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Review: IntensaFire PlayStation 3 Controller Mod by BGRMods

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237w ago - Just under a month ago the IntensaFire PlayStation 3 Controller Mod by BGRMods was first announced, and today I have reviewed this PS3 DualShock rapid-fire modification below!

First off I would like to thank [Register or Login to view links] for providing this wonderful chip, installation was seamless and simple; if taking your controller apart is impossible for you, don't worry about it.

Instructions are included with this, no worrying about a large PDF on CD or 900 pages of nothing. Most of it is self-explanatory and anyone can figure it out (Maybe not a caveman, however )

Let's get down to business, shall we?

Again, installation is simple. Don't make a thread complaining that you can't get your controller open or you can't figure out how the chip snaps on top of the controller chip.. it's not rocket science ;]

I've demoed this mod on 3 PS3 games (I'm not your cheater here, so I worked with only PlayStation 3 demos). After I played the Battlefield 1943 demo, which had a trial period of 30 minutes, I haven't used it since.

It was rather amazing to be able to adjust the fire rate in-game as well, allowing me to conserve my ammo (only for the semi-auto weapons).

The pistol was a bit edgy, that being said, I mean that it only fired 1 shot per second on the highest speed for the mod.

In any case, it definitely helps with your gun overheating by conserving shots and ammo while you're playing. Even in the plane, bunker turrets, etc. Flawless performance to say the least.

The Dark Sector PS3 demo was no different. I enabled this after playing the demo once (got to the giant ape thing and beat it), so I played through the demo twice.

Fire power? Wow, can't begin to explain! Definitely a noticeable rate of fire power, with any of the guns.

Hell, even the shotgun was POW-POW-POW-POW. Don't even worry about programming your own mode, this is pretty much crazy with what it does by itself.

Although you do have the 3 modes to program: 6, 7, and 8. Each allowing fire rates of 1 to 45.. talk about crazy!

Finally, the Fracture PS3 demo was fairly straight-forward as were the other 2 games tested. Once again, utilizing the mod while in battle helps conserve ammo bigtime, resulting in fewer reloads and easy kills. No doubt.

If you've played the demo (or game), you'll see how it would come in handy when you're in a big battle with those mutated soldiers.

Oh, it was a blood bath, with this mod of course. Didn't even think twice to start shooting at me, at least I'm not sure if the AI had actual AI!

Summary: I know, I'm cheap for getting the demos only, right? No, you're sadly mistaken. I only tried to hand pick games that were FPS titles or similar.

Don't get mad at me for not using any fighting games or RPG, because I don't see a use for this in them. I'll explain in the pros/cons:


• Save your ammo.
• Waste your ammo (at the same time!)
• No need for a bigger or more powerful battery.
• You don't need to cut holes in your controller and having dirt constantly get inside it.
• So easy, a brain dead zombie could use it. (In a sense..)
• Enable/disable in-game, no need to turn the controller of or re-sync your controller. 


• Mod only allows 3 buttons (R1, R2, and X)
• No multi-button combo programming (this is just a feature I'd like to see if they do come out with a future version ;])

Overall: I'd definitely recommend this to anyone that plays offline games (preferably), however online games are definitely welcome, hence why this mod was developed.

Score: 9.5/10 - Only because the buttons are limited. If you're not worried about that, you could give it a 10/10 yourself.

Also, I want to lay this final bit of info on the table: the [Register or Login to view links] made in the USA, these guys weren't playing around when this was developed. So I don't think anyone would be complaining about anything missing, broken or defective.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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#1 - PS3 News - 237w ago
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Nice job ionbladez and +Rep! I have also added the review to our archive here: Reviews.PS3News.com


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