PS3 Eboot Modifier & Package Maker v3.6 by Orig Medo is Released

35w ago - Today Korean PlayStation 3 developer Orig Medo has released PS3 Eboot Modifier & Package Maker v3.6 followed by some updates for those on PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) 4.20+ consoles with details below.

Download: PS3EM & PM.7z / PS3EM & PM.7z (Mirror) / PS3EMPM v3.6.0.1 / PS3EMPM v3.6.0.1 (Mirror) / PS3EMPM v3.6.0.2 / PS3EMPM v3.6.0.2 (Mirror) / PS3EMPM v3.6.0.6 / PS3EMPM v3.6.0.6 (Mirror) / PS3 Eboot Modifier & Package Maker v3.6.0.6 (PS3 CFW 3.55)


  • .Windows 7
  • .NET Framework 4.5


Changes in

  • Typo fixes.
  • Crypto stuff.
  • F.E.A.R. 3, RESIDENT EVIL 4 HD, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, LOST PLANET 3, Super Robot Taisen OG Pride of Justice III codes.

Changes in

  • Windows 8 support.
  • UI Changes.

Changes in

  • Fixed updater issue.
  • Fixed Tales of Xillia issue.

From Bungholio: I’m reserving this space to attempt to write some sort of guide or help with running PS3 Eboot Modifier & Package Maker. Odds are people will hit problems right away. I’ll write something up, and as problems occur for users I’ll put them here with a solution to them.

All of us that have tested it have tried multiple games and all methods of adding codes have worked so far, so there should be no problems, just user errors like I randomly hit because I forget obvious things and need reminding.

Note: Bare in mind that the tool is not 100% finished yet but but should be at later updates.

Just to throw it out there as a note for all, this is mainly for those of you on a firmware higher than 3.55 who haven’t bought the CU3 dongle. If you’re on 3.55 and can use CU, or higher and bought CU3, you likely won’t have any use for this.

It’s there since there are far too many of you that can’t figure out how to make a package on your own. It also has a bunch of codes that haven’t been released to the public yet, mainly because we don’t like the idea of CU3 scouring the net hunting for free codes to put in their database and hide behind encryption.

Note: There is a version with a updater fix (linked above), and is available for download with that version which supports Windows 8.

PS3 Eboot Modifier & Package Maker by Medo (ReadMe by Bungholio)

It is here to allow people to make packages or modify eboots for games to add codes. Most people become very confused trying to make packages using CMP Auto Tools or other tools to decrypt a game's eboot and then re-encrypt it to install a package or replace a copy of the game's eboot to play with codes. This should solve that problem. It doesn't make modified eboots for firmwares that aren't 4.21+, so you users that are still on 3.55 just stick with the cracked version of CodeUnique.

For each game, you will need to copy a minimum of 3 files from the game disk to make a package, or just the EBOOT.BIN if you have the game copied to your PS3 or external hard drive. These are the 3 files:


You would use a backup manager or file manager of some sort on your PS3 like multiman or comgenie's awesome file manager to get those from the game disk while it is in your PS3. If you have an update installed for a game and want to use that, you can extract those files from the package with PkgView.exe or just take them from the /dev_hdd0/game/yourgame'sID/ folder on your PS3.

Wherever you decide to put PS3 EMPM on your computer, you will have a directory called "GamesSource". You will need to make a folder with your game's ID. Your ID can be found on your game's case that would look something like, using Fear 3 for example, would be BLUS30511. So you would have /GamesSource/BLUS30511/ for the directory. The game's ID can also be found by just opening the PARAM.SFO file for it with either Aldo's tool for that or with a hex editor like HxD. It will always be four capital letters followed by five numbers. So using Fear 3 as an example, I would have this:


If you are using files from the game disk, there's an extra first step that isn't technically correct but works 95% of the time for me. Open the game's PARAM.SFO with Aldo's tool and change the "Category" to "GD Game Data" and save it. If you haven't downloaded Aldo's tool for that, you can use a hex editor to open it and search for something that should say "DG", and change it to "GD" and save it.

Now I would move onto adding codes to the game. There's 4 ways of adding codes to a game:

1. Code List
2. Advanced Mode (Read & Write)
3. Advanced Mode (Code list file)
4. CMP Patterns

1. Adding codes with Code List

It's the simplest option. Just click on a game, click on the check boxes for the codes you want, click apply, and a package should be made. It will be in the same directory as PS3EMPM.exe. Copy it to a pen drive or something, install it on your PS3, and play your game.

