a bug when reading a file across a sector boundary from a Blu-ray disc.

From UglyClicker: Ripp3r version 1.21

A new version of the Ripp3r application 1.21 has arrived. Version 1.21 is a bugfix release, which fixes a bug when reading a file across a sector boundary from a Blu-ray disc.


  • The application used to crash when reading from a disc failed, that's fixed
  • The IrdViewer could be very slow when loading big files. It's still slow, but now it's not freezing the application anymore
  • We removed all obfuscation and packers from the releases, and the sources are attached!

Update: From modrobert: I just got info from a trusted source close to Team 3k3y that drive key extraction is now supported on all PS3 models, including Super Slim (CECH-40xx).

This has now been officially confirmed, though I incorrectly assumed the drive key can be extracted on all models, apparently there is no need for key extraction to solve this problem. Firmware updates for both PATA and SATA versions of 3k3y with support for all PS3 models will be released soon.

3k3y now working with ALL MODELS, INCLUDING SUPERSLIM! (via facebook.com/x360key/posts/599941876705028)

The long wait is over - there is now no need for CFW for key extraction. We will release firmware updates for both PATA and SATA versions in the coming week.

3K3y update:

  • Super Slim adapters are now being manufactured, ETA 2 weeks
  • Homebrew loading now working
  • Feature added: Region lock removal
  • A new 3K3y FAT update is now in beta testing. With this firmware there is no longer any need for CFW to dump the drive key.

From bubba: We now have games booting on all PS3s, that includes 30xx and 40xx (Superslims). More news soon.

I tested the new firmware!!! Yes NO More Drive Key Woot.. I took a Ps3 yesterday on OFW 4.46 put the 3K3y in it my sons PS3 (He was mad) bc he didn't want to get banned! but guess what, it worked and my son is still online playing... and its a backup game.

  • 3KF works without keys. Superslim in < 2 weeks, 200x etc etc soon after.
  • XK2, 3KS and UK3Y will likely all be the same main PCB.
  • Just add adapter.
  • 250x, 300x & superslim all need soldering
  • 8 signal points on QSB
  • Plus GND, 5V
  • Plus 1 wire for superslim

Video is Coming Soon.

Note: This is how Cobra ODE is doing theirs (same hack) when they said they have it hack on 3xxx, 4xxx also.. but we are faster on the gun

You will need a disc in the drive for this new hack to work..!!! That goes for Cobra ODE also!!! 3K3y team is trying to work it out right now... with no disc in the drive.

From zecoxao: I take few people gave a real hard look at naehrwert's meme pic? that's how the thing works. auth_drive_user is probably a function to authenticate the bdrive. since he said it doesn't use eid4, you can assume two things:

1- it doesn't use perconsole keys and derivatives
2- it probably uses keys associated with the bddrive modules (sv_iso_spu_module keys, not perconsole)

You tell this to any other people who understand how to make an ODE and you got loads of ODEs appearing (the clones). you also have a nice clean patch by Sony and it's game over for the odes on unhackables, at least until the most current version.

3k3y-S Install Guide

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

3k3y (SATA) install guide for PS3 CECH20xx and CECH21xx.

3k3y Ripp3r Guide v2.1

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

3k3y Ripper User Manual for slim and fat PS3 consoles. Note: Please make sure you the correct cable for slim consoles.

#82 - PS3 News - 89w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Below are details on the 3K3y SATA Motherboard And 20XX Daughterboards from bubba, as follows:

We have just assembled the first 'production status' 3k3y SATA motherboards and 20xx daughter boards.

The 3k3y SATA motherboard is compatible with all PS3 models with a SATA interface for the BDROM through a series of different daughterboards. The first board to be released is the 20xx series board.

We hope the hardware can be sent out to testers in the beginning of next week, and we do not anticipate any issues.

Also from bubba come some 3KS Slim Ver (3k3y) Pics below, who states the following: My good friend's at 3K3Y AND XKEY Sent me a Testing Unit.. Here is the Pics.. I just Install it on A Slim model.. Everything is Working HAS it should be.. I am Online Woot..

