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PS3 LV2 Kernel Peek / Poke Patched, Backup Managers and CFW!

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212w ago - Update: This method ended up failing because the LV2 address range is protected by Sony on PS3 with Firmware v3.55, so Netkas and flukes1 are now working on a patch for LV1 instead.

Today Netkas and flukes1 have successfully managed to patch the PS3 lv2_kernel in v3.55 Firmware to allow peek and poke syscalls, meaning PlayStation 3 backup managers and Custom Firmware (CFW) will also be able to make use of them!

Download: PS3 3.55 LV2 Kernel Patched with Peek/Poke / [Register or Login to view links] / 3.55 Peek-n-Poke Patcher GUI and 3.55 Peek-n-Poke Patcher GUI v2 by [Register or Login to view links]

From the ReadMe file:Patch to add peek and poke syscalls to PS3 firmware v3.55 by flukes1 and netkas (irc.efnet.net #ps3test)

To create the patched PS3UPDAT.PUP:

1. Use bspatch to apply PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff to Sony's official 3.55 PUP, which is available from their website.
2. Run this from command line: "bspatch PS3UPDAT.PUP PS3UPDAT-NEW.PUP PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff"
2. Ensure that the md5sum of the resulting PS3UPDAT.PUP is: 337831fac6a9b05074f73710c4bb7c86

Simply install the patched PS3UPDAT.PUP onto your PS3, then install geohot's jailbreak.

Our PUP can be installed over any firmware version, including 3.55-geohot. If you install over 3.55-geohot, you must reinstall geohot's jailbreak afterwards.

For developers: peek is syscall 6, poke is syscall 7 (same as PL3 dev payload)

Props to mastag22, lastExile, Killer_In - our testers with balls of steel.


- flukes1, netkas

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

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#35 - Brenza - 212w ago
Brenza's Avatar
It doesn't work for me, open manager shows a black screen while loading any game!

#34 - zhaoyun123 - 212w ago
zhaoyun123's Avatar
just asking.... the multiman that was patch for geohot's cfw will not work and you need this ps3update.pup for it to work?

i tried the multiman.. it works cause it brings me to a menu said "insert blueray game" it says on the upper left part, but the problem is... will it back-up or not yet? unless someone will make a new back-up manager for geohot cfw using this pick-and-poke?

#33 - doorman - 212w ago
doorman's Avatar
Wouldn't this whole process be easier if one of the devs let us sign our games so they look like retail.. then we can just keep using regular firmware?

#32 - JohnCox - 212w ago
JohnCox's Avatar
multiMAN will load some games that have direct boot but i am yet to try.

#31 - tjay17 - 212w ago
tjay17's Avatar
All I need now is a manager that uses this and I am good.

#30 - JohnCox - 212w ago
JohnCox's Avatar
to get into the recovery menu hold power on startup untill system turns its self off then power on again holding the power button untill you hear 2 beeps, just go to update and it will force a update from a usb.

#29 - doorman - 212w ago
doorman's Avatar
Then why didn't you read and follow this part?

"Our PUP can be installed over any firmware version, including 3.55-geohot. If you install over 3.55-geohot, you must reinstall geohot's jailbreak afterwards."

#28 - Quinine - 212w ago
Quinine's Avatar
I dont like doing stuff that diverts from the official guide tho.. that's how you end up with a bricked ps3.. But I am flashing PeekPoke through recovery mode as I write *fingers crossed*

#27 - NeTRaW - 212w ago
NeTRaW's Avatar
They need to patch lv2 with syscalls 35 & 36 for using open manager and others

#26 - pattelicious - 212w ago
pattelicious's Avatar
you must go to the recovery mode and there you can update the already 3.55 with the new 3.55


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