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PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor is Released

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209w ago - Today stoker25 has released a PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor. The registry file (xRegistry.sys) is located in dev_flash2/etc/ and a backup located in dev_flash/etc/backup.

Download: PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor v0.7 / PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor v0.75

To quote: PS3 JailBreak is awesome, especially because it works on my phone decided to tinker with some of the PS3?s files, xRegistry.sys in particular because it holds important things like debug mode switches and bluray/dvd region, along with your PSN login details (unencrypted!) and other little tidbits.

v0.7 changelog:

+ Changed the setting label to readonly textbox
+ Added trimming of null bytes to setting values
+ Added Wikitext exporting (not much info)
+ Added text file exporting (loads of info)
* Fixed a bug on the first entry, i don't think it needs to be loaded, so that fixes it

v0.75 changelog:
+ Sortable columns
+ Integers are now output as hex
+ Added a check to make sure file is loaded to everything
+ Added Halp! menu for some things people might not know about

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sparkid's Avatar
#51 - sparkid - 208w ago
Hi, I'm read my register file search version 3.41 but I don't see settings/CategoryVersion say 340002 (very similar to my firmware 3.41) in the file for example settings/CategoryVersion say 340001 that is close

but my PS3 40gb fat (I don't translate number, xregister says) setting/parental/dvdRegion - EU - - 00005553

BwE's Avatar
#50 - BwE - 209w ago
Quote Originally Posted by ionbladez View Post
I tried to update, but got "The Data is corrupted"

lmao, maybe you're 1 setting off from being a legend.

ionbladez's Avatar
#49 - ionbladez - 209w ago
LOL, I'm on 3.41 and I downloaded the 3.21 DEBUG update. I messed around with my settings as well, and now when I hit Update From Storage Media - I get this:

The Latest update data has been found
Version 3.21
Location: USB Device

I tried to update, but got "The Data is corrupted"

;] wicked.

BwE's Avatar
#48 - BwE - 209w ago
most of the things in the registry are the debug options anyways

hacked2123's Avatar
#47 - hacked2123 - 209w ago
Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
interesting.. i doubt it would work though.

i can try maybe.

It would be a lot safer to make sure you just put it on the flash drive and see if it gets past the error for setting it up to install... definitely don't try installing it, like for real, with out get some sort of safety net up... a bricked PS3 is still a bricked PS3 in this current day.

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