You will still to have your drive key... I am on 20/21xx Model. This 3kS 3K3Y is Not Out Yet... Im just testing it for them.. Past Week. If i get time i will show a video how to install it and get the drive key and run games.. or maybe my good friend brakk3n will do a Better one.

3KS & XK are now running on the same main PCB. Just add the correct adapter. More to come.. I got bigger news coming soon.

3k3y microSD image v1.01 (via k3yforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=65764#p65764)

Download: 3k3y101FW.rar‎ / FPGA.rar

This is a recovery factory image (firmware v1.01) by Team xKey for the 3k3y (PATA) microSD card to be used if the original card is corrupt (or if formatted by mistake). Use USB Image Tool to write the image in Windows (in Linux, use 'dd'). NOTE: If you want to upgrade 3k3y use USB stick or hard drive, don't copy stuff directly to the microSD card. WARNING: This firmware version contains bugs which makes 3k3y crash some of the old fat PS3 models, so only use this to restore microSD card, then update to latest version.

Update: 3k3y SATA is now ready! After months of testing 3k3y SATA is now in production. All SATA models can be supported by various daughter boards. At this time the first daughterboard supports the following models: (via facebook.com/x360key/posts/579022432130306)

  • Fat PS3s, CECHL onwards
  • 20xx/21xx Slims

3.55 is still required for key extraction but we have made some interesting finds which may eventually lead to key extraction directly from the drive.

#81 - PS3 News - 95w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Below is a 3K3y PS3Dec (alternative encryptor/decryptor) from bubba (aka red_meryl) who states the following:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (72.32 KB) / [Register or Login to view links] (76.10 KB)

Here's an alternative encryptor / decryptor (can be used in place of 3k3y ripper's ISO Crypto function). Features:

  • Commandline
  • Multi-threaded decryption/encryption
  • Compiles on linux and windows (should compile on anything with openmp and polarssl)
  • No dependency on .NET

Source, windows 32 bit and linux 64 bit binaries are included. Can whoever's interested please compile it for other environments (mac, linux 32 bit, others), and put a link to the binary in this thread? Also no plans for a gui, but a simple one shouldn't be hard to make if anyone's interested in doing so.


[Register or Login to view code]


[Register or Login to view code]


The multi-threading is not optimal (the encryption/decryption is multi-threaded, but not the io), but for an initial release it's fine. Not heavily tested. Please compare output to 3k3y ripper, and check that a decrypt-encrypt cycle produces the same iso you started with.

Increasing efficiency and adding features are planned later. The next version will at least have optional sha-1 hashing of input and output. Any feedback, bugs and feature requests please mention them in this thread.

Update: New version (r4), speed improvements (on relatively new hardware with HDDs this is io bound, and about as quick as it's going to get).

New features:

  • Fully multi-threaded (io happens simultaneously to processing)
  • Read from stdin and write to stdout (write '-' in place of a path)

Haven't implemented sha1-1 hashing as it complicates the multi-threading. As a compromise, you can pipe to stdout to do any post-processing you want. As a bonus, if someone makes a (piped) commandline ripper decrypted isos can be created directly.

Below are some 3K3y videos as follows for those interested and an official 3K3y Firmware v1.04 revision:

3K3y Firmware v1.04

Download: 3K3y Firmware v1.04

This firmware update fixes freezing issues on certain older PS3s, adds support for BLD/BLF ISO files, and offers enhanced stealth features.

2013-03-05: 3k3y Firmware v1.04 released!

This firmware update fixes freezing issues on certain older PS3s, adds support for BLD/BLF ISO files, and offers enhanced stealth features. Get it now!

2013-03-14: Ripper App now rebuilds 'jailbreak rips'!

The Ripper app can now rebuild a complete ISO from so-called 'scene' or 'jailbreak' rips (decrypted game data without ISO header and other metadata). We are now very proud to announce that you can recreate the ISO file using our Ripper app. To do so you need to download the corresponding Iso Rebuild Data, or IRD, file. These files can be downloaded and redistributed freely as they only contain metadata an other non-copyrighted data.

