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PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.2.3 for 4.50 CEX PS3 CFW Arrives

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55w ago - Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer Nathan_r32_69 (aka nathanr3269 or Evilnat_PS3SOS) has updated his PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler to version 4.50 v5.2.3 which allows online access for PS3 CFW users with the changes below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (69.71 MB)


Improvements v5.2.3

  • Fixed hyper speed bug
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Universal compatibility with CFW 4.50 (All PS3)
  • Added German language (Thanks to chaos)
  • Fixed bug while enabling/disabling SEN (?)
  • [Requested] Added language selection memory (Will remember what language you choose)

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ariark's Avatar
#60 - ariark - 25w ago
hi just wondering does .....PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.3.3 for 4.55 CEX PS3 CFW .... work on rebug 4.21.2 rex edition... did anyone who is on the same cfw as me have any problem with it ...like bricking ur console or getting a black screen...

PliskinHunter's Avatar
#59 - PliskinHunter - 30w ago
Alright, I'll do this then, there's no need to hide folders, or block URLs then ? Cause I heard Sony possibly can saw them.

Many thanks

jojo1000's Avatar
#58 - jojo1000 - 30w ago
I am possibly even newer than you. I am on Rogero 4.50 (I don't know why it says 4.55) along with Multiman 4.55. You need SEN enabler because it spoofs everything to 4.55 which PSN Patch doesn't do.

Just install it and check from the xmb system information. If it says 4.55 after enabling, you're good to go.

I did it with my heart in my mouth and everything worked out fantastically!

Here's the sequence:

1) Disconnect PS3 from online.
2) Go to multiman, choose a game.
3) Go to sen enabler and run it. it reboots.
4) Then you have to go back in to multiman and choose the game again. (possibly step 2 is unnecessary, but I just do it to be safe)
5) Connect to my PSN account. If you don't have a PSN account, sen enabler allows you to do that as well. Make 2-3 accounts and keep them with you for later.
6) Start the game.
7) Go online .. bla bla bla.

Do the sequence backwards when quitting the game and starting a new one.

Quote Originally Posted by linlhutz View Post
Just to let people know I'm on Rogero 4.50 v1.01 and this program works great!

So am I Life just became beautiful.

PliskinHunter's Avatar
#57 - PliskinHunter - 30w ago
Hello everyone,

I'm just a lost soul who is inexperienced into hacks and stuff with the PS3.

I'm in CFW 4.50, and I need to use the PSN to try the last Ground Zeroes companion app.
Problem, I'm can't update to CFW 4.55, else one of my homebrew will not work (4.55 is not supported yet)

I tried to use SEN Enabler, and it seems that there's a lot of stuff to do (like using stealth applications, hiding files, and blocking URLs)

So, the problem is that I'm ain't sure how to use the URL blocker named Charles, if it's blocking the traffic from my PC to my PS3 (and by that, it's not even free, and disable after 30 minutes... --')
I'm not sure how to stealth all my homebrews, and what files must be hidden

Not sure how to know if my ID and MAC are spoofed, and if it's working.

Well, long story short, I'm not sure of the exact procedure, the tutorial I've found talk about combo like circle + R2 on the setting part of the main menu, but I have a whole homebrew, well, this is confusing, really confusing.

What should I do to connect to the SEN in CFW 4.50 correctly ?

Sorry for my messy english, it's not my native language.

Many Thanks

zlyguy's Avatar
#56 - zlyguy - 33w ago
sorry to bring things up again, but is there a way to keep the fake save data owner of rebug with sen enabled ? Cause everytime i enabled sen, the rebug feature is gone, dunno why, am i doing wrong ?

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