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PSoN DEX - PS3 DEX PSN Access Without FckPSN Required By PS3ITA

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114w ago - Today the Italian PlayStation 3 developers at PS3ITA have released a PSoN DEX PKG allowing PS3 DEX (Debug) PSN access without the Software Pack nor FckPSN required for those who have converted their console from PS3 CEX to DEX.

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From their blog, roughly translated: Fresh news.. now thanks to itskamel you can access the store without FckPSN with a PS3 CEX.

Thanks to his work (and that of the people who helped him) we were able to develop a version for PS3 DEX.

Requirements: PS3 Debug (DEX) upright any CFW 3.55

1) Install "PSoN_DEX" on your PS3 DEX (Update: use "PS3ITA_PSoN_DEX_V2.pkg" on PS3 instead)
2) Start "PSoN_DEX" and wait for the reboot of the console
3) Install "Change_IDPS" on PS3 (Update: use "Change_IDPS-All_Region" on PS3 instead)
4) Run "Change_IDPS"
5) Connect to PSN


  • Change_IDPS must be started after every reboot of the console before groped access to the PSN (if you do not get an error: 8002A224)
  • Check in the debug menu settings (it's under Network Settings), the NP Environment setting is set as NP (not SP-INT)
  • L 'IDPS is set as European (0 x 85)

Thanks to all the people involved in the implementation of the version for PS3 CEX, without them this would never come out PSoN DEX: itskamel, anonymous person, BobbyBlunt, EUSS, Zecoxao, sandungas.

Note: The article has been updated with Change_IDPS-All_Region.pkg. This new PKG files allow you to set the IDPS according to your region (EU, USA, etc..) Through an automated recognition.

Update: Italian PS3 ccene developer Rancid has been hard at work the last few days, first releasing PSoN and Change_IDPS Applications which allow users on DEX 3.55 access online, and now he's updated both apps again to include automatically setting your region in change_IDPS application and updating PSoN to version 2 which includes access to the PS3 Store and access to the TV section of the XMB.

UK users have an added bonus by getting access to 4OD and ITV Player, (BBC Iplayer not working), all without losing your Debug menus, no messing around with dev_blind or replacing certificates.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#61 - rodq - 128w ago
rodq's Avatar
Well, you're about 50% away from disappointment...

#60 - Weezum - 128w ago
Weezum's Avatar
so what do i do with that, sorry not afraid to admit noobness. and I ain't scared on no brick sorry had to say that.

#59 - haze67 - 128w ago
haze67's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by rodq View Post
The first 16 bytes of decrypted EID0 Section should match the first 16 bytes of the EID0. If not, STOP!

yes the IDPS/16 bytes, thats the one for total verify right if correct? my dump matches up idps

check in original cex dump (with modified TargetID - 82) - offset 002f070/EID0 - first 16 bytes = IDPS
must match up with decrypted eid0 (eid0_dec.txt - open/use with HxD) first 16 bytes (IDPS)
original IDPS = cex targetID e.g 0085

for NOR, preloader should work? nice, i have e3 flasher, if preloader can do the job why not .. all the e3 hassle, not to sure of preloader either haha or is it real buggy? thx

#58 - rodq - 128w ago
rodq's Avatar
openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -e -K key -iv initialization_vector -p -nosalt -nopad -in file.bin -out file_crypted.bin
-p flag will pop out the [key] and the [initialization vector]

If you like PERL instead of OpenSSL... i made a nice script..

#57 - Weezum - 128w ago
Weezum's Avatar
when i use open ssl and and i cp aes-256-cbc -e -in EID0_Key_Seed.txt -out EID0IV.txt -nosalt -K its says file not found.

where do i save eid0 key?


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