2. Advanced Mode (Read & Write)

First click on "Advanced Mode" and a window will pop up. You might be using code from the CMP forums or other places throughout the internet, or else from the CodeUnique code list. I don't know how to explain to you whether a code from the CodeUnique list will work, because I've tried that over time and it's hopeless. Either you can look at it and know instantly, or you don't know, there really doesn't seem to be even the slightest in between. Since you are taking this route, you will need to copy some things. I will use the game Aliens Vs Predator with ID BLUS30340 as an example. I would copy these files:


So they would also be here:


You also need a third copy of EBOOT.BIN at:


Once you have things like that, you would first click on "Decrypt Eboot" on the left just above the green text. The box that says "TitleID for PKG or NP EBOOT" will have the blue text above it read "[EBOOT.ELF found in root.]" Now /EBOOT.BIN will have disappeared and /EBOOT.ELF will have appeared. You are now ready to do things.

Assuming you are using a code from bungholio posted on the CMP forums, like "Checkpoints Are Made Nonstop" for "Aliens Vs Predator BLUS30340" for example, the code would be this:

0034561C 2F800000

You would copy the address, 0034561C, into the top left box above "Write", and copy the value, 2F800000, into the top right box above "Clear", and then you would click "Write". That code is now written to that address in /EBOOT.ELF. You just keep doing that until you are done adding codes. When you are finished, you have 3 boxes to choose from:

1. Encrypt Eboot?
2. Encrypt Eboot? (NP)
3. Make Package? (GD)

You would use choice 1 as a way that will always work for games that are copied to your PS3 or an external hard drive. You check the box for "Encrypt Eboot?", and then click OK. You will find /EBOOT.BIN again in the directory with whatever codes you added in it. Just copy it to your pen drive or do whatever it is you do to copy it to your PS3. I would copy it to /dev_hdd0/GAMES/BLUS30340/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN, play the game, and the codes would be on.

You can use choice 2 in the same exact manner, but you would instead copy the /EBOOT.BIN to your PS3 at directory /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30340/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN. Choice 2 is there if you have installed a game

Choice 3 is also used if you have installed a game update, but the steps might throw you off because they did for me 3 times in a row. First, you do everything you would for choice 2, but take the copy of /EBOOT.BIN and also copy it at directory /BLUS30340/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN. After that, enter Advanced Mode again and check the box to make a package, click OK, and a package will be made in the same directory as PS3EMPM.exe.

Just install that package on your PS3, and play the game. If you you are playing and your codes aren't on, make sure you copied /EBOOT.BIN to /BLUS30340/USERDIR/EBOOT.BIN otherwise you'll be making the same mistake I did 3 times because otherwise you are making a package with an unmodified EBOOT.BIN. Another error is if chooce to make a package yet it doesn't make a package. I made that mistake a couple of times and that is because I first chose "Encrypt Eboot?" instead of "Encrypt Eboot? (NP)". If you did that, no package will be made.

Just in case you have tried all 3 of those methods and the game plays without the code on, the code you got might have been from the CodeUnique list or the person posting it might have it as the ASM address. The code "Checkpoints Are Made Nonstop" for "Aliens Vs Predator BLUS30340" for example, from the CodeUnique code list code would be this:

00002000 0035561C 2F800000

Notice the address is 003 5 561C and not 003 4 561C. All you need to do is subtract 10000 from the address and it will work.

3. Advanced Mode (Code list file)

Adding codes using a code list is simple. You start off the same exact way as you would with choice 2 of "Advanced Mode (Read & Write)" where you copy the 3 files the same exact way and click "Decrypt Eboot" and that's where you need to be to continue. The code lists are in the /codes/ directory. There is an example to show you what you would be doing. I will use Aliens Vs Predator BLUS30340 again for an example. I would make a text file named /codes/BLUS30340.txt and open it. I want the codes for rapid fire and checkpoints are made nonstop to be on:

Checkpoints Are Made Nonstop
0034561C 2F800000

Rapid Fire
004D5EEC 60000000
004D5FE4 60000000

I would just put these in the text file:

[Checkpoints Are Made Nonstop]
0035561C 2F800000
[Rapid Fire]
004E5EEC 60000000
004E5FE4 60000000

Notice the addresses are changed to 003 5 561C, 004 E 5EEC, and 004 E 4EE4. That's all I would put and save it. I'd go into Advanced Mode, and in the box to the left of the "Apply Codes" button I would type the name of the code file which will be BLUS30340.txt, then I click "Apply Codes" and they will be applied. Now you just do the same as you did before while doing choice 2 and choosing between the 3 choices of "Encrypt Eboot?", "Encrypt Eboot? (NP), and "Make Package? (GD)". If you wanted to use code lists and not have "Rapid Fire" fire on, you can either delete it or put brackets around it like this:

I would just put these in the text file:

[Checkpoints Are Made Nonstop]
0035561C 2F800000
[Rapid Fire]
[004E5EEC 60000000] <---Notice these brackets. Anything between brackets is ignored and treated like a comment.
[004E5FE4 60000000] <---And if you weren't paying attention before, the address isn't 004 D 5FE4.

