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PSN Download Manager 3.82 Now Includes Multi-lang Support

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186w ago - Hey, I'm back with a nice big update to PSN Download Manager 3.82!

In this release I looked back at feedback, such as Web browsing crashing the proxy etc and many more bugs detected / reported by GrandpaHomer who made sure I fixed everything, but without his feedback and contribution I wouldn't of had much of an update to release other than the P2P function with tracker support.

I'm going to film a nice new video for 3.82 as the current version displayed on YouTube is old and outdated by a mile, so when the PS Store is back online I'll film it and update this thread with it.

Today it finally dawned upon on me, that a huge amount of users come from countries which speak; Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Japanese etc and I though wouldn't it be nice, if the main interface was displayed in there natural language? so I implemented support for 10 languages including English, this applies to some messages and the main interface; the login / logout explains it's self and the options are pretty easy to guess, or so I assume

A big feature, available to our premium members is the new, P2P cloud structure aimed for those who find Sony's servers alone just can't reach speeds of over 10Mbps; this will use apache to transfer data between users, linked by a tracker which you can access for only £1.00 a month this covers the cost of our server hosting etc, time to maintain our software and create your accounts

Here is the list of changes, which have been made

Changes from 3.80 -> 3.82

1) Support added for web browsing, some image glitchs (Fixed by disabling .PNG cache)
2) TV on demand is now working (Excluding BBC iPlayer - Unknown reason, BBC's fault. )
3) Support for premium member login / logout
4) Displays active seeder count
5) New P2P cloud structure for premium members
6) Features UPnP automatic port forwarding
7) Proxy no longer crashes when launch web / folding at home (F@H won't load work loads still)
8) Several stability changes
9) Intelligent Tracker system, with automatic IP control
10) Integrated Apache server for http file sharing
11) New toolbar at the top, for easy to find controls.
12) Youtube can now be watched via the browser
13) (New Models) Sony Bravia TV's can connect via the proxy for most services
14) Playstation Portable support has been confirmed (Tried on my PSP)
15) Designed to work with the NGP from Sony (PSN should work the same, in theory.)
16) Added support for 10 languages (Including English)

You can download it now, via our Web site at [Register or Login to view links] - This link helps, support my work by funding, bricked consoles, web hosting and development time

P.S Only bricked one console, by powering off during update by mistake but it happens from time to time...

I hope you enjoy our product, and in return we'll keep on working away to ensure it's never broken and will always work on the PSN no matter how many firmware releases there are (with the exception Sony block our methods, or remove proxy support; which would be their loss not mine.)

Best Regards,
Pixolia Solutions
(Jordan Dyckes)

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#31 - bloodheaven - 220w ago
bloodheaven's Avatar
Nice find Jordan!

Keep up the good work!

#30 - Jordandyckes - 220w ago
Jordandyckes's Avatar
Hi, Bloodheaven.

Their does seem to be something wrong with the proxy after Sony's update to firmware 3.50, as it does work for me (99% of the time) but then people I know locally who've been testing the latest releases, are encountering issues connecting to the Playstation Network.

I'll be investigating this over the next few days and will report back with a solution hopefully, but it might be beyond my control depending on changes implemented by Sony.

From, Jordan Dyckes have a nice day...

Update: Just been able to replicate the error code (80028EA6) by manipulating the traffic, and it could of been caused by information being not updated from the proxy. Will continue researching for a solution.

#29 - bloodheaven - 221w ago
bloodheaven's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jordandyckes View Post
Hi, bloodheaven.

Hope it's working for you, and I'll implement an error message for the port being in use, at the same time as working on a Linux Port.

Hello Jordandyckes,

I changed ports, and you prog doens't return any error anymore. But I doesn't work either.

With FW 3.42 it doens't bypass FW upadte and can't log in PSN without last FW (3.50). So I did update it, and after obtaining IP adress, PS3 returns 80028ea6 error.

Can't do anything more... Do you have an idea?

#28 - Skyxo - 221w ago
Skyxo's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by chrisplettuce View Post
I'm on 3.41 and I changed hard drives and it deactivated all of my DLC. Will this reactivate my dlc if I use it?

I'm afraid not. I just tried this myself. Put in a massive 640 GB HDD and put 3.41 back on but it requires you to sign on to the PSN in order to activate your console again and re-download licenses to play the games you purchased/got off psnplus.

Hope someone can release a proxy which will work again then I can re-activate all my content.

Btw: Some content I could play (e.g. Wipeout HD still worked)

#27 - chrisplettuce - 221w ago
chrisplettuce's Avatar
I'm on 3.41 and I changed hard drives and it deactivated all of my DLC. Will this reactivate my dlc if I use it?


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