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PSJailBreak Reverse-Engineering Details Begin to Surface

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226w ago - Earlier today we reported that the PSJailBreak PS3 modchip is easily dumped and that PSJailBreak clones are already on the way, and now some PlayStation 3 developers are working on reverse-engineering the costly USB device in hopes to make a less expensive or free scene alternative available soon.

Tsujin, knightsolidus and bushing have made brief attempts at determining the PSJailBreak IC chip and pin-out, while Neme6 of Logic-Sunrise (linked above) has also shared his findings thus far.

More pictures are available HERE for those curious, and to quote, roughly translated on the linked pics:

"Many teams are studying the JSP to try to clone a low cost and how it works. From the photos released, I tried to determine the electronic design of PSJ.

Here is the result of my work and my observations. Feel free to post if can lighten the shadows that remain.

First ICP is probably the type PIC18F declination 4455, 4550, 4458, 4553. The size of the EEPROM is 256 bytes."


Components (red dots)
A: Resistor, 1K
D: Resistor, 1k
E:?? Resistor ?? Resistor??
F:?? Capacitor ?? Capacitor??
G:?? Resistor ?? Resistor??
H:?? Resistor ; 1K (Pullup resistor) ?? Resistor, 1K (pullup resistor)??
I:?? Capacitor ?? Capacitor??
J: Capacitor, 100nF (Decoupling cap)
. . : XTAL

•The blue dots A, B and D control the LEDs.
•The blue dots K, L, G and H are for power (Vdd, Vss).
•I suppose the blue dots M, I and J are to program the PIC (ICPGC, ICPGD, / MCLR).
•Points E and F are blue and OSC1 OSC2. They should be connected to XTAL (orange dots A and B).
•And the GND (file alpha) through two 22pF capacity.
•The orange dot F, there should be a link with USB.D-(I can not quite see from the photos).
•Maybe the orange dot at point C is connected blue M (ICPGC).
•Maybe the orange dot C is connected to pin 33 (/ ICRST).
•I guess the orange dot E is connected to a via (through hole) noted alpha.

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#24 - WtfAreUthinking - 226w ago
WtfAreUthinking's Avatar
Honestly I dont see what the big deal is about getting banned from the Psn, Except for losing stuff you purchased online, Besides that if you can run unsigned code I am sure that the Console Id is contained in the "Flash", So I am sure someone will just write some program as a console id spoofer.

Spoofing the Console Id before could not be done b/c sony uses SSL and TLS Encryption when logging into the PSN.

#23 - Karl69 - 226w ago
Karl69's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Osirisx View Post
if any one can get access to the data then Chris Tarnovsky can
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Well that's exactly the "lab" I was thinking about...

#22 - cirojr - 226w ago
cirojr's Avatar
Yeah, a MANolo posted this before in this very forum, but any proof has surfaced yet.

So just especulation for the time being.

#21 - Subverter - 226w ago
Subverter's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by albo1882 View Post
are the clones even worth getting? and if so whats the point?

Sony is already starting to ban the psn's of jailbroken ps3s.

Where have you seen this. Want to see proof of psn's getting banned? It was stated earlier that bans were possible and that they might be coming.

#20 - Osirisx - 226w ago
Osirisx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Karl69 View Post
With all due respect, but why do you guys think that this MCU can be easily dumped? Today even MCUs which are not meant to be used on smartcards have some kind of minimum requirements on the security which make them quite hard to hack using homemade stuff like glitchers.

IMHO there are three possibilities why there are clones coming up:

  • The dump of the jigstick has been sold to different parties by the original hacker.
  • The PS Jailbreak Team is selling the lower priced clones because in some parts of the world, 140$ or 110 Euro is way too much for the average.
  • The PS Jailbreak stick has been dumped in a specialized lab and some other team wants to jump on the bandwagon.

lol @point 3

if any one can get access to the data then Chris Tarnovsky can
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