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PS3 Water Cooling Mod Solutions Available

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287w ago - Remember when the first liquid cooled PS3 hit the Internet? Well finally some of the major cooling manufacturers are starting to take notice that us PS3 owners are looking for better options.

Two of these manufacturers are [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links].

A bit pricey for the water blocks, plus you need a radiator/pump system to complete the setup. These new water blocks are great because they give you a very clean, almost un-modded look due to the fact the 2 hoses exit out the rear.

As of writing this the prices are as follows: Koolance kit (no radiator or pump) is $92.99 and the Innovatek goes for $126.30 (used currency converter).

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#5 - ZAFDeltaForce - 287w ago
ZAFDeltaForce's Avatar
In all seriousness, though cool, it is one expensive cooling solution. If I'm not wrong, the coolant must be changed every year or two, and the coolant is not exactly very cheap either.

Apart from that, if someone inexperienced were to install the pipes and equipment, leaks could result from poorly connected pipes, virtually frying your PS3 if it's connected.

The best thing would be to install a fan system as offered by companies like Niko, or leave the PS3 as it is.

#4 - 51N15T3R - 287w ago
51N15T3R's Avatar
Yeah the top pic is from the first ever water cooled ps3 using water cooling parts from a pc. But the 2 pics below are commercial kits made specifically for the PS3. With either the Koolance or the Innovatek kit installed your PS3 would look stock except for the 2 tubes coming out by the A/V ports.

#3 - ZBlacktt - 287w ago
ZBlacktt's Avatar
Wow, looks kind of ghetto, lol. I would stick mine in a mini college dorm type frig before cutting it up like that, lol. Heck even a nice floor shop fan stuck right in front of it would be better. I could just see hundreds of kids messing with water and electronics and something going wrong, lol. Oops, fired or electrocuted, lol.

#2 - 51N15T3R - 287w ago
51N15T3R's Avatar
I decided I'm going to do this mod for 2 reasons. One, instead of the PS3 blowing around hot air (heating my room up) there will be none of that to deal with. Two, it's just plain sexy to have a water cooled anything. Before these kits came out I was put off by the messy look of the first water cooled PS3 but now you can have a PS3 that looks almost stock. I'm sure the PS3 won't mind if it runs a little cooler than the stock cooler and should also be more quiet.

To each is own

#1 - AKmania - 287w ago
AKmania's Avatar
Most of the ps3 that overheat almost 80% happen on the full board type, but on the half board type never seem that kind of problem. that means you can avoid the overheat problem by choosing the right ps3. you can see the different from the fan.

Even if you have the full board type & you got overheat it still can be fix with a lower price. But if you use this water cooling mod may be it will reduce the heat but it dosen't mean your ps3 will save from over heat (like 360) and it cost you a lot.


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