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PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor is Released

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208w ago - Today stoker25 has released a PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor. The registry file (xRegistry.sys) is located in dev_flash2/etc/ and a backup located in dev_flash/etc/backup.

Download: PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor v0.7 / PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor v0.75

To quote: PS3 JailBreak is awesome, especially because it works on my phone decided to tinker with some of the PS3?s files, xRegistry.sys in particular because it holds important things like debug mode switches and bluray/dvd region, along with your PSN login details (unencrypted!) and other little tidbits.

v0.7 changelog:

+ Changed the setting label to readonly textbox
+ Added trimming of null bytes to setting values
+ Added Wikitext exporting (not much info)
+ Added text file exporting (loads of info)
* Fixed a bug on the first entry, i don't think it needs to be loaded, so that fixes it

v0.75 changelog:
+ Sortable columns
+ Integers are now output as hex
+ Added a check to make sure file is loaded to everything
+ Added Halp! menu for some things people might not know about

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PS3 News's Avatar
#21 - PS3 News - 208w ago
Quote Originally Posted by redwings1905 View Post
What can open up from this tool?

For example, you can swap X/O buttons on the PS3 Controller using it as follows:

  • Use FTP to download /dev_flash2/etc/xRegistry.sys (create a copy just to be safe)
  • Open with xRegistry.sys Editor
  • Change the value of setting/system/buttonAssign from 00000000 to 0000001 and click save
  • Save the file and upload it to /dev_flash2/etc/xRegistry.sys overwriting the existing file

This will permanently change the button layout, no need to go through this process again unless you want to revert back to the original button layout.

Among other things, likely region-free DVD and Blu-ray but time will tell for sure.

redwings1905's Avatar
#20 - redwings1905 - 208w ago
What can open up from this tool?

ionbladez's Avatar
#19 - ionbladez - 208w ago
Neat little easter egg: if you change the webbrowser to "Debug mode" (or "1"="yes")

Reboot your ps3, select web browser on XMB, and hit Triangle. You will see 2 options.
1 to change the web browser kit, and one to change the user agent.


d3adliner's Avatar
#18 - d3adliner - 208w ago
v7 still not working for me. It doesn't error and shut down anymore, but it doesn't do anything at all when I load my xRegistry.sys.

How can I edit out my personal info before I send it to the guy?

bgrewar's Avatar
#17 - bgrewar - 208w ago
yay so the registry can be hacked, it would be good to tear open the firmware and see what kinda coding i can mess with or even append commands

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