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PS3 SDK 1.92 Leaked, Guides Now Available on How to Set It Up

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224w ago - It's been several years since the last PlayStation 3 SDK leak, and today the PS3 SDK version 1.92 has leaked publicly with some guides already available on how to set it up for budding developers to begin creating some fresh PS3 homebrew to use with the recent PS3 JailBreak exploit.

A few weeks ago Sony's PS3 Blu-ray and Service Manuals were leaked, and today the full PS3 v1.92 SDK is available which includes the required compiler and toolchain for those who do not wish to wait for development of the Open Source PS3 Toolchain to be completed.

Those interested in jumping in can check out This Guide by CJPC with Another Guide by internetfloozy.

Finally, those seeking help with PS3 homebrew development can reply below as this thread is being made in our PS3 Dev section... however, be aware that ALL non-development replies will be deleted so if you are seeking information or links on the PS3 SDK leak please post HERE instead.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#22 - xroc88 - 222w ago
xroc88's Avatar
Have the various tools been leaked yet like AT3tool.zip and pamftool?

#21 - sapperlott - 223w ago
sapperlott's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Xplic1T View Post
How much of a pain would it be to develop on a retail unit ... being jailbroken of course...
It will be quite a pain since remote debugging almost certainly won't work. Same goes for stdout redirection as offered by the SDK so debug printfs are also out of the question.

If you happen to write flawless code on the first try you should be fine, though

On the other hand I think it should be possible to develop some own libs to perform stdout redirection over the network that would have to be linked to your project. Same goes for true remote debugging via gdb but that will be much harder to implement.

#20 - bawzz - 223w ago
bawzz's Avatar
Thanks p666 for your answer ! When I used the command "MAKE" on some SDK samples, it created a .elf and a .self file !
I used the .self file as eboot.bin, and didn't do anything with the .elf ^^

Maybe I should use the .elf and convert it myself to a .self ! As soon as I'm in front of my personal computer I m gonna try all this !

Thanks again for you help. I really appreciate it.
You shouldn't need to use the full path to the file, if you setup the SDK correctly and added the directories to your PATH you can use it from within any folder and you won't get thoose errors

You re right, my PATH variable is set correctly so I shouldn't browse to the bin directory.
So, I should run msys, and then launch the make_pacjage_npdrm with the full path to the .conf file and to my 'homebrew' folder ?

I realised that I have two different errors depending of the .conf file. I m using the SDK 1.92 :

[Register or Login to view code]

GameExec is from 1.6 SDK I believe

[Register or Login to view code]

Unfortunately I ll be able to test those things in several hours.

Thansk again

You were right p666 ! Thank you so much !

#19 - p666 - 223w ago
p666's Avatar
It also does a consistency check, so like it says, if it doesn't think it's a valid NPDRM SELF it will not build your package.. then the next line says one is required (bit misleading I thought as eboot.bin may exist, it may just not be valid)

I reckon bawzz has forgotten to use the .self and not the .elf file into EBOOT.BIN .. make sure you do: make_fself_npdrm source.elf EBOOT.BIN

before copying into USRDIR

#18 - Tender Phantom - 223w ago
Tender Phantom's Avatar
You shouldn't need to use the full path to the file, if you setup the SDK correctly and added the directories to your PATH you can use it from within any folder and you won't get thoose errors


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