4. CMP Patterns

This will either make you an EBOOT.BIN, or a package depending on which the PARAM.SFO file has it set to. If it's DG Disk Game, you'll get and EBOOT.BIN. If it's GD Game Data, you'll get a package. You will find many codes on the CMP forums that are a long sequence of numbers and letters, and some even have spaces in them. I'll use Silent hill Homecoming as an example. Looking at the movement speed code, you'll see this:

Movement Speed Modifier
SET OGP=880A0908 D04A090C
SET COP=880A0908 48010D0C
SET OGP=38210240 4E800020 4E800020 4E800020 4E800020
SET COP=38210240 4E800020 3D204030 912A090C 4BFEF2F0

Those are patterns. They are simple to input. Click "CMP Patterns" and the window will pop up and the "Code 1" box will be highlighted and ready to be changed. What you will put in that box is this:

880A0908D04A090C 880A090848010D0C

Then you will go to the "Code 2" box and put this in it:

382102404E8000204E8000204E8000204E800020 382102404E8000203D204030912A090C4BFEF2F0

I'm assuming you can see how simple that is to do and why it is what it is. At the bottom left will be a button that reads "Apply Codes" and a box to its right with "TitleID". Silent Hill Homecoming has ID BLUS30169, so I put that in, click "Apply Codes", and either a package or EBOOT.BIN will be made.

That mostly covers everything. So there's questions.

Question: How do I add codes to the code list?

Answer: You don't. People that find codes will have that done. I don't mean that in some evil way sounding like an ass. Check the next question in the below this one.

Question: How do I add both codes from the list and codes not from the list to the same EBOOT.BIN or package?

Answer: You either add codes using Advanced Mode or CMP Patterns and have a EBOOT.BIN made with the codes you want that are not on the list. After you have that modified EBOOT.BIN made, you copy it over the EBOOT.BIN in the /GamesSource/(GameID)/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN folder, and I'd recommend making an unmodified copy of that EBOOT.BIN somewhere before you do that in case you need it again. Then you just go to the code list, select your codes, and then make your EBOOT.BIN or package again.

Question: Why aren't the codes working, the game not starting, or the game freezing at some point?

Answer: This can only be messed up in Advanced Mode. There's 2 things that I can think of:

1. You are using a CodeUnique code that writes to an address that isn't within the eboot's memory range. I don't know how to explain to you the difference, you either know it by glancing at it or you don't. If you don't know within 2 seconds of seeing the address, I can't teach you. It's just something you either know or don't know.

2. You put the wrong address in. By that, I mean you either forgot to add or subtract 10000 from the address. If you used normal read and write and the code isn't working correctly, try subtracting 10000 from the address using a hexadecimal calculator. If you used a code list then try adding 10000 to the address using a hexadecimal calculator.

Question: How do I use codes from the CodeUnique database with this?

Answer: Any code from the CU database will need to start with 1 of these 3:


If it doesn't, it won't work. Some that do still won't because you won't be able to know if it is a memory code. For codes that do, you'll notice each line starts with 1 of those above 3 choices, then a space, then 8 digits of numbers and/or letters, a space, and a last 8 digits or numbers and/or letters. All you need to do is delete those first 8 digits of those above 3 and you'll have what you need. Just add that into a code list file as it is that way. If you are doing read and write, subtract 10000 from the address and then write to it.

Question: What's an address/value?

Answer: Codes are like this:

Rapid Fire
004D5EEC 60000000
004D5FE4 60000000

The first 8 numbers/letters are always the address, and the last 8 numbers/letters are the value. If you are dealing with a code from the CodeUnique database, then the first 8 numbers/letters are a code type that you need to delete and the next 16 are the address and then value which you will keep and use.

Question: In advanced mode I chose to make a package but nothing was made. Why?

