PS3 PKGView v1.3 Extractor Homebrew Application Update Arrives

106w ago - Following up on my previous revision, today a new PS3 PKGView Extractor homebrew application version 1.3 update is available.

Download: PS3 PKGView v1.3 Extractor

PKGView is a tool for extracting files from PS3 PKG. Tool is 100% legal it contains no code Sony.

PKGView also has a graphical interface that simplifies the extraction of both individual files and the complete package.

PS3 PKGView Version 1.3 Changelog:

  • Added support to psx/psp packages.
  • Added Windows 7 Taskbar progress.

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ifcaro's Avatar
#45 - ifcaro - 126w ago
I have tested both debug and retail pkg. Can you give me an example of pkg is not extracting?

a7ebak17's Avatar
#44 - a7ebak17 - 126w ago
i mean you can't extract debug PKGs with this tool.

you can only use it to extract retail PKGs.


ifcaro's Avatar
#43 - ifcaro - 126w ago
Can you give me more information? Returns an error or something?

couldn't extract "lara croft and the guardian of light" demo which is about 2.30GB (ID = UP0082-NPUB30225_00-LARACROFTGOL0000) there's no tool capable of fully extracting this game.
Try this

a7ebak17's Avatar
#42 - a7ebak17 - 126w ago
Can i use it to extract debug pkg?

update: doesn't work with debug PKGs that's a shame

mod632's Avatar
#41 - mod632 - 126w ago
very nice

thx for info

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