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PS3 JIG Pictures Surface, PlayStation 3 Service Mode Tests Begin

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274w ago - Recently Dutch user Sinnerman has leaked some new PS3 JIG pictures on the QJ.net (linked above) forums, and has revealed that PlayStation 3 Service Mode testing is underway with SKFU.

The application pictured below is used to create registry files required to finalize the PlayStation 3 JIG (SVC-H3A606SS) process, which must contain a valid e-mail address as they are authenticated with the SCEI server.

While we await the test results (and hopefully some PS3 JIG internal pictures), some related articles on both Sony's elusive PS3 JIG and PS3 Service Mode are as follows for those who may have missed them: PlayStation 3 Service Mode JIG Set-Up Files Leaked, Some PlayStation 3 Service Mode Details and finally PS3 Controller EEPROM Dumped And Service Mode Information.

Finally, the big question.. what if PS3 Retail consoles could be converted to PS3 Debug consoles through the PS3 JIG? Well, depending on the post-modification differences if it ended up working at a certain Firmware level then you could always convert at that level, assuming that you can get around it being verified on SCE servers.

The PS3 can tell what type it is from a syscall, one particular configuration of which is "Arcade"... to date though, nobody has been able to successfully flash Debug Firmware to Retail consoles so only time will tell.

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#20 - Madell - 274w ago
Madell's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by lonix81 View Post
i thought the firmware was on the hdd?

No it's a Nand Flash chip, just like the psp, except it's a lot bigger

#19 - lonix81 - 274w ago
lonix81's Avatar
i thought the firmware was on the hdd?

#18 - PS3 News - 274w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by kakarotoks View Post
This is interesting news, but I'm a bit confused as to what good will those pics bring? I mean, it's not like ps3 devs will just look at the pic and figure out what circuit board they need to rebuild their own...

Hehe... ye of little faith!

You'd be amazed at how freaking smart and talented some of the PS3 Devs are... they just don't show it often publically. But yes, that is their intention exactly as they already have the software end and extensive JIG documentation covered, the hardware is the hurdle at the present time with the "JIG/Service Mode" research they have been doing the last 2 years.

If Sinnerman is able to leak some internal pics out (without losing his job) then it will definitely be a step in the right direction for the Devs who have been working on this.

#17 - kakarotoks - 274w ago
kakarotoks's Avatar
This is interesting news, but I'm a bit confused as to what good will those pics bring? I mean, it's not like ps3 devs will just look at the pic and figure out what circuit board they need to rebuild their own... or is it just to say "proof that we got access to a JIG" ?

Anyways, I was hoping that maybe someone could just sniff the USB data and be able to spoof/reproduce what is sent to the ps3 and write some code that 'emulates' the JIG, then I'd just be able to plug in my N810, turn its USB port into Host mode, run the little spoof program, and let my PS3 become service mode...

But what I don't understand is that thing about Sony servers and valid email... I really don't see where it fits in all that.. There's only one possibility that I can see, it's that each PS3 has a unique 'unlock key' that the JIG needs to send it, and by providing the valid email, the application requests that unique key from sony's servers depending on your serial number, and then it programs the JIG to use that key... if that is the case, then we are probably screwed as we wouldn't be able to replicate this unfortunately (unless someone gets access to sony's database and dumps it for us )

Anyways, I'd really like some more info about this in order to understand it.. I'll see if someone is available over IRC to discuss it

Thanks for sharing the news, it's awesome!

#16 - cfwprophet - 274w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
At playforfun
i have read in this thread something about iphone confusion and i know better things on iphone.. just create a fake server is maybe the solution for iphone, the fact where you just patch the exe and add line about fake server in a specific file in winoows was used to make false authentification

but the ps3 is not so a crappy like the iPhone.Why?
Well to authenticate data for the ps3 per net sony use the puplic-key for it.Im sure you can do right now all this cuty iPhone baby hacking stuff also for the PS3 but the point you getting crying will be that the ps3 will not accept the altered data in case that puplic-key is missing!!

Would be too easy in case of ps3 my forum mate


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