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PS3 Package Manager v0.9 Installer v1.1 for PKG Files Arrives

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196w ago - Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 hacker Cyberskunk of the Rebug Team has updated PS3 Package Manager v0.9 Installer to Installer v1.1 for PKG files.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

Fom the Rebug page: This is an update to the 'Package Manager 0.9 – Installer' NOT 'Package Manager' to make it a little safer by putting in some measures to avoid accidental end-user errors when installing.

Package Manager is a replacement for the standard ★ Install Package Files option under 'Game' in the XMB for both 3.41 and 3.55 firmware. It allows for the install and deletion of .pkg files from 'dev_hdd0/packages', 'dev_usb/packages' and the standard '★ Install Package Files' locations. In addition to this, your downloaded PSN content will appear under this menu instead of cluttering your 'Game' menu with uninstalled content.

1: Download the 'Package Manager 0.9 – Installer 1.1′ package and install it on your PS3.
2: Run 'Package Manager 0.9 – Installer 1.1′ and choose your option.
3: The installer will AUTO EXIT when it is finished.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It can, in some circumstances take upto a few minutes on older PHAT 256mb NAND PS3′s.. BE PATIENT.

FOR 3.55 ONLY!

For Official Icon Set:
Press L1+CROSS to INSTALL Package Manager 0.9
Press L1+CIRCLE to REMOVE Package Manager 0.9

For Rebug Icon Set:
Press L1+SQUARE to INSTALL Package Manager 0.9
Press L1+TRIANGLE to REMOVE Package Manager 0.9

FOR 3.41 ONLY!

For Official Icon Set:
Press R1+CROSS to INSTALL Package Manager 0.9
Press R1+CIRCLE to REMOVE Package Manager 0.9

For Rebug Icon Set:
Press R1+SQUARE to INSTALL Package Manager 0.9
Press R1+TRIANGLE to REMOVE Package Manager 0.9

FOR 3.41 AND 3.55!

The 'dev_hdd0/packages' folder is created automaticly when you choose one of the above install options but if you delete it you can use the below option to create it again.

Package Folder Creation:
Press START+SELECT to CREATE the 'dev_hdd0/packages' folder

NOTE: 'Package Manager 0.9 – Installer' can be uninstalled once you have installed Package Manager.

Navigate to 'Game' in your XMB and click on ★ Package Manager (It will be where ★ Install Package Files used to be). You will find three options.

★ PlayStationŽNetwork Content
Manage your downloaded PlayStationŽNetwork Content.

★ Install Package Files
INSTALL package files from Storage Devices and your PS3.

PS3™ Hard Disk – (dev_hdd0/packages)
Package Folder – (dev_usb/packages)
Standard Package Location – (Standard ★ Install Package Files locations)

NOTE: The 'Install All Packages' is only available by pressing the TRIANGLE button when the 'Standard Package Location' option is highlighted because the PS3 will only install ALL packages from the root of a storage device as of the moment.

★ Delete Package Files
DELETE package files from Storage Devices and your PS3.

PS3™ Hard Disk – (dev_hdd0/packages)
Package Folder – (dev_usb/packages)
Standard Package Location – (Standard ★ Install Package Files locations)

1: Highlight the file you would like to delete and press TRIANGLE. The sidebar should appear.
2: Press CROSS on either Unlink or Unlink(Folder) (Both do the same thing for now).

NOTE: Any files that you have 'Unlinked' WON'T disappear from the XMB until you exit the directory!!

TODO: The delete feature while 100% working still needs a little work on the appearance (icons need fixing etc..) and maybe have a look at implimenting a Storage Device<>PS3 transfer feature.

Enjoy.. Cyberskunk

BIG THANKS to Devil303 for the small line of code that assisted with the delete function..

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#9 - AverageGamer - 113w ago
AverageGamer's Avatar
My *Install .pkg icon is gone, during same xmb session prior to any reboot !? Leaving app/home/ps3/game only. i installed this .pkg manager just a few days ago and have used it with no problems.. i'm running Rogero CFW and i have just installed it on my console but i think i should get rid of it.. Someone HELP... Should i re install CFW or Recovery Mode, FTP? This is a new one for me...

UPDATE: Once installed, DO NOT delete The game data for the .pkg manager even though the website says its ok.. it will remove your "Install .pkg Files" icon entirely.. I went into: hdd0/game/ and found the .pkg manager that i had just installed on my Fat PS3 and copied it to the same directory as the Slim with the missing "Install.pkg Files".. after going back to XMB, "Install .pkg Files" was back again... I was about to shake my head at Team Rebug... Its all good now....

#8 - thirstygamer - 194w ago
thirstygamer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by abzii View Post
after successfully installing using official icon set screen went black i restarted the ps3 got past the ps3 logo then when it comes up to the xmb it loads for 3 seconds then freezes. no icons, nothing.. only the wallpaper shown tried the recovery menu and done every option no luck, any ideas on how to restore it back?

Ya same here on cfw 3.55 was going to install this to delete a pkg update for GT5 that stopped it from working so i could reinstall GT5 the way I had it before and now it seems i'm bricked.

can someone confirm if the above is what bricking is or any help would be appreciated.

#7 - PS3 News - 197w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
The only way it can be downloaded is from the Rebug site in the first post (or from Eurasia/PS3-Hacks/PSGroove it seems), but as the Rebug release page doesn't mention 3.41 it's always appreciated when someone on the team (evilsperm, Cyberskunk, etc) keeps users here in the loop as well and +Rep!

#6 - evilsperm - 197w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
Exactly why we tell every last site not to hotlink our work... Visit our site and maybe you'll get correct info.


#5 - tonybologna - 197w ago
tonybologna's Avatar
Just a quick heads-up. This isn't working for 3.41 CFW as of right now. Don't install if you're on 3.41 CFW like me.


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