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Rogero PS3 Buttons Layout Changer v1.0 Homebrew App Arrives

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180w ago - Hello, This is a small application for the PlayStation 3 that can change the default Buttons Layout (Cross or Circle being the default Enter/Accept Button).

It is useful for the JAP PS3 model owners to make "X"/Cross the Default [Enter/Accept] Button like the USA/EUR PS3 Models.

Download Link: [Register or Login to view links]

  • It is currently compatible with PS3 FW Version 3.41 & 3.55 (other versions can be supported too if needed).
  • It checks for the PS3 FW version automatically and can detect it even if a spoof was applied.
  • Many errors checking routines are applied before changing any parameters.

I wrote it for my personal use, I do have a JAP PS3, and I thought of sharing it because it may help other users too who wants to change their JAP PS3 Buttons Layout in a simple/quick way.



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opium2k's Avatar
#85 - opium2k - 177w ago
I'll make a thread with my themes in a little while here. There's 63 in total I think. That way you guys can see screenshots of the links Rogero posted as well as having an alternative download source

Rogero's Avatar
#84 - Rogero - 177w ago
Quote Originally Posted by IHM View Post
What the heck has he done to the main screen, ugly as hell I think, deleted. I kinda liked this manager before, oh well.

You can always revert back to the original Display Mode by installing another theme.

[Register or Login to view links] compatible with version 8.3+ only

[Register or Login to view links] compatible with version 8.3+ only

[Register or Login to view links] compatible with version 8.3+ only

[Register or Login to view links] compatible with version 8.3+ only

[Register or Login to view links] Thanks to Opium2K for his great work on the nice Themes.

[Register or Login to view links] Thanks to Moogie for preparing & Uploading the Mega Pack.

smellykid101's Avatar
#83 - smellykid101 - 177w ago
wow this is great! would it be possible to remap any other buttons? like to have truely custom controls in any game? including triggers, sticks n maybe even sixaxis? that would be amazing!!! great work!! ^_^

condorstrike's Avatar
#82 - condorstrike - 177w ago
quote: "I kinda" trolling much? wow, I'd like to think this is the minority, cause wow.

btw, the theme was made 100% by hand, no outside source. I'd like to think this might be my best work, and then happy go-lucky over here... hehehe, wait you must be 12 and like glowing blue lights, right.

costocart's Avatar
#81 - costocart - 177w ago
that screenshot of the home screen in the first post looks pretty cool to me.

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