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PSJailbreak is Detectable and Bannable on PSN, Dumped Easily

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226w ago - A few days ago we saw the inside pics of PS JailBreak, and today SKFU (linked above) has posted that PSJailbreak is both detectable and bannable on PSN along with Mathieulh confirming [Register or Login to view links] that GeoHot's exploit was used and that PS JailBreak can be [Register or Login to view links].

He went on to state: "Actually they used the geohot hack to get code with lv1 privileges running on the console, they then used this to 1. Dump lv1 2. dump the spm syscall table (that's after quite a bit of lv1 reversing to even figure the spm exists) 3. Use the actual spm syscalls to trick the spu into calculating the proper response for the dongle id of their choosing.

Without those steps that all require geohot's hack, they could never have gotten their dongle to successfully identify as a jig and they could never have triggered their hack.

The psjailbreak basically exploits the update manager which is the code that does the dongle auth located inside the spm itself inside lv1.

We don't have the payload it sends though because we don't have a dongle to sniff it from, thus we have yet to know what lv2 patches it does."

RichDevX has also tweeted ([Register or Login to view links], [Register or Login to view links], and [Register or Login to view links]) the following: "Using the backup manager on PSN is like walking into a trap. Title: Backup Manager || Title ID: LAUN12345. FYI, dongle IDs can be revoked! Don't be surprised if error 0x8002A227 is returned."

This essentially means Sony may detect those launching the backup manager and sending the following response which suspends the console from PSN: SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_CONSOLE_ID_SUSPENDED

Currently PlayStation Network is down for maintenance, although unconfirmed if it is due to Sony implementing PS JailBreak detection.

To quote from SKFU: "While hackers usually had to work very hard to succeed in the videogame scene, now all seems to become a business of corruption and audacity.

A short timeline of the PSJailbreak. How it may have started, succeeded and may go on.


Part 1: Someone (called "the fake hacker" below) came in contact with an employee of a SONY service center. The fake hacker probably used a bit social engeneering until the employee agreed to sell him one of the SONY confidential JIG Sticks used in the service centers to test and repair broken PS3 SKU's.

Part 2: The fake hacker used documentation and software which was leaked by other SONY employees to study the JIG stick. The stick is used to boot a special firmware from itself before the original PS3 firmware starts. The now running system allows to execute debug/fake signed executables which can be created with SONY's official SDK.

Part 3: The fake hacker shared the information with his team members and people who were able to clone the stick. Probably in china as usual.

Part 4: The stick is clonable, so the fake hacker went on and used stolen/leaked software from SONY's official SDK to develope (the only real work he did!) the application known as "backup manager" which is used on the PS3 to dump and start the backups.


Part 5: The fake hacker distributes high illegal clones of the original JIG stick via several online shops including the "backup manager" which is also illegal as it's all created with stolen/leaked software and documentation by SONY.


Part 6: SONY may update the PS3's bootcode to prevent loading the stick. They also could log the "backup manager"'s game ID (LAUN-12345) when people go online. So they could identify who actually uses the illegal JIG clone and ban the affected consoles. This would be an illegal step aswell, but hey; it's SONY."

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#59 - oVERSoLDiER - 226w ago
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post
They can limit the use of the USB ports to allow only for recharging and pairing controllers and their new JIG's at their repair centers will probably unlock the writing and reading part ...

An whats with one USB-Port for saving our SAVEDATA ? Or the one for the 1080p MPEG movies ?

They will never disable the USB-Ports, never !

Maybe they buy some of the PSjb and scan the series number, find an algorithm and ban the range, thats the only way they should ban the whole series.

#58 - Boojak2 - 226w ago
Boojak2's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by tripellex View Post
I did not say it stored the software data or wrote to the system permanently. I stated that the PS3 stored device-related information in a log file, and that includes HW IDs. Before spouting off next time, try reading, as this has been stated before.

You're missing the point. Why would you make such an assumption that PS3 will store information from PSJB into a log file, when we don't know how PS3 works - especially in this case? My main argument is that there's no evidence or proof that PS3 will actually store PSJB's information into a log file. You were basically saying as if it was the truth.

And hell, we don't even have the dongles to confirm/deny such existences.

#57 - jimihat - 226w ago
jimihat's Avatar
OK, so here's another question. I will most probably unplug my ethernet and just use the PS3 offline. Now...remember when PSN was down, you couldn't even play your games offline. Does the PS3 actually need some kind of internet connection to function properly? I only ask as I've never used it without it being plugged in to my ethernet...and I'm 150 miles away from home so cant test it. Just a thought anyway...

#56 - itsmonkey - 226w ago
itsmonkey's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
Just don't go Online while you are using the Backup-Manager or playing a cloned game, and Sony can't detect you.

You might want to pose that as guess rather than a statement because it's wrong.

In simple terms,

- the PS3 logs what software has been run
- this log can be checked by PSN when you connect
- so even if you take the dongle and software off the PS3 the log is still there

However, there may be fixes for this. As suggest numerous times to hide the Backup Manager from a quick sniff simply change the name and ID to match another game could do this yourself and match it up with a game you already have, then you might even have some matching trophy data making the entry look less erroneous. Sony could do a checksum or something but it's less likely to get picked up by a simply log exchange and scan.

It's the changes the jig makes that are of greater concern. It's putting the PS3 into debug mode, you would imagine that it notes this in the log too. Now this isn't itself a problem - this could happen at a repair centre but if they see it happen every day (the jig runs every time you use it) then they might count this as suspect.

Quote Originally Posted by cirojr View Post
Yeah, it could be done.

But it would kill all possiblities of using this method to repais units. Big loss of money.

Plus, if you have bought any peripherals that use the USB ports for communications (Singstar, etc) then is Sony going to refund you? They cannot close down the USB ports. There is something they can do though. I won't post it on the small chance they've not thought about it already.

#55 - cirojr - 226w ago
cirojr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post
They can limit the use of the USB ports to allow only for recharging and pairing controllers and their new JIG's at their repair centers will probably unlock the writing and reading part ...

Yeah, it could be done.

But it would kill all possiblities of using this method to repais units. Big loss of money.


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