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PS3 Devs Begin PlayStation 3 Flash and Registry Entry Analysis

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223w ago - With the release of yesterday's PS3 FTP server which enabled easy access to dev_hdd0, dev_flash, dev_flash2, dev_flash3 and dev_bdvd on the PS3, several developers are now examining the PlayStation 3's dev_flash and registry entries.

Forum user diemetal has let us know today that Spanish PS3 developer [Register or Login to view links] has began to analyze dev_flash from PS3 Firmware version 3.41, stating the following (roughly translated):

"TeamHades has removed the three dev_flash that PS3 has. Thanks to the Homebrew PS3News we needed to extract (PS3 FTP Server).

We begin the analysis with some pictures of their content, we will later file by file documenting that we are not able to do anything and escape in the future a stable CFW."

[Register or Login to view links] has also tweeted some pictures (below) of the PS3 flash contents and registry entries today.

Included in flash0 he stated that fonts, image, and 3 user modules (prx) files were interesting, however, he went on to say he is working on something else at the moment.

Finally, after a little digging CJPC discovered where Sony stores updates for both Retail and Debug PS3 games, stating that users can simply replace the game's TitleID with the one from any game and be able to obtain the latest update download links.

More details will come once PS3 Devs have had a chance to examine it, but for those who missed it and are interested the PS3 TEST / TOOL Debug Game Backup Guide also discusses this topic.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#19 - BwE - 223w ago
BwE's Avatar
i don't know why they're not just focusing on making the psjb work on 3.15

sucks! i'm getting a teensy in the mail this week or next week and i have until then to decide if i have to update.

#18 - Koneesha - 223w ago
Koneesha's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Kiriller View Post
maybe if we just replace the 3.41 with 3.42 in the 3.41 fw, we wont have to update?

Or better yet it might allow us to downgrade to 3.15 and then back up to 3.41 at will. Then those of us with otherOS still wouldn't need to worry.

#17 - deftonesmx17 - 223w ago
deftonesmx17's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by kez View Post
Seriously, who REALLY thinks Sony bans console by MAC address? I think they aren't so dumb.

I think there is a key like "CPU_KEY" of XBOX360.

Sony might not of had a proper banning procedure in place like M$ did.

#16 - kez - 223w ago
kez's Avatar
Seriously, who REALLY thinks Sony bans console by MAC address? I think they aren't so dumb.

I think there is a key like "CPU_KEY" of XBOX360.

#15 - whiteclad57 - 223w ago
whiteclad57's Avatar
Could somebody post the psp_emu folder? I'm interested in creating a front-end to it for loading backups but i need to examine it first to get a clear shot of how it starts the hardware processes.


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