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PS3 iSO2JB v0.5 - Convert PS3 iSO Files to PS JailBreak Format!

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225w ago - Here is PS3 iSO2JB v0.5 which allows you to convert PS3 iSO files to PS JailBreak format, another good app for the PlayStation 3 homebrewed console!

Download: PS3 iSO2JB v0.5 Converter

Props to jd200 for the news, and from the author: Hello guys, I'm working on a tool called PS3 ISO2JB.

This tool will allow your backed up PS3 .iso images to be extracted properly and automatically, then played via Backup Manager.

More news coming once tool is finished. Our forum for it check http://teknogods.com


1. Run tool
2. Open your backup .iso
3. Make folder called GAMEZ in your external USB HDD
4. Extract ISO in GAMEZ (do not make any subfolders!)
5. Run Backup Manager on PS3 with USB HDD plugged in
6. Play


Required: Jailbreaked PS3 with backups enabled, External USB HDD.


This release is beta quality. If something breaks, review any
pertinent comments on teknogods.com, then email me as a last resort.
Include all log files and a detailed description of problem and
how to reproduce it.


Our community of course! Make sure you also check out our StarCraft2 and Red Alert 3 Progress!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#70 - Deviouz - 225w ago
Deviouz's Avatar
so is this correct.. when you use the backup manager on a jailbroken ps3 to dump a game to your usb HDD its decrypts the eboot.bin..??

but on all the PS3 ISO rips on the interwebz the eboot.bin is encrypted..?? so all we need to do is just replace the encrypted eboot.bin inside the iso with the decrypted one and the ISO can be extracted to your usb HDD to work with the backup manager..
or am I mixin things up here..??

#69 - Osirisx - 225w ago
Osirisx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by darksithlord View Post
some sort of homebrew that would allow us to ftp to our ps3 would help all this move along faster IMO.

like the loading of game dumps over some type of Free NAS software ?

#68 - darksithlord - 225w ago
darksithlord's Avatar
some sort of homebrew that would allow us to ftp to our ps3 would help all this move along faster IMO.

#67 - silentcircuit - 225w ago
silentcircuit's Avatar
Every report I've seen suggests the tool itself runs and does what it says it'll do (creates the file structure, etc) but when you go to actually play the game it will not run because the eboot is still encrypted... so it's a step in the right direction but not a solution at this point.

#66 - bearmon2010 - 225w ago
bearmon2010's Avatar
Credit goes to: dnniwa485

PS3IsoJb.. creates the backup job creation via your PC.. with the ISO image disc.

tried downloading one... since i got Tales oF Vesperia PS3 ISO downloaded last week since the PSjailbreak reported... tried this one.. and it creates same file structure as you see inside the ISO file.


tested and works..

Can you test it ?


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