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PS3Break PS3 ModChip Arrives, PS3Key Internal Pics Released

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215w ago - Earlier today we reported on the PSJailBreaker clone, with another surfacing now dubbed the PS3Break PS3 modchip alongside a video, and the PS3Key team have posted a few internal pictures of their upcoming PlayStation 3 modchip as well.

In what appears to be a battle of the clones, the x3JailBreak clone team have [Register or Login to view links] the PS3Break clone is fake, to quote:

"Today, we have seen online on many websites are talking about ps3break.com. This team is sending our fake email and saying it is our new x3 brand. This is not true and we are not associated to ps3break.com at all. Any orders that come from this website, we will not support it!"

According to PSGroove, PS3Key has updated their Facebook with internal pics (below) and a recommended retail price of $49 USD.

The official PS3Break site (linked above) states the following on their USB device:

PS3Break features are as following ([Register or Login to view links]):

1) Larger case for ease of use and less change of misplacing or losing your dongle.
2) More Powerful (competition using 8 bit processor compared to PS3break is using a 32 bit operating processor)
3) Hardware USB compared to where PSJ is software emulated
4) As updates become available PS3break is easily upgradable.
5) Extensible ports for upcoming features/add-on

A serial number will be matched to your PS3, which is authenticated online. and you may use your authorized serial number to access the site for new updating.

PS3 Break's powerful R&D team will provide users with excellent services for software upgrading and technical support.

1. Upgradeable hardware firmware thoroughly!
2. The key "Upgrade" for software upgrading and avoids to be blocked by SONY. Users can also upgrade the updated software through computer.
3. Reading speed will be 2 times faster and it makes users to play more smoothly.
4. Games can be copied and saved to internal or external hard disk, in this way, the expensive blue-ray driver and disc can be abandoned.
5. Plug & play USB port, the installation will be finished in a few seconds.
6. Homebrew software is supported.
7. Simple and clear illustrations will guide you to install step by step.
8. PS3 Break is compatible with all fat and slim model.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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EiKii's Avatar
#26 - EiKii - 215w ago
ordered mine today the store are said to get them in wed next week (then i just drive there and pick it up), did cancel my blackcat order as it wasn't sent and would take least 2 weeks to arrive, and there was only 15$ difference not that much imho and i am one of the poor guy not having anyone of the ported devices lol.

redburn's Avatar
#25 - redburn - 215w ago
Quote Originally Posted by EternalOptimist View Post
Did you receive a tracking number... or even an email that it has been shipped?

I bought it, got a DHL tracking number and email confirmation. Should be here by the end of the week (Australia, bought Express Shipping as well).

All the DIY ways would be great, but they're impossible to find. I don't have a TI-84+ calculator, and this is still cheaper than that or you know, buying a new phont. On top of that, it's not massive and can just be left plugged in.

nsip4ever's Avatar
#24 - nsip4ever - 215w ago
Just in case anyone is wondering, there are some PS3Breaks available on ebay inconspicuously labeled as a Special USB controller Adapter, but from the item image is pretty obvious that it's a PS3Break. FYI, there mailing out of Hong Kong.

MustMunMoji's Avatar
#23 - MustMunMoji - 215w ago
Quote Originally Posted by Gunner54 View Post
It gets worse... Why buy a clone when you can make one yourself...

how do you make one yourself ? are you refering to blackcat usb or is there another way?

and the teensy thingy which one is compatable with psgroove 1.1 and where can one buy in UK

i have ordered the blackcat myself but i still want to know if i can get teensy also?

Gunner54's Avatar
#22 - Gunner54 - 215w ago
It gets worse... Why buy a clone when you can make one yourself...

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