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PSGroove Hermes JailBreak Clone Surfaces, Hermes Bids Farewell

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219w ago - Forum user Geox_10 on [Register or Login to view links] has discovered a PS JailBreak clone called PSGroove Hermes recently, and as a result of using his name on the PS3 modchip Spanish developer Hermes has bid the PS3 scene farewell.

The offending product is currently being sold at VolumeRates.com (linked above) under the title 'PSGroove Hermes PS Break Revolution USB Chipset Adapter for PS3 Fat and Slim' for $18.79 USD each.

Here is what Hermes had to say, to quote roughly translated:

"This should be a sick joke: Not only advantage of working sceners, if you have the nerve up to take my nickname as a reference to a product, and notice that I have nothing to do with them.

Well if that's what they want, go ahead: selling their clones and seize whatever they want, I happened to keep the riffraff and although I feel for others, here ended my contribution to the scene of PS3.


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#63 - aries2k6 - 219w ago
aries2k6's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Robbieballs View Post
First, Hermes developed a reputation by figuring out ways to rip off a company. Someone rips off his name and he throws a hissey fit? Lame.

Is he just pissed that someone beat him to the chase on making a buck off of him?

Seeing as he's been releasing his work for free, that's a pretty lame statement.

#62 - xUb3rn00dlEx - 219w ago
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
It seems to me that some people have missed the point entirely. Here in the US at least, the long arm of the law has a way of magically barging in on rights. I doubt he's pissed that someone is making a buck, using his name or not. He believed in a free version of the jailbreak, which is why he did what he did.

The reason he is pissed (in my opinion) is because of the way the law would work in Sony's favor. They could figure out through influence and a load of other law based BS about who exactly Hermes is as a person. In the US, regardless of whether he is directly connected to the dongle or not, there would be loopholes to tie him to the actual hardware. It does not matter whether this is ethical, moral, right/wrong. It matters that the law has a way of doing this, especially when corporate gets involved.

So he is basically not taking a risk, refusing to allow himself to get caught up with any potential law engagement. I respect his decision to do so, but being myself a little more rebellious in spirit would've wished him to come out on top. All in all, he made his choice, and refused to escalate the scenario, and we should all respect that decision. Whining at him for leaving and referring to his ego in relation to geohot won't change his mind, far from it actually.

So while I do wish Hermes to continue his work under his current alias, I support his decision and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. But I too would ask him to reconsider, because he brings to the scene a lot of progress and ideas that will now disappear. Good luck to you Hermes!

#61 - Robbieballs - 219w ago
Robbieballs's Avatar
First, Hermes developed a reputation by figuring out ways to rip off a company. Someone rips off his name and he throws a hissey fit? Lame.

Second, The device is indeed psgroove and Hermes compatible. Who cares if it's listed on the device? My television said "Cable TV" on the box. Does this mean that the inventor of cable should be pissed off? Hermes developed a "brand" that doesn't base itself on profit, but doesn't necessarily stop others from profiting off of it. There's a ton of other devices that are Hermes compatible, but you have to "look them up" to see if they are compatible. This one saves you the time.

Is he just pissed that someone beat him to the chase on making a buck off of him?

He has a right to stop doing what he does. At least it's not a lawsuit. That would be really lame.

#60 - KRaZE - 219w ago
KRaZE's Avatar
Quit being a poon and get some real life friends so you can brag. Duh!

#59 - Ozz465 - 219w ago
Ozz465's Avatar
while i don't think he should quit understand his motives, why should anyone make $ with his hard work that he provides for free??

As for the people that are insulting him here over this i sincerely hope your ps3's fry asap , its his choice and how dare you criticize him. if you feel so strongly don't use anything he has contributed to the scene hypocrite little asswipes.


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