Answer: 2 possible errors you did:
Error 1: You forgot to move a copy of the game's folder from the /GamesSource/(YourGameID)/ to directory /(YourGameID)/.
Error 2: You chose to encrypt the eboot but not the "Encrypt Eboot? (NP)" choice and you copied that into the /(YourGameID)/USRDIR/ directory.

Question: The game won't start. Why?

Answer: 3 things I can think of:

1. There's a few rare games out there that don't just use EBOOT.BIN. A good example is Resistance 1. For that game you need to modify "/USRDIR/game.self". All you need to do is copy that file instead of EBOOT.BIN from it, and rename that file as EBOOT.BIN, and from that point on treat it like EBOOT.BIN. Once you have added your codes, rename the made EBOOT.BIN back to game.self and copy it back over the game's "/USRDIR/game.self" and it will work fine.

2. Some games have MD5 checksums. I don't know how to fix that exactly, but I know that PS3 consoles converted to DEX do not give a shit about MD5 checksums and work perfectly. 3 games I know for sure are de Blob 2, Singularity, and Fear 2 Project Origin. I do know that you can just download the update of Fear 2 and use that because the MD5 checksum seems to be gone from the update so codes will work just fine. I know de Blob 2 has no updates so you might be screwed unless you try DEX. I didn't even know to check for an update when I had the chance with Singularity, but it might have had an update without the MD5 checksum still in it.

3. There are some games that require you to copy a game to your PS3 or an external, and then copy a modified EBOOT.BIN or whatever file over it and play. Resistance 1 & 2 require this method unless you download the updates for both of them.

Just as a note, most games you can easily just copy the files from the disk and make an NP eboot and package and they will always work. There's just those few games that hate that, like Resistance 1 & 2 which will make you install their updates and then a package made from the updated files will work.

Finally, in related news flynhigh09 made available Eboot Hacker 1.0.0 followed by v1.0.2, v1.0.3, v1.0.4, v1.0.5 and v1.0.6 with details below, as follows:

Download: Eboot Hacker / Eboot (v1.0.2) / Eboot (v1.0.3) / Eboot (v1.0.3) (Mirror) / Eboot (v1.0.3) (Mirror #2) / Eboot (v1.0.3) (Mirror #3) / Eboot (v1.0.4) / Eboot (v1.0.4) (Mirror) / Eboot (v1.0.4) (Mirror #2) / Eboot (v1.0.4) (Mirror #3) / Eboot (v1.0.5) / Eboot (v1.0.5) (Mirror) / Eboot (v1.0.5) (Mirror #2) / Eboot / Eboot (Mirror) / Eboot (Mirror #2)

I get a lot of requests for eboot codes so been working on tool too mod your eboot with cheat codes or you can add your own on last page.. Will be adding more maybe seeing how it goes wanna get some feedback.. If want a game added just ask if there's codes available for the game.

Update: I get a lot of requests for eboot codes so been working on tool too mod your eboot with cheat codes or you can add your own on last page.. Will be adding more maybe seeing how it goes wanna get some feedback.. If want a game added just ask if there's codes available for the game...

Note: Eboots must be in folder for it to build the eboot.. Also will work on other Elfs but needs to be Named EBOOT.ELF if using main tab, Ghosts tab reads default_mp.elf


  • Coders - Codes found
  • Tustin - Ghosts Eboot source

Update #2: April 7 - Version 1.0.3 has been released by the developer, see updated links above.

Eboot Hacker 1.02 Update:

  • added Uncharted 1
  • added Atelier Escha & Logy
  • added game detection system

Eboot Hacker 1.03 Update:

  • added Uncharted 2
  • added Ragnarok Odyssey
  • slightly ui changes
  • back to main page button on every tab
  • added button to build eboot in current game tab
  • region chooser after eboot detection

Eboot Hacker 1.04 Update:

  • Version info
  • improved game detection
  • improved region chooser
  • info message when game is not officially supported
  • small fixes, mostly ui related

Eboot Hacker 1.05 Update:

  • new app menu
  • auto eboot.bin encryption
  • small ui fixes

Eboot Hacker 1.06 Update:

  • added in-app updater
  • added Battlefield 4
  • added The Last of US
  • added Black Ops 2
  • updated Ragnarok Odyssey ACE (1.01)
  • updated Dark Souls 2 (1.03)
  • updated GTA V (1.12)

Note: Eboot Hacker is available now via in-app update, everybody on should get an update prompt with changelog on app start.

Also a new Eboot Hacker update should be online soon, the "eboot.elf is used by another process" error is now finally fixed! Happy Easter!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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