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PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker Homebrew Application Arrives

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206w ago - Update #2: jeffma has now released PS3 Game Update Finder v1.1 which allows you to to download PS3 game update packages via PC.

Update: PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker 2.0 is now available for those interested with a brief changelog posted HERE followed by PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker 3.1 with a changelog HERE, PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker 3.2 which can check PKG files information and PS3 GUI Toolbox v1.0 which is detailed HERE followed by PS3 GUI Toolbox v1.1 detailed HERE.

Today jeffma posted a PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker homebrew application on A9VG.com (linked above) for those seeking to unpack PlayStation 3 PKG files really fast.

Download: PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker Homebrew Application

It is similar to the recently released PS3 PKGView and UnPKG file extractors / unpackers, and to use it simply click the big button and select your PKG file.

To quote, roughly translated: "There is a similar procedure before the call PkgView.exe But the program can not bulk unpacked, unpack and often wrong.

The device can be quickly unpacked all the files once unpacked. Self-made program can only unpack and debug pkg. Can not unpack the pkg downloaded from the official PSN."

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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Khalkedon's Avatar
#30 - Khalkedon - 202w ago
you need to install MSYS and set the environment variables to Repack pkg

here is sdk install guide: [Register or Login to view links]

xbox1080 hi again.

I couldn't repack to pkg. Maybe it's very easy but I couldn't make it. Can you make a video about this subject ?

xbox1080's Avatar
#29 - xbox1080 - 203w ago
you need to install MSYS and set the environment variables to Repack pkg

here is sdk install guide: [Register or Login to view links]

Khalkedon's Avatar
#28 - Khalkedon - 203w ago
Hi Xbox1080,

My English is not good and I searched about my situation but I couldn't solve.

My problem is this; I can't repack the opened .pkg files. Can you explain more clear or do you have any video about packing the opened pkg files.

I only want to repack opened pkg file. Opening the pkg file is very easy but I can't repack. I want to change picture (ICON0.PNG). Thanks.

PS3 News's Avatar
#27 - PS3 News - 203w ago
I have updated the first post with this xbox1080 as it's from the same author and appears to be a more robust version of his previous work.

As things progress we can do a new thread in the Site News on his releases, but for now post new versions in this thread or Submit the next update as Site News so it creates a new thread that is linked in this section and we can then close this older one.

renanbianchi's Avatar
#26 - renanbianchi - 203w ago
Eboot Decrypt? W-O-W

EDIT: Just found out, it doesn't decrypt retail eboot, just Debug...

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