Finally, from bubba: 3K3y Public beta Ripp3r 1.18

Download: 3K3y Public beta Ripp3r 1.18 Setup.rar‎

We're proud to announce the public beta of the Ripp3r application 1.18. We ask you all to test this application for every possible aspect. Also test the IRD site: 3k3y.com/ird_files. Features of the new Ripp3r application include:

  • Rip PS3 game to ISO
  • Encrypt/decrypt ISO (decrypted ISO's can be zipped, but are NOT playable)
  • Decrypt ISO directly to zip or multipart zip (define size in the settings (Tools->Settings))
  • Encrypt ISO directly from zip
  • Create IRD (ISO Rebuild Data) file from ISO (this requires an 3k3y ISO)
  • Anonymizes specific information in the IRD (like the D2)
  • Completely anonymous upload of IRD files. Uploading uses a public/private key pair, which encrypts the payload before sending it to the server. We NEVER save who (not even IP) submitted which IRD file.
  • Identify JB Rip: gives you information about the JB rip, and tries to find the correct IRD file
  • Create ISO from JB rip: rebuilds an exact copy of the original ISO. This requires that a correct IRD file has been submitted to the database
  • Submit IRD file to the database: after you've ripped a game to your computer, also create an IRD file for it and upload it to the database. This will help us with more content, and helps others to rebuild the ISO
  • Automatic determines the correct version of PS3UPDAT.PUP file for the JB rip and downloads it
  • Automatic joins splitted JB rip files
  • Both GUI and (limited) console version available

Things that are NOT in this version:

  • Mono compatibility, due to the compression and packing algoritm we use, this software does not work under Mono (yet). We may look into this.
  • Automatic IRD download
  • Rebuild PsArc

Of course, you can assume that I've forgotten a few things. You can find those things out yourself. As always, post your findings here. Both good and bad. If you find issues, post them here. If you see weird Chinese characters, definitely copy them as text and post them here, or as a pastie. If you need a logfile, the last 5 sessions are saved to a logfile in your temp directory (type %TEMP% in the addressbar in Explorer).

Have fun, and please, please, upload those IRD files. We need a lot! Get the goodies here, and have fun!

Public beta Ripp3r 1.19 / 3k3y Ripper App v1.19 by r-win

Download: ripp3r_v1_19_beta.zip‎ / ripp3r_v1_19.zip‎

New and fixed in this release:

  • Cancel while ripping fixed
  • Windows XP support (yes, for real, .NET 4.5 has been dropped, now .NET 4.0 is required)
  • Save the last choosen paths on all dialogs
  • Ird creation from disc
  • Ird creation while ripping

We're proud to announce the public beta of the Ripp3r application 1.19. We ask you all to test this application for every possible aspect. Also test the IRD site (above) This version has some new features, which include:

  • Ird creation from disc
  • When ripping an iso, the IRD will automatically be created (enable/disable in settings)
  • Windows XP support (.NET 4.0 required)
  • Save last used paths in all dialogs

Also, a few bugs are fixed, including:

  • Fixed bug when pressing cancel while ripping
  • Prevents crash on Windows XP

Of course, you can assume that I've forgotten a few things. You can find those things out yourself. As always, post your findings here. Both good and bad. If you find issues, post them here. If you see weird Chinese characters, definitely copy them as text and post them here, or as a pastie.

If you need a logfile, the last 5 sessions are saved to a logfile in your temp directory (type %TEMP% in the addressbar in Explorer). This application REQUIRES the .NET 4.0 runtime.

#80 - PS3 News - 97w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Below are some PS3 3K3y installation pictures for those interested (continued).

Also here is a link to the [Register or Login to view links] as well.

Finally, the main article has been updated recently for those who missed it alongside the PS3 3K3y Keydumper v1.00 / v1.01 for PS3 3.55-4.31 CFW post and attachments.


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