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PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.57 with Major Improvements

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224w ago - Update: PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.60 is now available, with more performance fixes as outlined HERE, followed shortly by PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.62 and a PSNDM Plugin.

Today PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.57 is available which includes some major improvements!

Please refer to this thread for a description and details about the application, includes links to versions before as well.

Download URL: [Register or Login to view links]

Snippet from change log:
• Improved download system, to prevent overwriting existing files / downloading wrong file.
• Uses a folder layout to resolve conflicts with same filenames but different file.
• Enhanced range of Playstation Content support, (A bug stopped the program from accepting all file formats, like png)
• Improved stability of the application
• Outputs a Log.txt containing urls captured by the application, to allow you to add the file extension; if you want it to be captured in the download manager / booster.
• Now allows you to change to port the proxy uses by creating a file called port.txt otherise default of 27.
• Fixed bug, where a message keeps appearing on start-up; this will only appear when theres an update and will not display a load of garbage
• Fixed download issue, with files not being saved in the location given in path.txt
• Slight performance improvments by reducing the length of the code for several operations.

Known bug (Not really worth fixing atm, as it fixes it's self):
• When signing in for the first time, you'll get an error; however it should resolve it's self on the second attempt and work first time afterwards.
• iPlayer App Crashes proxy.exe but I think if you remove the file extensions from the ext.txt for the file types you don't want, it should fix it.

Hope you, enjoy the updates; you might need to look at the ext.txt as it depends on which functions you want, as some files cause issues.

Common User use the following:


Playstation Home Users use:

You might find more file types related to applications, in the Log.txt and if you do then simply add it into the ext.txt to use the download manager to handle this file type, remember some file types will cause conflict with applications on the console.

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#26 - chrisplettuce - 220w ago
chrisplettuce's Avatar
I'm on 3.41 and I changed hard drives and it deactivated all of my DLC. Will this reactivate my dlc if I use it?

#25 - devilinops - 220w ago
devilinops's Avatar
ok thanks for the reply, very helpful..

#24 - GrandpaHomer - 220w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
No - this can't be used to get PS3 online with firmware bellow current one (e.g. 3.50). This only speeds up the downloads and cache them on your PC.

#23 - devilinops - 220w ago
devilinops's Avatar
have a question sorry if it sounds dumb i get what this does just want to know if it also does my question.

can i use this with os 3.41 and get my japanese cam dlc without updating to 3.50? cuz i wanna keep my jailbrake but i also want to dlc to the game i bought.

#22 - Jordandyckes - 220w ago
Jordandyckes's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Cyber1000 View Post
Hi nice tool. Ever thought of making a PSNDM for linux? Perhaps even your version will run on linux, since mono has full C# 4.0 support. Ever tried this?

Why I'm asking? My only windows client is my laptop, fileserver and other computers use linux. My fileserver would be perfect for this use. Anyway a console app would be better for linux.

Another question: What is this Plugin (PSDMPlugin_Sample.exe, ...) for? How can you use this?


Hi, I'll look into a Linux port of the application; it may be a couple of weeks before anything surfaces as I'm not an expert in C# nor Linux.

The PSDMPlugin_Sample.exe allows a C# developer to program, an extra piece of software, You can access the log.txt file to find which games a user has downloaded updates for and the developer can parse a url into the download manager; for example an automated update downloader.

Hi, bloodheaven.

Hope it's working for you, and I'll implement an error message for the port being in use, at the same time as working on a Linux Port.


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