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PSXStore Arrives - Download Demos Without Going Through PSN

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221w ago - Today Bhaal at PS3-Addict.fr (linked above) reports that DemonHades has [Register or Login to view links] a Beta of [Register or Login to view links], which allows users to download PSN demos without going through PlayStation Network.

This is a essentially a follow-up to his previous Open PStore project that was first announced a few months back.

To quote, roughly translated: "As you know long ago our community was proposed in the Open PStore, a project which I unlink seeing the little / no care of their visual system, that is why we see this new project, I felt comfortable visual menu and care of every detail.

The organization is a remarkable point, the refresh rate and speed of access of content make this new system quick and easy way to have the latest without having to upgrade to 3.50.

We also have to say for the moment only has demos of retail games, not homebrew, so it is still that... a copy of Sony's PSN."

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#37 - zurder - 209w ago
zurder's Avatar
It's a great idea, adding PsxStore becomes the most complete program for PS3.

#36 - validator - 210w ago
validator's Avatar
Dean thanks for great work but i have one little issue with multiman ! can you give me short tutorial how to change direct launch option in your ini file to set to 0 ! i have done it many times but every time i reboot console it goes again to 1 and even sometimes when i run payload !

what seems to be the problem ?


#35 - Unoticed - 210w ago
Unoticed's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by trotskiii View Post

what i want to be looking for here i keep hearing of black screens and problems with backups. which is what i would like in the end. the ability to backup. any help plas guys.

I'm quite new to this scene too so I didn't really know where to start. I started with geohots jailbreak I then moved to Wutangrza 3.55 cfw + geohot and now I'm running kmeaw's 3.55 prepatched pup on an old launch 60gb and so far its working great.

Got the latest version of multiman installed (v1.13.04 I believe) and no problems so far. My backups are working great (tried Fifa11, Fallout New Vegas and GT5). I've also kept the lv2 pkg just in case.

Thing I'm loving the most is the snes emulator (SNES9x) and can't wait for an N64 emulator too!

#34 - trotskiii - 210w ago
trotskiii's Avatar
i am starting to get really confused with all this stuff lol. just started looking into this. and still trying to work out which is the best firmware hack for me. as i am running 3.55 can any1 help. which is the safest. which works the best. i have old fat system CECHL stuffs coming out left right and centre.

i though i would wait and see how things go but now i want to get involved. but i don't know which one to go for. geohot or the latest releases like Wutangrza's CFW 3.55 Patched PUP or Wutangrza's CFW 3.55 Patch with LV2 Peek/Poke or kmeaw's 3.55 CFW Patched PUP.. can someone please give me a clue?

what i want to be looking for here i keep hearing of black screens and problems with backups. which is what i would like in the end. the ability to backup. any help plas guys.

#33 - Quake3000 - 210w ago
Quake3000's Avatar
great work gonna watch this in the future!

#32 - FMAranda - 210w ago
FMAranda's Avatar
Dean, that's awesome! multiMAN is really "multi", huh?

#31 - deank - 210w ago
deank's Avatar
Great work guys!

Since I enjoy adding stuff to multiMAN - I had this idea for sometime to utilize the (network) icon in FILE MANAGER for a web browser.

It was already in the code so I enabled it today. I hope you'll like it. I mapped the button to PSX Store and you will get a nice web browser inside multiMAN:


#30 - lordfenixnc - 214w ago
lordfenixnc's Avatar
does this work like the old Dreamcast Fan Sites where you could get online with your console and download whatever you want... or are we still stuck doing the USB and FTP method?

Any Idea if they plan to do a APP program of their own to direct connect people to the site VIA PS3?

#29 - moja - 215w ago
moja's Avatar
Wow, really awesome work! I especially like the PS3 patches - thanks!

#28 - tjay17 - 215w ago
tjay17's Avatar
This is nice, when does it update and will it have the demo that comes out on the 24th in Japan for Bleach Soul Ignition?


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