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PS3 Flash Goodies - Part 1

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346w ago - First of all, readers of our Forums know (with the assistance of our Members) we have recently been doing research into the PS3 RCO file format.

Note that it is different than that on a PSP, however, contains similarities as well. We have received a few questions as to "why" we want to examine the files... it's for a few reasons. First off- We are all curious! Secondly, the RCO files, in support with other files, enable/disable "links" to PS3 XMB options.

In related news, we have now accessed the PS3 Flash's FileSystem, and among other things (to be posted in Part 2 or 3 of this article) it contains a folder called "ps1emu".

What is it for? We found out! Inside the ps1emu folder, upon the insertion of a PS2 disc, a file is copied there by the name of "ps1_rom.bin". Oddly enough, it is actually the custom made PS2's BIOS for the PS3! Why it's in the PS1 folder is unknown to us just yet, however, we can confirm it is the PS2 BIOS. An excerpt from ps1_rom.bin is attached below in the screenshot.

Finally, in regards to our PS3 Flash work thus far: Successful changes have been made to some areas, however, they are not useful just yet. Before we can change large areas of code we need to recalculate the PS3 Flash's ECC. Work is ongoing on that, with more to come, including more goodies from the flash!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#12 - CJPC - 345w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ez345 View Post
how are you guys reading/writing to the flash? was a hole found?

No, depends what you mean. We are using a combo of a PS3 Dev unit, as well as pulling the NAND flashes off the PS3, and dumping them in an external programmer.

#11 - Mongor - 345w ago
Mongor's Avatar
Interesting development indeed... Nice to see some people trying to do this. That remind me of the old PSP days (I got one of the first (1.00 FW)), nobody thought that a custom firmware was possible then but only a few months after the exploit was found, some people started to modify stuff and now we have some 10 different types of PSP fw.

A few months seem to be a lot of time, but remember that the exploitable PSP FW (1.5) had more than enough features, so adding features wasn't a neccesity in the first place. When I read about the missing BR playability I'm pretty sure once the firmware get cracked the development will expode

#10 - ez345 - 345w ago
ez345's Avatar
how are you guys reading/writing to the flash? was a hole found?

#9 - puksa - 345w ago
puksa's Avatar
all bootloaders (otheros.bld i mean) are under hypervisor's control, so they cant do anything *good* with system We still need some "HyperPseudoVisor" that doesnt control anything but tells system that all is ok. And for THAT we need to run unsigned code, and for that we need a TEST FW

correct me if i am wrong.

#8 - zanin - 345w ago
zanin's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by flurix View Post
B) A custom firmware most likely be out for a long time. It's completely possible eventually, but for the near to mid range future, I wouldn't hold my breath.

sorry for (possible) stupid question. however, if it takes long time to force debug firmware to work on retail machines, then it is not clear if it is worth all manpower spent.

i assume, that replacement of initial bootloader with a custom one would be easier, then modification of the integer firmware. if you can force ps3 to boot from your bootloader, then it may be better to port something like coreboot to ps3.

please, correct me if i'm wrong.


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