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PS3 Proxi v1.0 is Now Available

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267w ago - Update: PS3 Proxi v1.1 is now available, which adds new options in the log and redirects, a help tab, setup guide and a PS3 System Update bypass.

PS3 Proxi v1.0 is now released!

Download: PS3 Proxi v1.0

PS3PROXi is my take on how the PS3.ProxyServer.GUI should have been.
It does all the same stuff, redirects to local files, logs traffic/addresses etc.

As soon as I started to use the original PS3.ProxyServer.GUI, I wanted to create my own. And try to improve upon the original.

Did you say Improved?
Yea, I think I have improved it. Added new features like:
• Tray Icon
• Updated GUI
With many more features planned.

I currently did this when I should have been revising for exams. I have them for the next week, so I wont be working on [hopefully] adding my planned features.

Planned Features do NOT include a way to bypass the store redirect, this is imposible [To my knowlege], NO iSO Loader etc.

Still Kinda WiP, so excuse any bugs :P

PS3PROXi v1.0 Instructions:

1. Extract all contents into a folder, making sure the config file is there.
2. Run 'PS3PROXi.exe'
3. Go to the settings tab and port of YOUR PC
4. Make sure you PS3 is set to use your PC's IP as the proxy.
5. Done.

V1.0 15/11/09 -Initial Release


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#57 - PSPSwampy - 266w ago
PSPSwampy's Avatar
@[Register or Login to view links] - re the missing text issue....
Are you setting the label ForeColor and BackColor to a fixed color or are you using the system standards (e.g. ControlText / HighlightText etc)

Just a thought - I've encountered the missing text stuff previously myself and it has always been down to the environment i've tested it in having a different color scheme to the one with the problem. If you stick to the system options they (normally) look ok whatever the scheme, because they're all designed to work together. If you specifically set them to a fixed color they don't always work with the rest of the scheme.

Please take this in the way i indended it (i.e. helpful) and don't take any offence as none is intended.

P.s. I'm quite interested in the way the proxy stuff works, don't suppose you would like to share any snippets of your code with me? (you can contact me via the contact details on my profile page if you are happy to).

#56 - NZHawk - 266w ago
NZHawk's Avatar
Hey, Err. So I' not sure whats up with the dodgy image lol. This is what it looks like for me: (See Attachments)

p.s. Why don't you detect the IP address of the PC and use that, rather than ask for it?
(I guess the best option is to set it to the default IP of the active network card, then the more advanced of us can change it if necessary??)

Not a bad idea actually lol. I might see what I can do if I have a spare minuite from MW:2 lol (Need that Platinum )

Oh, and about the AU thing people are saying aint changing. It dunt change because it doesent need to be to bypass the update.

From what I have found, In order to bypass the update, the only thing that needs to change is:

[Register or Login to view code]

The "Dest=" string MUST match the PS3s region code.
The "ImageVersion=" string needs to match the imageversion of the "CDN=" linked string.

Modded Working ps3-update.txt for AU/NZ PS3

[Register or Login to view code]

Modded Working ps3-update.txt for US PS3 -- (I am PRETTY sure the "CDN=" URL, does NOT need to contain your region "us". PLEASE someone confirm this, and ill change the PS3PROXi):

[Register or Login to view code]

As I have JUST (30 mins ago) Updated to 3.10, I cannot test New things out anymore lol.

#55 - PSPSwampy - 266w ago
PSPSwampy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ingersoj View Post

I also cannot see some of the text next to checkboxes on the form, but no big deal; I am not sure if I need to use them. A screenshot of that is attached if you want to see it.

Hiya I have the same problem as ingersoj, i can't see the text on the settings page - could you enlighten me on what the three checkboxes are for please.

OS: XP SP3 set to "performance mode" (ie none of that XP styling, green button n what not)


p.s. Why don't you detect the IP address of the PC and use that, rather than ask for it?
(I guess the best option is to set it to the default IP of the active network card, then the more advanced of us can change it if necessary??)

#54 - Murdah - 266w ago
Murdah's Avatar
Alright! the Ps3 is connected to the Proxi Server!

I dont know what to do now... My FW is 3.10, can I replace full PAIN game or the lemmings demo activator? Plz help

#53 - fran v2 - 266w ago
fran v2's Avatar
Thank you!! It works very well

but what are you going to put in the next release?


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