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PS3 PUP / Dev_Flash File Spoofer v3 Tool is Now Available

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139w ago - I have done this PS3 PUP / Dev_Flash File Spoofer v3 Tool (basically is an script that use other tools) long time ago for easily spoof necessary files from a PUP file or your own files of dev_flash. This works on Cygwin and Ubuntu (not CMD windows)

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

There are 4 tools that makes a different job:

  • keys.exe - Install PS3 keys
  • extractor.exe - Extract vsh.self, index.dat and version.txt of PUP file
  • spoofer.exe - Spoof your flash files [vsh.self and version.txt] (put there in same folder with spoofer.exe)
  • spoofer_pup.exe - Extract and spoof automatically files of PUP (it must be in same folder with spoofer_pup.exe)

You must choose what version and image version you want to spoof in tools spoofer.exe and spoofer_pup.exe, for example, if i want to spoof to 6.40 i put this on Cygwin console (you can choose any image version):

[Register or Login to view code]

[Register or Login to view code]

When it finish you have your spoofed files in Spoofed folder. Version must have same numbers of characters, otherwise it give you error on PS3. If you do something wrong PS3 will boot up Red Screen, if that occurs re-install CFW from Recovery Menu.

File index.dat is really not necessary to extract, it creates a new one with spoofed version.txt (spoofed tools does it auto).

I hope this helps anyone. If you see any error or bug please contact me.


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nathanr3269's Avatar
#41 - nathanr3269 - 135w ago
If you have CFW 3.55 install ONLY PKG for that CFW (Kmeaw, Waninkoko, etc...), if you install Hermes probably you will have RSOD (Red Screen of Death), for fix it install again your CFW from Recovery, NEVER in Factory Service Mode.


Added PKG for more CFW:

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [HERMES]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [KMEAW]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [Rebug 3.55.2]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [JFW]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [OPENSIDE]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [REBUG 3.41.3]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [REBUG TB v2]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [TB v2]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [WANINKOKO v2]

As always if you see something wrong please tell me


MisterTea's Avatar
#40 - MisterTea - 135w ago
I installed package : spoofer hermes on my 3.55 slim and launched it... (this link : [Register or Login to view links])

When ps3 boots, I don't get anything. How can I get rid of this ?

If I launch service mode and factory reset will it be ok ? If yes, will I lose my saves ? Any help is welcome...

bitsbubba's Avatar
#39 - bitsbubba - 136w ago
thanks but I'll stick with PS3MFW Builder spoof tcl

Edit: prevents accidental or unauthorized updates

Hernaner28's Avatar
#38 - Hernaner28 - 136w ago
What is this for?

nathanr3269's Avatar
#37 - nathanr3269 - 136w ago
I'll upgrade my Spoofer tool for PC with options to create a PKG for version number you want

Nope, this blocks any intent of update your firmware


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