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PSJailBreak Reverse Engineered, Requires Hardware to Update

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226w ago - A few days ago PSJailBreak Reverse-Engineering work began, and today German site GamerFreax.de (linked above) has posted a breakdown of the PSJailBreak, how it was reverse engineered and notes that it requires additional hardware to update.

Below is the rough translation of the PS JailBreak reverse-engineering details, to quote:

"We have the PSJailbreak dongle yet again brought out of retirement to put it more precisely Herbs to take a closer look. We tell you here in brief the main steps of the internal process of PSJailbreak.

We can confirm that it can not confirm that PSJailbreak a clone of Sony's "Jig" is module. PSJailbrak is an exploit honest self-developed. The chip is not but a PIC18F444 ATMega with software USB.

This means the chip is internally capable of USB to emulate. PSJailbreak mainly be emulated 6Port a USB hub connected to a specific end USB devices and then disconnected. One of these devices has the ID of Sony's "Jig" module, which means that played in the development of PSJailbreaks the "Jig" module, a certain role.

But let's start at the front: When the PS3 is clamped in the USB emulation device, which has a much too big Configuration Descriptor. This Descriptor ├╝berschriebt the stack with a PowerPC contained code that is executed. Now, various USB devices are connected in the emulation. A device has a large 0xAD Descriptor, which is part of the exploit and contains static data.

A short time later (we are moving here in Milisekundenbereich) the jig module is connected, and encrypted data are transmitted to the module jig. A (in Milisekundenbereich) eternity later, the answers Jig 64Byte module with static data, all USB devices are disconnected, a new USB device is connected and the PS3 launches with a new look.

64Byte static data that is emulated by the PS3 64Byte Jig sent to the static data that is emulated by Jig sent to the PS3

Extract from the USB stream Extract from the USB stream (pictured below).

Incidentally PSJailbreak is NOT updateable. The Update feature can be mentioned, if realized at all, only with additional hardware."

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#53 - NoisilySilent - 226w ago
NoisilySilent's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by DarkAntiMatter View Post
It would be good if they released the full dumps so everyone could work on it, but chances are that they won't, definitly not until they have their own PSP/PC programs they can release and have everyone at their site. Oh well, I can wait.

That's indeed the most probable possibility...

That's OK, we can wait

#52 - xantra - 226w ago
xantra's Avatar
Á can be a :
- ATMEGA164p
- ATMEGA324p
- ATMEGA644p

#51 - shadowi - 226w ago
shadowi's Avatar
If we can get the address, which makes reference to these string we can crack the dongle

#50 - DarkAntiMatter - 226w ago
DarkAntiMatter's Avatar
It would be good if they released the full dumps so everyone could work on it, but chances are that they won't, definitly not until they have their own PSP/PC programs they can release and have everyone at their site. Oh well, I can wait.

#49 - Jericho417 - 226w ago
Jericho417's Avatar
@amojess - It's already been stated that the case for the ps jailbreak dongle is a generic one that's used elsewhere.

Anyways, it's nice to hear things are progressing. I did have some thoughts, since people are complaining about the inability to upgrade the device. As far as I know, the only PS Jailbreaks out in the wild are the demos, right? The Jailbreak crew had to know that people would be trying to reverse engineer those units, so what if they were made very differently than the final product?

If I read correctly, there is an inability to upgrade the device through USB. The devs of PS Jailbreak might have figured that it'd be best to gimp those units to stall for time before cheaper alternatives manifest and until they can finish cashing in. The delay in release can be seen as a testament to that.

Orders were flying in and they might have decided to just stretch it out just a little bit longer. The high price implies, at least to me, that they were interested in a quick cash in. It's possible the orders didn't slow down as much as they expected and saw a huge opportunity to benefit even more before these things are devalued.

Just my 2 cents...


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