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PS3SaveUnlocker - PS3 Game Save Unlocker Homebrew App

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203w ago - Recently ColdReader released PS3SaveUnlocker, a PS3 Game Save Unlocker homebrew PC application for the PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

Currently this won't work on different region PS3 saves as it copies your PSN ID (both occurances) and then parses the other param.sfo and puts your ID in that param.sfo and rebuilds it.

Download: PS3SaveUnlocker / PS3SaveUnlocker r1 / [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: Hello everyone, i created this little app it took me about 15 minutes.

This app can unlock another persons save by opening your param.sfo from your save and then opening their param.sfo from their save, it will then create a new param.sfo that you can use to overwrite the other param.sfo in the other users save that you'd like to use.

this app may not work for some or most games, but i know it works on raging blast 2 =D

p.s. i used satanicat's save guide as a basis for creating the app

UPDATE: i've added a few error checks to the app

UPDATE 2/8/11: i've added a few tweaks to the UI, also i've made the app copy your gameID from yourSFO to the otherSFO if the id in otherSFO is not the same, hopefully this might help games from other regions work.

UPDATE 2/9/11: i've added a save file dialog, in other words, you shouldnt get any file errors now, you can choose the name and where to save the modded param.sfo also theres a new feature enabling you to copy your console id to the modded param.sfo users can try this if the default settings wont work.

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#25 - untold - 114w ago
untold's Avatar
links down.. can you pls reup it? thanks

#24 - Moreniu - 195w ago
Moreniu's Avatar
I was having trouble getting my gt5 save back after I installed a new internal hdd, was able to fix it by making a new save ingame, then overwriting all files but the param.sfo via ftp at the save folder in home/game/profile_folder etc.

Thanks for the info!

#23 - vartaxe - 197w ago
vartaxe's Avatar
i need help, i'm trying to get my saves from BCES00509 working on BCES00757

BCES00509 sfo [Register or Login to view links]

what's wrong, it's say me all the time corrupt data.

#22 - zac2k4 - 198w ago
zac2k4's Avatar
Could i please get your RDD saves please?

#21 - tekken57 - 198w ago
tekken57's Avatar
Sorry for bumping an old thread but has anyone found a way to unlock locked save files.

I've created some content for Smackdown vs Raw 2011 and I want to share my save file with someone who can upload the content to psn. Because the save file is locked, non jailbreak users cannot simply copy the save from a usb disc to their console.

Is there any way around this?


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